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Garden Care & Gifts

Natural environmentally-friendly safe garden care products to keep your garden looking its best. Fertilisers for all kinds of plants. Tools and gloves. Gifts for gardeners. It's all here.

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  1. Slasher 1L - eco-organic weedkiller

    Slasher 1L - eco-organic weedkiller

    Organic pet-safe GM-free weedkiller made from plant oils. Fast-acting and effective for clearing driveways of moss and algae as well as weed control. 1 litre bottle - dilute before use. (Use a separate watering can or pump spray to the one you use on your plants...!) Learn More
  2. Secateurs Pruning - Kamaki

    Secateurs Pruning - Kamaki

    Keep your shrubs looking great year round using high-quality ultra sharp secateurs.
    We use Kamaki secateurs daily in our nursery and can't fault them! Each pair comes with an unconditional guarantee against defects.
    For tips on how and when to prune plants, see our pruning guide here Learn More

  3. Secateurs - Growrite

    Secateurs - Growrite

    Great value handy snips for all general tidying, clipping and trimming.
    . Keep a pair handy to deadhead, cut flowers for the house, prune wayward stems.
    For tips on how and when to prune plants, see our pruning guide here Learn More

  4. Rosemary 'Pink Remembrance'

    Rosemary 'Pink Remembrance'

    A pink-flowered rosemary with all the charm and fragrance of the blue kind. Blue-green needle-like leaves stand up to salt, wind, sun and dry soils. Happy in cooler climates too. Makes an unusual aromatic hedge, or plant in a pot by the kitchen door for your barbecues and roasts. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  5. Poppy 'Shirley Double Mixed' - seed

    Poppy 'Shirley Double Mixed' - seed

    Delightful mix of double-flowering poppies in delicate pastel shades, so no two flowers are the same. Long stems for cutting. Charming in cottage gardens!

    Sow seeds directly into flower beds or pots during late Summer and Autumn. For best results, thin out when seedlings emerge. Flowers 20 weeks from sowing.

    Learn More
  6. Phormium Bronze Baby

    Phormium 'Bronze Baby'

    Dwarf flax with rich copper toned upright foliage. Ideal for borders, containers and accent planting. Learn More
  7. Philodendron Little Phil

    Philodendron Little Phil™

    Lush indoor plant suited to low light levels, ideal for feature walls and patio planting.
    Looking for a larger Philodendron suited to exposed outdoor sites? Try our Philodendron Xanadu with it's uniquely lobed evergreen foliage.

    Learn More
  8. Pandorea pandorana 'Ruby Belle'

    Pandorea pandorana 'Ruby Belle'

    Twining evergreen native climber with clusters of small bell-shaped flowers in a range of pretty colours. Ideal used to create a screen to 6m, or left to ramble over fences. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  9. Osmocote 700g Vegetable, Tomato, Herb & Garden Beds

    Osmocote 700g Vegetable, Tomato, Herb & Garden Beds

    High phosphorus mix to boost fruiting and flowering, good for root veg, tree veg, herbs and annual flowers. Grow delicious home-grown veggies and beautiful flowering annuals using this easy to apply fertiliser. Learn More
  10. Osmocote 700g Roses, Gardenias, Azaleas & Camellias

    Osmocote 700g Roses, Gardenias, Azaleas & Camellias

    Formulated for acid-soil plants eg blueberries, magnolias, camellias, azaleas, gardenias, as well as roses.Get show stopping flowers and healthy shrubs by applying this slow release formula twice yearly. It's ideal to use on any of these plants in containers too. Learn More
  11. Osmocote 700g Pots, Planters & Indoors

    Osmocote 700g Pots, Planters & Indoors

    Feeds annuals, perennials, palms, foliage plants even orchids and ferns. Enjoy lush leafy foliage and healthy flowering container plants year-round with two easy applications of slow release Osmocote formulated for container plants. Learn More
  12. Osmocote 700g Native Gardens

    Osmocote 700g Native Gardens

    Low phosphorus formulation to keep natives in top condition with a twice yearly application of Osmocote slow release formula. Specifically formulated for Australian natives and Cape flora such as protea and leucadendron. Learn More
  13. Osmocote 700g - Fruit, Citrus, Trees & Shrubs

