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Our summer-flowering bulbs are now available! We've got the stock we've got - so don't wait too long. We've sold out of tuberose, lily of the valley, pink Asiatic lilies, red hot pokers and pink canna.
Oriental lilies, dahlias and other late summer bulbs will be arriving in August

Here's how to plant up your bulbs with 10 top tips for success. And a step by step planting guide with photos too.

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  1. Peony mixed - bulb

    Peony mixed - bulb

    2 bulbs. Blooms are pale pink, rose pink, deep wine, or creamy-white - they'll all look beautiful. Monks have been growing these for years in their apothecary gardens. They like a cold winter and a warm summer, with rich soil and minimal disturbance to flower at their best. At this great price you could buy two packs to double your colour chances. Learn More
  2. Lily Tresor - bulb

    Lily Tresor - bulb

    2 bulbs. Golden treasure for your garden. Big starry vibrant orange blooms on straight stems. Excellent cut flowers and a neat compact size for container planting. Learn More
  3. Lily Sancerre - bulb

    Lily Sancerre - bulb

    2 bulbs. Pour a glass of wine, sit back onthe deck and admire your beautiful flowers. Big starry white blooms branching from long straight stems. Excellent cut in a vase for the home (if you can bear to!). Happy in pots and containers. Learn More
  4. Lily Madras - bulb

    Lily Madras - bulb

    4 bulbs. Give yourself a gold star for choosing this lily - or a garden full of gold stars! Big bright colour right through summer - and more bulbs per pack for extra value. Neat compact size ideal for container growing. Learn More
  5. Lily Asiatic mix - bulb

    Lily Asiatic mix - bulb

    Get your lily fix for cheap with this bumper pack of 10 bulbs - mixed bright colours so you can be generous with your planting this summer! If you want to colour-match with your borders, plant the bulbs into pots, wait until the buds show, then drop them amongst your shrubs where they suit best. Learn More
  6. Gladiolus Zamora - bulb

    Gladiolus Zamora - bulb

    6 bulbs. Glazamorous! Named for a historic Spanish town, this beautiful gladioli shows off in pink, cream and a bold splash of burgundy. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  7. Gladiolus Purple Flora - bulb

    Gladiolus Purple Flora - bulb

    6 bulbs. Rich velvety purple blooms, dark and dramatic. Gorgeous sunloving bulbs and excellent cut flowers Learn More
  8. Gladiolus Princess Margaret Rose - bulb

    Gladiolus Princess Margaret Rose - bulb

    4 bulbs. A Caribbean party flower for a Caribbean party princess! Hot tropical ruffles of orange and yellow will spice up pots, borders and garden beds. Underplant with purple leafed plants for maximum wow! Learn More
  9. Gladiolus Partituur - bulb

    Gladiolus Partituur - bulb

    4 bulbs. Partituur means sheet music - and you might want to sing a happy song when you see these in full flower! Rich bright red-pink blooms will add vibrant colour to your pots and garden borders. Learn More
  10. Gladiolus mixed - bulb

    Gladiolus mixed - bulb

    Jumbo value 18 bulbs/pack - less than a dollar each! Mix of brights and pastels in ruffled orchid-like blooms. Excellent cut flowers on long stems. Grassy sword-like foliage is neat in the borders. May need staking in windy sites. Learn More
  11. Gladiolus Costa - bulb

    Gladiolus Costa - bulb

    4 bulbs. Really pretty orchid-like gladioli with ruffled lilac watercolour blooms all summer long. Learn More
  12. Eucomis - pineapple lily - bulb

    Eucomis - pineapple lily - bulb

    2 bulbs. Longlasting pineapple flowers add a touch of tropical fun to your garden. The botanic name means "beautiful tufty hair", for the ponytail of leaves on the top - which we think is charming! Cold hardy to -5C given enough sun and a winter blanket of mulch. Learn More
  13. Canna Wyoming - bulb

    Canna Wyoming - bulb

    It's a stunner! Big orange ruffled flowers, broad purple-bronze leaves make it a real showstopper in the garden borders, big bold pots, or a feature bed. Learn More
  14. Bearded Iris Snow White - bulb

    Bearded Iris Snow White - bulb

    Pure white elegant blooms to enhance your summer garden. Sometimes most simple is most beautiful. Will thrive in a sunny spot and poor soil where it can be left alone to do its thing. Learn More
  15. Bearded Iris Planned Treasure - bulb

    Bearded Iris Planned Treasure - bulb

    Is this the prettiest iris you've ever seen? Like a scoop of delicious cooling sorbet on a summer's day. Will thrive in a sunny spot and poor soil where it can be left alone to do its thing. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  16. Bearded Iris Kerries Kirtle - bulb

    Bearded Iris Kerries Kirtle - bulb

    Vintage palette of soft make-up shades dusted with gold. Apparently a 'kirtle' is a medieval cloak or tunic - we've both learned something today! Will thrive in a sunny spot and poor soil where it can be left alone to do its thing. Learn More
  17. Bearded Iris Breakers - bulb

    Bearded Iris Breakers - bulb

    Deep blue like a summer sea. Will thrive in a sunny spot and poor soil where it can be left alone to do its thing. Learn More

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