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Looking for something new and different for your garden? So are we,always! Whether it's new releases, latest varieties or just plants we haven't stocked before - you'll find them all here.

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  1. Agapanthus Lapis Lazuli

    Agapanthus Lapis Lazuli

    Compact neat agapanthus to 60cm, with deep blue starry flowers through summer. Pair with the shorter Peter Pan for a two layer effect. Lapis Lazuli is a precious blue stone beloved of icon painters who reserved it for the Virgin Mary's robe. Where will you find a spot for this rich blue flower?

    Image: candiru via Flickr cropped to size.

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  2. Agave geminiflora - twin flower agave

    Agave geminiflora - twin flower agave

    Very architectural feature plant for containers, desert gardens, waterwise planting. Loves full sun, will grow in full shade; cold tolerant to around -5C. Flowers after around ten years with a huge 4m spike of yellow blooms, usually dying afterwards. What a way to go out.

    outdoor image: Rictor and David via  Flickr cropped to size.

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  3. Azalea Purple Glitters

    Azalea Purple Glitters

    Hot pink-purple flowers freckled with darker pink. Neat compact plants, excellent for low hedging or feaure planting. Will add a pop of bright colour in spring and an evergreen low-maintenance backdrop through the rest of the year.

    We're not able to ship this product to Victoria or South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

    image for illustration: 305 Seahill via Flickr cropped to size.

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  4. Beaucarnea - ponytail palm

    Beaucarnea - ponytail palm

    Cracking zero-care houseplant for even the most hapless gardeners, and when allowed to grow full-size in sub-tropical gardens, a most impressive feature tree. Learn More
  5. Blueberry Powder Blue

    Blueberry Powder Blue

    Excellent big summer berry, especially for warmer states. Plant with earlier-fruiting Brightwell for the best crop. Makes a fruity hedge in acid soil or neat container plant in alkaline gardens.

    Image: Rebecca Siegel via Flickr cropped to size.

    We're not able to ship this product to Victoria or South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  6. Bougainvillea Lilac Cascade

    Bougainvillea Lilac Cascade

    Neat little bougie with glowing lilac-purple bracts almost all year. This one cascades daintily so it's ideal for hanging baskets, windowboxes, tumbling over retaining walls and the like. Learn More
  7. Bougainvillea Magenta Glory

    Bougainvillea Magenta Glory

    Medium tall, cascading, repeat-flowering and with those rich deep wine-purple flower bracts this would be a very impressive plant to cover a fence, train over a pergola, or use as an alternative ground cover. Learn More
  8. Bougainvillea Pink Robe

    Bougainvillea Pink Robe

    Flowers start coral-orange and open to rich magenta, for a lovely sunset effect. Vibrant and sunloving, Pink Robe will reach 2-3m without being too vigorous Learn More
  9. Bougainvillea Scarlet Glory

    Bougainvillea Scarlet Glory

    Deep rose-red colour for intense impact. Grows 2-3m, well behaved and not too vigorous, will cover an arbour or wall with flowers multiple times a year in a hot sunny spot. Learn More
  10. Bougainvillea Tiny Tina

    Bougainvillea Tiny Tina

    Glowing brick-red-coral flower bracts make a vibrant display in all kinds of garden situations. Not so Tiny, Tina will reach 2-3m and she loves being pruned so makes a good hedge too. Learn More
  11. Boysenberry


    Delicious juicy berries for jams and pies as well as eating fresh. Cross between blackberry, loganberry, dewberry and raspberry - and very hard to find in the shops. Here's an LA Times article on this gourmet berry and some tasty recipes to try

    Images: Berries : Liji Jinaraj via Flickr  Flower : Caligula1995 via Flickr  Learn More

  12. Calathea rufibarba - velvet calathea

    Calathea rufibarba - velvet calathea

    Soft-to-touch houseplant or tropical shade plant, with burgundy undersides to the deep green rippled leaves. The leaves feel like velvet so it's almost like an indoor pet! Good for tropical underplanting as will grow happily in shade; likes humidity and regular watering.

    styled image: Bloemenbureau Holland

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  13. Cauliflower All Year - seed

    Cauliflower All Year - seed

    Large tasty white heads in Winer and Spring, that store well for maximum value. Essential vegetable if you are on a keto or gluten free diet as a carb substitute. No, we don't know why it's called All Year when it harvests in Winter and Spring. Learn More
  14. Clerodendrum - bleeding heart vine

    Clerodendrum - bleeding heart vine

    Lush summer-flowering vine with clusters of berry-red blossoms loved by butterflies. Needs a frost-free garden but otherwise undemanding to grow, and will even flower in shade.

