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Looking for something new and different for your garden? So are we,always! Whether it's new releases, latest varieties or just plants we haven't stocked before - you'll find them all here.

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  1. Zingiber Silver Streak - striped ginger

    Zingiber Silver Streak - striped ginger

    Ornamental dwarf ginger for shade planting and indoor decor. Compact, neat, with silver-striped leaves purple underneath, and golden-red candle flowers. Learn More
  2. Wasabi Mazuma

    Wasabi Mazuma

    The authentic stuff, not dyed horseradish! Grow your own fresh sushi paste - it takes a little care and attention but you'll be so proud you did, especially if you love your Japanese cuisine. 'Mazuma' is a highly regarded variety for its elegance, heat and sweetness.
    Plants shipped as plugs inside our tubestock pots (see photo), ready to plant or pot up.
    field image: sk via Flickr; root image: t-mizo via Flickrsculpture image: vera46 via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More

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  3. Viola Johnny Jump Up

    Viola Johnny Jump Up

    Cute funny-face viola for groundcover, baskets, patio pots, between paving, and rockeries. Low maintenance, easy care, always cheery. Grow them organically and they make pretty edible additions to salads and pastries. Learn More
  4. Viola Baby Blue

    Viola Baby Blue

    Like the native violet but want more blue? This one's for you! Mini-pansy flowers in a soft lavender-sky, dainty dark green leaves, great groundcover for deep shade. Less spreading than the bicolour version, ideal for between pavers. Learn More
  5. Tree Guard

    Tree Guard

    Protect young and tender plants from harsh winds, hot sun, and hungry mammals with these low-cost flexible UV stable tree guards. Just add three sticks/canes/twigs (not supplied).

    Field image: Brisbane City Council via Flickr.

    Learn More
  6. Rhoeo Stripe Me Pink

    Rhoeo Stripe Me Pink

    Stylish twist on an old favourite - ideal for indoors or shady spots outside in a frost-free garden. Holds its colour better out of full sun; for sunny spots choose our other Dwarf Rhoeo. Learn More
  7. Radish Easter Egg mix - seed

    Radish Easter Egg mix - seed

    Jazz up your salads with this festive four-colour mix. Just as easy to grow as normal radish, but four times the fun to eat! Sow and pick all year round in just 4 weeks. Learn More
  8. Pyrethrum large flowered - seed

    Pyrethrum large flowered - seed

    Big bright daisies from the chrysanthemum family will add colour year after year to your sunny borders and patio pots through the warmer months. Long stems for cutting too. Learn More
  9. Podocarpus - plum pine

    Podocarpus - plum pine

    Fast-growing tall native bushtucker tree with blue-black fruits very high in vitamin C. Needs another plum pine to pollinate itself. Add height to your wildlife garden, or prune hard to a hedge to enjoy maximum glossy new bronze leaves and make picking those plums easier!

    image: Rosita Choque via Flickr

    Learn More
  10. Philodendron Millions

    Philodendron Millions

    Big glossy leaves and a neat habit make an excellent houseplant in colder regions, or shade plant in subtropical gardens. Likes humidity and regular watering, and a wipe of its leaves to clean the dust off and keep it shiny. Learn More
  11. Philodendron Black Cardinal

    Philodendron Black Cardinal

    Rich bronze and chocolate glossy leaves give dramatic contrast in shady tropical borders, and make for impressive neat indoor plants in low light rooms.

    image for illustration: Forest and Kim Starr via Flickr

    Learn More
  12. Pachystachys lutea - golden shrimp

    Pachystachys lutea - golden shrimp

    Round leafy shrub with showy golden lollipop flowers through summer and autumn, and year round in tropical gardens. Adds a bright fast jungle look. Needs temperatures over 10C - grow in pots and bring inside in winter in frosty regions. Learn More
  13. Pachyphytum Scheideckeri - moonstone

    Pachyphytum Scheideckeri - moonstone

    Fat rounded leaves, silver-grey, arranged in an irregular rosette. Will grow out sideways to form a community. This one needs it hot and sunny and doesn't mind poor soil - ideal for waterwise gardens in frost-free zones. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  14. Osteospermum Lavender Shades

    Osteospermum Lavender Shades

    Soft lilac-lavender purple daisies will give you masses of colour in the sunniest spots. Happy in pretty much any soil including seaside. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  15. Liriope Royal Purple

    Liriope Royal Purple

    Rich purple dense flowers in summer, black berries in winter, evergreen grassy foliage all year round. Great for borders, mass planting, deep ground cover almost anywhere. Happy in deep shade or full sun, and very cold hardy.

    image: Leonora Enking via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  16. Jute Tree Mat

    Jute Tree Mat

    Natural jute square - use as a weed-suppressing mulch mat for trees and shrubs. Line a hanging basket - just trim to size. Learn More
  17. Haworthia obtusa

    Haworthia obtusa

    See-through succulent with fat leaves like a bunch of grapes. Easy care, unusual. The translucent areas increase the light getting to the centre of the plant, so this one grows well in shade and sun.
    Plants shipped as plugs inside our tubestock pots (see photo), ready to plant or pot up. Learn More
  18. Haworthia Mirrorball

    Haworthia Mirrorball

    Chubby mini-pyramids cluster together, each translucent mint-green leaf camouflaged with darker green. Easy care and low maintenance indoors or out. Needs a frost-free location and good drainage for best results.
    Plants shipped as plugs inside our tubestock pots (see photo), ready to plant or pot up. Learn More
  19. Grasses 3 in 1 - seed

    Grasses 3 in 1 - seed

    Blue fescue, swamp grass and bunny tails will add texture and softness to your borders. Lovely edging in three heights, and shades of green-grey-gold. Learn More
  20. Gordonia - fried egg plant

    Gordonia - fried egg plant

    Ideal small tree or screen for Australian gardens with glossy dark leaves and big white flowers in autumn-winter. Easy to grow and undemanding, given protection from frost while young. Would look wonderful planted alongside a white sasanqua camellia. The old flowers drop off and fall to the ground, sunny-side-up, so the plant always looks neat.

    image: Jan Smith via Flickr

    Learn More
  21. Euphorbia milii cream - crown of thorns

    Euphorbia milii cream - crown of thorns

    Thrives in hot dry sun, poor soil, low rainfall - tough and undemanding. Or enjoy it as a hard-to-kill houseplant indoors! It's thorny and has irritant latex sap so it's not for everyone. Learn More
  22. Euphorbia dark pink - crown of thorns

    Euphorbia dark pink - crown of thorns

    Hot sunny spots, dry sandy poor soil, little rainfall - this plant will love it. Flowers through the year. It has thorns, and irritant sap, and needs to be over 10C - which means it's not ideal for everywhere - but if you're looking for a tough old bird with lovely plumage this is your pick. Learn More
  23. Eco-hydrate 500ml

    Eco-hydrate 500ml

    Biodegradable water-saving application to help plants cope with the stress of dry periods; and help you use up to 50% less water - as it gets to the roots where it's needed. Learn More
  24. Eco-flo Gypsum 500ml

    Eco-flo Gypsum 500ml

    Fast-acting very concentrated liquid claybreaker. Reduces salt levels in soil too. Equivalent to 20kg of powdered gypsum. Learn More
  25. Eco-flo Dolomite 500ml

    Eco-flo Dolomite 500ml

    Concentrated liquid dolomite solution formulated for plant health. Reduces soil acidity (pH) organically. Equivalent to 20kg powdered dolomite with improved magnesium levels. Learn More

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