    Osmocote 700g - Fruit, Citrus, Trees & Shrubs

    Extra magnesium for foliage health, revitalises fruit trees and evergreen shrubs. Simply scatter this slow release fertilser at the drip line of trees according to pack directions and cover with a good layer of mulch. Learn More
  14. Osmocote 500g Total All Purpose Fertiliser

    Osmocote 500g Total All Purpose Fertiliser

    Keep all your plants healthy with an annual application of Osmocote All Purpose slow release formula. Includes wetting agent to help uptake. Good all-round nutritional balance suits foliage and flowering plants, fruit and veg, trees, and shrubs. Learn More
  15. Nerium Souvenir D’August Roger - oleander

    Nerium Souvenir D’August Roger - oleander

    Perfect in Mediterranean gardens. So pretty for something so tough. Hardy, evergreen shrub with clusters of very pale blush-pink flowers during summer. Not advised for gardens with pets or small children, but otherwise safe. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  16. Metrosideros thomasii flowers

    Metrosideros thomasii - NZ Christmas bush

    Flame-red fluffy flowers on a very dense shrub, perfect for hedging, windbreaks, privacy screens to 5m. Soft silver-lime new growth throughout the year. Thrives in coastal, windy and exposed sites. Ideal refuge plant for native birds, who love the blossoms' nectar.

    Prohibited to sell to South Australia.

    Learn More
  17. Metrosideros 'Little Ewan'

    Metrosideros 'Little Ewan'

    Neat growing Little Ewan is compact, hardy and keeps to a height of 1 metre. New growth is bright red. Ideal for exposed sites, low hedges, borders and containers.

    We are unable to ship this product to South Australia for bio-security reasons.

    Learn More
  18. Lomandra Shara™

    Lomandra SHARA™

    Tidy compact grass to 50cm around. Finer leaf on this native variety, very good in humid locations. Great erosion control plant and fantastic in rooftop gardens. Learn More
  19. Liriope Samantha

    Liriope Samantha

    Hardy, compact, pink-flowered popular liriope ideal for rockeries, landscaping, erosion control, container planting, in sun or shade.

    Flower image for colour illustration: Bruce Kirchoff;Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  20. Liriope Pink Pearl™

    Liriope Pink Pearl™

    Petite neat variegated grass with soft pink flower spikes through summer, perfect for shady borders and dotted through sunny rockeries. Learn More
  21. juniperus-conferta-all-gold

    Juniper 'All Gold'

    Golden yellow groundcover conifer, use to cascade over retaining walls and in rockeries, or as a bonsai specimen. Works beautifully as an accent plant. Golden form of Juniperus conferta, shore juniper. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  22. Ixora Gold

    Ixora Gold

    Mango yellow flowers, deeper than Pirate's Gold, cover this evergreen shrub in spring and summer. Lovely hedge for subtropical regions, compact to 1m unclipped. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  23. Ixora Coral Fire

    Ixora Coral Fire

    A unique Ixora with vibrant flowers in profusion during the warmer months of the year. The blooms are a mix of tangerine, coral, orange on the same stem. Fleshy dark green foliage with new bronze tips. Lovely hedging plant in subtropical regions, or indoor houseplant in cooler climates. Learn More
  24. Impatiens 'Bizzie Lizzie Mixed' - seed

    Impatiens 'Bizzie Lizzie Mixed' - seed

    Bright shade plant perfect for borders, containers and any dark spot that needs a lift. Compact variety to 25cm. Soft blend of sunwashed bright tones which blend attractively together.
    Flowers 10 weeks from sowing.

    Learn More
  25. Hibiscus 'Tiny Tina'

    Hibiscus 'Tiny Tina'

    Tina is a showy little hibiscus dotted with tiny hot pink flowers spring-summer. Plant as a low flowering hedge, feature or container plant poolside.

    Image: Lord Koxinga (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons cropped to size.

    Learn More

Items 26 to 50 of 131 total

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