    Close-up image: Tatters via Flickr cropped to size.

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  15. Cordyline australis atropurpurea

    Cordyline australis atropurpurea

    Dark and moody wine-purple foliage makes an excellent foil for brighter-leaved shrubs or red, orange and purple flowering plants. Easygoing and low maintenance wherever you site it. Learn More
  16. Cordyline australis Sundance

    Cordyline australis Sundance

    A little sunrise emerges from the base of each plant, and dances in a slender stripe up the centre of the leaf. Subtle colour for mixed borders and container planting Learn More
  17. Crepe myrtle - Lagerstroemia archeriana

    Crepe myrtle - Lagerstroemia archeriana

    Rare native form of the popular crepe myrtle, found in FNQ and NT Top End. Fast growing and taller than the L. indica varieties. Cockies love the fruits, you'll love the lilac flowers and autumn leaf colour.

    Close up image for illustration: Dinesh Valke via Flickr  Flowering tree image: DuyThuong Ngo via Flickr 

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  18. Desert rose Thai Mix - Adenium

    Desert rose Thai Mix - Adenium

    Single happy flowers, usually white edged with hot pink (though this is a mix so colour may vary) decorate this easy-care sun-loving drought-tolerant container plant. Happy indoors too if there is enough light. Learn More
  19. Eucharis - Amazon lily

    Eucharis - Amazon lily

    Stunningly beautiful in flower (which happens through the year), lush and green otherwise, this sought-after plant makes excellent underplanting in subtropical gardens or an impressive houseplant for cooler regions.

    Flower image: Jan Smith via Flickr cropped to size.

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  20. Ficus elastica Burgundy - rubber plant

    Ficus elastica Burgundy - rubber plant

    Oh the colour of these leaves - it's almost metallic! Deep wine-black-green big leaves and bright scarlet new stems make this a handsome easycare indoor plant for cooler climes and an impressive shrub or tree in sub-tropical gardens.

    image: Thangaraj Kumaravel via Flickr cropped to size.

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  21. Ficus hillii Emerald

    Ficus hillii Emerald

    Dense fast-growing evergreen hedging plant that can also be trained as an elegant lollipop standard tree for formal garden styles and indoor container planting. Happy in sun or part shade, grows in wet soils, responds well to pruning. Dense and robust.

    image of Ficus hillii in Hyde Park Sydney: Malcolm Locke via Flickr  leaf image: Forest & Kim Starr via Flickr  topiary image : cultivar413 via Flickr  cropped to size.

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  22. Gazania Sunshine Mixed - seed

    Gazania Sunshine Mixed - seed

    Bright colour daisy flowers, love the sunshine, perfect for dry spots, embankments, weed suppression,containers, baskets, border edging, ground cover mass planting Learn More
  23. Impatiens Safari - seeds

    Impatiens Safari - seeds

    Cheery compact flowers for hanging baskets and bedding. Lovely tonal mix of shades through spring-summer, on plants slightly larger than the Bizzie Lizzie mix. Learn More
  24. Kauri pine - Agathis robusta

    Kauri pine - Agathis robusta

    Native Queensland pine with glossy wide leaves unlike typical conifers, and giant green cones as big as oranges. Very tall slender upright habit. Tropical origins but happy in southern states. Historically prized and heavily logged for its richly-coloured timber; few old-growth stands remain Lovely in formal gardens, wildlife gardens, or as feature tree where it has the space to shine.

    Cone image: Wendy Cutler via Flickr  Right image of montage: Tatters via Flickr  Sky image: Leonora Enking via Flickr  all cropped to size.

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  25. Liriope Samantha

    Liriope Samantha

    Hardy, compact, pink-flowered popular liriope ideal for rockeries, landscaping, erosion control, container planting, in sun or shade.

    Flower image for colour illustration: Bruce Kirchoff;Flickr cropped to size.

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