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Looking for something new and different for your garden? So are we,always! Whether it's new releases, latest varieties or just plants we haven't stocked before - you'll find them all here.

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  1. Zinnia Early Wonder - seed

    Zinnia Early Wonder - seed

    Bright zingy cut flowers in a spicy colour range will really make your patio pots and garden borders come alive in summer and autumn. Learn More
  2. Zamia - cardboard palm

    Zamia - cardboard palm

    Low maintenance architectural plant, low and wide in shade with arching herringbone stems. Hardy in dry gardens, coastal sites, desert planting and other tough situations; needs less humidity and water than other cycad species.

    Bush image: Leonora Enking via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  3. Watermelon Sugar Baby - seed

    Watermelon Sugar Baby - seed

    Baby size is perfect for smaller gardens and smaller appetites. Sweet and juicy with fewer seeds. Fast-growing fruit for your grow-your-own garden. Learn More
  4. Tibouchina Purple Star

    Tibouchina Purple Star

    Jazzie - but more so! Brand new variety with all the purple splendour and big blooms of parent Jazzie and some of the height and fast growth of its other parent Alstonville. Full-on colour for dense hedges, low maintenance feature shrubs, and container planting in frost-free gardens. Learn More
  5. Sweetcorn Kelvedon Glory - seed

    Sweetcorn Kelvedon Glory - seed

    Early, reliable, consistent variety with sweet long golden corn cobs bred for their delicious taste. Even sweeter straight from the plant! Learn More
  6. Squash Mixed Buttons - seed

    Squash Mixed Buttons - seed

    Pretty bite-size squash, versatile in recipes, attractive on the plate, mild in flavour. Keep picking and they'll keep fruiting. Plant alongside White Scallop for three colours of squash. Learn More
  7. Radermachera - china doll

    Radermachera - china doll

    Glossy-leaved houseplant, privacy screen, or large feature tree depending on your preference and garden climate. Beautiful foliage while young, white trumpet flowers when mature.

    Tree image: Forest & Kim Starr via Flickr cropped to size. Flower image: Tatters via Flickr 

    Learn More
  8. Pseuderanthemum gold form

    Pseuderanthemum gold form

    Lovely tall hedging plant from Polynesian rainforests. Splashy gold variegation on satiny leaves, and white open flowers freckled with pink appear throughout the year.

    images: Wendy Cutler via Flickr  Malcolm Manners via Flickr; cropped to size

    Learn More
  9. Pseuderanthemum - false eranthemum

    Pseuderanthemum - false eranthemum

    Lovely tall hedging plant from Polynesian rainforests. Subtle cream variegation on the satiny leaves, and white open flowers freckled with pink appear throughout the year.

    Flower image: Forest & Kim Starr via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  10. Poppy Oriental - seed

    Poppy Oriental - seed

    Big tissue-paper blooms in warm tones of red, orange, coral and salmon on this perennial poppy. Drought tolerant and low maintenance once established. Deadhead spent blooms to keep your plants flowering. Learn More
  11. Phormium Surfer Boy

    Phormium Surfer Boy

    Gnarly! This compact flax has a loose curvy twist to the bronze-green leaves. Ideal for container planting as well as accents in the border and mass landscaping.

    image to show colour and size: Forest and Kim Starr via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  12. Philodendron Hope

    Philodendron Hope

    Bigger and cold-hardier than Xanadu, smaller and more compact than P, selloum, with distinctive wiggly glossy green leaves. Hope is an ideal indoor plant, as well as a lush foliage plant for shady sub-tropical gardens, even surviving below-zero temperatures in sheltered well-drained spots. Like Xanadu, the leaves start off smooth-edged and develop the wiggly lobes as the plant matures. Learn More
  13. Onion Hunter River Brown - seed

    Onion Hunter River Brown - seed

    Classic juicy brown onion for all kinds of recipes and dishes. Good keeper. Sow through autumn and winter for an extended harvest. Learn More
  14. Onion Gladalan White - seed

