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Flowering Now

If you're trying to identify a plant you've seen flowering now in a garden or park, start here. We share what's in flower this month in Australia.

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  1. Yucca elephantipes - soft-tip yucca

    Yucca elephantipes - soft-tip yucca

    Easy-care robust foliage plant, impressive all year round. Tall white flower spikes on mature plants. For sun or shade, indoors or out, garden or container. Learn More

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  2. Tibouchina heteromalla ‘Jules’

    Tibouchina heteromalla ‘Jules’

    Quick-growing, free-flowering small shrub to 1m, with masses of rich purple flowers with a touch of white.

    Learn More
  3. Tibouchina 'Lilac Time'

    Tibouchina 'Lilac Time'

    Beautiful displays of lilac-pink flowers cover this compact plant spring through summer.
    Perfect flowering hedge for frost free areas! Learn More
  4. Streptosolen jamesonii - marmalade bush

    Streptosolen jamesonii - marmalade bush

    Showy clusters of tangerine and yellow flowers cover this bush in spring and autumn in a fiery display. Popular evergreen for tropical-style gardens. Learn More
  5. Spiraea cantoniensis - May bush

    Spiraea cantoniensis - May bush

    Pure white pom-pom clusters burst from the May Bush in spring, a classic semi-evergreen hedging plant. Gorgeous in full bloom as an informal 2m flowering screen. Learn More
  6. Russelia 'Lemon Falls' - firecracker plant

    Russelia 'Lemon Falls' - firecracker plant

    Eyecatching ground cover, basket plant, or site it to cascade down a bank or over a wall. Pale lemon yellow tubular flowers on long slender stems. Birds and butterflies love the sweet nectar. Will self-root from the stems. Learn More
  7. Raphiolepis 'Snow Maiden'

    Rhaphiolepis 'Snow Maiden'

    This Indian hawthorn is a hardy evergreen hedging shrub, with glossy green leaves flushed copper when new. Perfect for borders and hedges, it sports soft-scented white flowers in summer, and intermittently through the year in warmer places. Low maintenance and compact to only 75cm or so unclipped, ideal for the busy gardener. Learn More
  8. Prostanthera ovalifolia - oval-leaf mint bush

    Prostanthera ovalifolia - oval-leaf mint bush

    Australian native large shrub with soft green menthol-scented foliage and masses of purple-lilac flowers during spring. Stunning in full flower as a feature or in a mixed border. Suits cottage gardens.

    Flower image: David LochlinFlickr cropped to size, of P. caerulea, a similar mint bush, for illustration. Flower colour is variable and may be lighter or pinker than this.

    Learn More

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  9. Pratia pedunculata

    Pratia pedunculata

    Dainty ground cover with delicate white flowers, ideal as a border, along pathways or cascading over rockeries. Will tolerate light foot traffic.

    Image source: Daryl Mitchell Wiki Commons

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  10. Plumbago auriculata 'Dark Blue'

    Plumbago auriculata 'Dark Blue'

    Gorgeous deep blue flowers in abundance on a versatile plant. Shrub, hedge, climber, espaliered vine, trained rambler, topiary bush - this plant will make itself at home in almost any situation! The more you clip it the more it seems to flower - but happy to scramble over a pergola or arch without too much attention. Loves the sun. Learn More
  11. Pentas 'Candy Stripe'

    Pentas 'Candy Stripe'

    We love Pentas because they just keep on flowering their socks off until the frosts, and Candy Stripe gives you that extra little wink of colour in each flower. Learn More
  12. Pandorea jasminoides variegated

    Pandorea jasminoides variegated

    Create romantic flowering arbours using this beautiful variegated native climber. Also suited to planting as a groundcover on embankments and left to spill over retaining walls. Learn More
  13. Nerium oleander variegated

    Nerium oleander variegated

    Low maintenance, high impact shrub for hot,dry, tough situations. Bright gold-yellow foliage makes a vibrant contrast to the flowers and to dark- and green-leaved plants. Flower colour may vary from that pictured.

    image: Micael Coghlan via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  14. Nerium oleander Mrs Andreasen

    Nerium oleander Mrs Andreasen

    Tough and beautiful, like Wonder Woman. Dense privacy hedge, noise and pollution barrier, reliable flowerer, drought hardy, happy at the coast or outback, grows in sandy soil or clay.

