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Herb Seeds

Like to get creative in the kitchen?

Try planting some herbs in a window box or container nearby!
Herbs are easy to grow, you'll always have them fresh and packed with flavour for your latest culinary dish.

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  1. Watercress - seed

    Watercress - seed

    Peppery soft leaf for garnish, salads, soups and smoothies. Plenty of seeds to sow all year round Learn More
  2. Thyme - seed

    Thyme - seed

    Aromatic lowgrowing herb that does both - adds colour to sunny dry spots in the garden; and if you pick it before it flowers, adds rich flavour to your cooking. Easy to grow. Attracts pollinators and beneficial insects Learn More
  3. Tarragon - seed

    Tarragon - seed

    Essential ingredient of high class French cuisine, delicious with fish and chicken dishes. Heat and drought tolerant, very frost-hardy elegant herb, pick all year round. Learn More
  4. Sorrel - seed

    Sorrel - seed

    Unusual gourmet salad herb with a delicate zesty flavour of lemon and green apple - perfect for MKR/Masterchef-style salads. Ready to use in just 4 weeks Learn More
  5. Sage - seed

    Sage - seed

    Attractive silver-green aromatic herb for ornamental or culinary use. Harvest fresh all year round, or dry for future use. Excellent for attracting pollinators to your fruit and veg plants. Learn More
  6. Peppermint - seed

    Peppermint - seed

    Rambling herb with strongly flavoured minty leaves. Loves to grow in a moist shady spot.
    Crush fresh leaves and add to summer drinks and fruit salads.

    Learn More
  7. Parsley Italian - seed

    Parsley Italian - seed

    Great all-rounder for the herb garden! Parsley is high in vitamin C and Iron, add freshly picked leaves to almost any savoury dish for a nutrient boost.

    Good companion plants for tomatoes, roses, chives. Learn More
  8. Parsley Curled - seed

    Parsley Curled - seed

    Milder than the flat Italian parsley, ideal for salads - and very ornamental in bedding and borders! Learn More
  9. Oregano - seed

    Oregano - seed

    Easy to grow versatile aromatic herb. Add fresh leaves to Mediterranean & Mexican dishes for authentic flavour Makes an ornamental groundcover for sunny spots..Good companions plants for cabbages. Learn More
  10. Mint 3 in 1 pack - seed

    Mint 3 in 1 pack - seed

    Triple taster mints - zesty peppermint, tangy spearmint, and pennyroyal with its beautiful bee-friendly flowers. For salads, tisanes and herb teas. Don't eat pennyroyal if pregnant - use one of the other two mints instead.

    Pennyroyal image: Born1945 via Flickr cropped.

    Learn More
  11. Lemon Grass - seed

    Lemon Grass - seed

    Clumping fast-growing grass suited to large containers and borders.
    Cook fresh authentic curries and stir fries! A key ingredient in Asian cuisine, simply trim the stalk near the base and chop finely.

    Learn More
  12. Lemon Balm - seed

    Lemon Balm - seed

    Create cooling fruit salads, tropical summer punch and soothing tea from the freshly picked leaves.
    Lemon Balm is happy in sun or shade in a moist location. Learn More
  13. Dill - seed

    Dill - seed

    Flavour delicate dishes with fresh dill leaves. Perfect with seafood. Add finely chopped leaves to softened butter and chill for later use over warm bread or grilled fish.

    Good companion plants for coriander, cabbage, carrot. Learn More
  14. Cress - seed

    Cress - seed

    Essential for egg-and-cress sandwiches! Great as an easy first gardening project for children. Heaps of seeds for year-round sowing and harvesting - sow into compost or on a wet paper towel on the kitchen counter. Learn More
  15. Coriander Lemon - seed

    Coriander Lemon - seed

    If you love the usual version of this herb, try this lemon-fragranced version in salads and Asian dishes to add a new twist. Learn More
  16. Coriander - seed

    Coriander - seed

    Passionate about creating authentic Thai and Indian cuisine?
    Coriander is a key ingredient in curries & Vietnamese salads, try adding it along with fresh chilli to herb butter for a tasty potato topper.

    Learn More
  17. Chives - seed

    Chives - seed

    Grow in a pot handy to the kitchen, snip a few leaves and chop finely to quickly jazz up egg and cheese based dishes.Good companion plants for parsley, carrots, tomatoes. Learn More

  18. Chilli 3 in 1 pack - seed

    Chilli 3 in 1 pack - seed

    All the chillis you need for your favourite recipes, from mild and warming to blow-your-head-off spicy. Decorative and attractive plants, in compact sizes for tubs and containers as well as kitchen gardens. Learn More
  19. Chilli 'Razzamatazz' - seed

    Chilli 'Razzamatazz' - seed

    Vibrant medium-hot ornamental chilli with lively yellow, purple and red peppers like Christmas fairy lights.
    Compact and easy to grow, perfect for container planting!

    Learn More
  20. Chilli 'Hot Cayenne' - seed

    Chilli 'Hot Cayenne' - seed

    Add kick to curries, sauces and egg dishes with these extra hot chillies, use red or green.

    Learn More
  21. Chilli 'Devil's Brew' - seed

    Chilli 'Devil's Brew' - seed

    Scorching hot chilli, for the brave only!
    Plants have a bushy habit and produce a traffic-light mix of yellow, green and red peppers.

    Learn More
  22. Chamomile - seed

    Chamomile - seed

    Sweet smelling flowering herb with daisy-like flowers, plant in rockeries for cottage charm. Butterflies and bees can't resist the fragrant flowers.
    Steep flowers in boiling water for a few minutes to enjoy a calming night-cap.
    Harvest 16 weeks from sowing.

    Good companion plant for mint, onion Learn More
  23. Cat mint, catnip - seed

    Cat mint, catnip - seed

    Spoil your furry friend with a little garden treat!
    Catmint is pet-safe, loved by cats and produces attractive white flower spikes.

    Learn More
  24. Cat grass - seed

    Cat grass - seed

    Popular treat for felines! Cat Grass is quick and easy to grow and has loads of essential vitamins to help keep your cat healthy. Especially useful for house cats who don't have garden grass to chew when their tummies are upset.

    Sow fortnightly to give your kitty a regular supply of grass. Ready to eat in 4 weeks. Learn More
  25. Basil Thai - seed

    Basil Thai - seed

    Create authentic Thai dishes using this attractive green-purple basil. The anise flavour is slightly stronger than sweet basil, a perfect partner to lemongrass. Attractive ornamental border plant too.

    Learn More

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