    Onion Gladalan White - seed

    Even if your name isn't Alan you'll be glad you planted this onion. Harvest it young as a spring onion or leave to mature into a large full-size white bulb. Stores well too Learn More
  15. Onion Californian Red - seed

    Onion Californian Red - seed

    Red-skinned onion with a mild sweet flavour for salads and coleslaws as well as cooking. Learn More
  16. Nerium variegated - oleander

    Nerium variegated - oleander

    Low maintenance, high impact shrub for hot,dry, tough situations. Bright gold-yellow foliage makes a vibrant contrast to the flowers and to dark- and green-leaved plants. Flower colour may vary from that pictured.

    image: Micael Coghlan via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  17. Melaleuca thymifolia

    Melaleuca thymifolia

    Fine-leaved bushy native shrub with purple-pink feathery flowers in summer-autumn. Good for screening and hedging, native gardens, wildlife gardens. Larger than the cultivar Cotton Candy, with slightly greyer foliage.

    image: Brisbane Council via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  18. Liriope Samantha

    Liriope Samantha

    Hardy, compact, pink-flowered popular liriope ideal for rockeries, landscaping, erosion control, container planting, in sun or shade.

    Flower image for colour illustration: Bruce Kirchoff;Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  19. Kauri pine - Agathis robusta

    Kauri pine - Agathis robusta

    Native Queensland pine with glossy wide leaves unlike typical conifers, and giant green cones as big as oranges. Very tall slender upright habit. Tropical origins but happy in southern states. Historically prized and heavily logged for its richly-coloured timber; few old-growth stands remain Lovely in formal gardens, wildlife gardens, or as feature tree where it has the space to shine.

    Cone image: Wendy Cutler via Flickr  Right image of montage: Tatters via Flickr  Sky image: Leonora Enking via Flickr  all cropped to size.

    Learn More
  20. Impatiens Safari - seeds

    Impatiens Safari - seeds

    Cheery compact flowers for hanging baskets and bedding. Lovely tonal mix of shades through spring-summer, on plants slightly larger than the Bizzie Lizzie mix. Learn More
  21. Gazania Sunshine Mixed - seed

    Gazania Sunshine Mixed - seed

    Bright colour daisy flowers, love the sunshine, perfect for dry spots, embankments, weed suppression,containers, baskets, border edging, ground cover mass planting Learn More
  22. Ficus hillii Emerald

    Ficus hillii Emerald

    Dense fast-growing evergreen hedging plant that can also be trained as an elegant lollipop standard tree for formal garden styles and indoor container planting. Happy in sun or part shade, grows in wet soils, responds well to pruning. Dense and robust.

    image of Ficus hillii in Hyde Park Sydney: Malcolm Locke via Flickr  leaf image: Forest & Kim Starr via Flickr  topiary image : cultivar413 via Flickr  cropped to size.

    Learn More
  23. Ficus elastica Burgundy - rubber plant

    Ficus elastica Burgundy - rubber plant

    Oh the colour of these leaves - it's almost metallic! Deep wine-black-green big leaves and bright scarlet new stems make this a handsome easycare indoor plant for cooler climes and an impressive shrub or tree in sub-tropical gardens.

    image: Thangaraj Kumaravel via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  24. Eucharis - Amazon lily

    Eucharis - Amazon lily

    Stunningly beautiful in flower (which happens through the year), lush and green otherwise, this sought-after plant makes excellent underplanting in subtropical gardens or an impressive houseplant for cooler regions.

    Flower image: Jan Smith via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  25. Desert rose Thai Mix - Adenium

    Desert rose Thai Mix - Adenium

    Single happy flowers, usually white edged with hot pink (though this is a mix so colour may vary) decorate this easy-care sun-loving drought-tolerant container plant. Happy indoors too if there is enough light. Learn More

    Coming Soon

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