    "There are few plants which grow almost everywhere in Australia. The humble oleander is such a plant and it is also one of the most useful of all garden plants." says Don Burke.

    Artwork: Vincent van Gogh, The Met NYC collection. Image: Ava Babili via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  15. Murraya - mock orange

    Murraya - mock orange

    Beautifully scented white flowers in spring and summer, glossy dark evergreen leaves, and a tight compact habit in growth. It's no wonder this tall-growing mock orange is one of our all-time favourites with you! It has the most gorgeous fragrance on warm days. Learn More
  16. Metrosideros Fiji Fire™

    Metrosideros Fiji Fire™

    Eyecatching tufts of orange-red flowers in summer, bright soft lime-silver new growth most of the year. A shrub to small tree, loved by birds, great for hedges or solo planting. Salt and wind tolerant, great for coastal gardens and exposed locations. Attracts native birds to feed. Fantastic windbreak or privacy hedge to 3m.

    Sorry, we are unable to ship this product to South Australia for bio-security reasons.

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  17. Magnolia 'Little Gem'

    Magnolia 'Little Gem'

    Deep glossy large leaves with a rich tan underside. Large white scented flowers. This evergreen tree is always so popular with our customers for hedges, feature planting, and in containers. Best in a sheltered spot where you can enjoy the fragrance. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  18. Leptospermum rubrum nana

    Leptospermum rubrum nana

    Bold bright native shrub with dramatic deep burgundy foliage and lots of tiny vibrant hot pink flowers in winter and spring. Compact to around 1m, lovely as a small hedge, in a mixed bed, or in pots. The first settlers reportedly made tea from the leaves. One of our most popular new plants. If you're looking for a taller version, choose Burgundy Queen.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia.

    Learn More
  19. Ixora Peach Malay

    Ixora Peach Malay

    Clear coral-apricot rounded flower clusters through the summer months, and glossy eveergreen leaves all year for sub-tropical screening and hedging. Photos shows a tubestock plant already flowering Learn More
  20. Ixora dwarf Orange

    Ixora dwarf Orange

    Bright cheery container plant or low stepover hedging, for subtropical and tropical gardens. If you live somewhere cooler, this variety makes a great houseplant for indoors, growing to only 30cm. Juicy orange flowers in clusters cover this plant in spring and summer. Our most popular Ixora. Learn More
  21. Ixora-gold-folwer

    Ixora 'Pirate's Gold'

    Clusters of bright, warm-gold flowers like shiny doubloons, above glossy foliage. Ideal for low hedges, feature planting and containers. Learn More
  22. Hymenocallis littoralis "Spider Lily'

    Hymenocallis littoralis - spider lily

    Create spectacular flowering borders with scented Spider Lilies. Ideal for under planting, formal borders and mass planting. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  23. Hibiscus - red cottonwood

    Hibiscus - red cottonwood

    Aussie hibiscus tree with rich maroon-green foliage and bright yellow flowers. Tolerates high wind, salt soil and poor drainage.

    Flower image: Tatters via Flickr Cropped to size.

    Learn More

    Coming Soon

  24. Hibiscus 'Fijian White'

    Hibiscus 'Fijian White'

    The iconic hibiscus to tuck behind your ear before taking a sunset stroll along the beach. If you're a long way from the beach, you can still create a tropical holiday atmosphere in your own back yard. Compact, to only 130cm, so will be happy in a pot on your balcony. Our most popular hibiscus. Learn More
  25. Hibiscus 'El Capitolo'

    Hibiscus 'El Capitolo'

    Fast growing flowering tropical with striking apricot double flowers splashed with cerise centres.
    Plant as a feature or flowering hedge in tropical style gardens.

    Learn More

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