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Blue flowers

Blue is the most popular colour in the world. Maybe it’s your favourite colour?
It’s the restful calming colour of a summer sky and a calm sea. It's the colour of a stormy sky, and a deep ocean. Blue has many moods!
It’s not a common colour in the plant world, and few flowers are naturally blue. We have tracked down a selection of true blue flowers for your garden.

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  1. Agapanthus 'Peter Pan'

    Agapanthus 'Peter Pan'

    A petite version of our most popular bordering plant for formal and cottage style gardens. Perfect for small gardens and containers. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  2. Brachyscome 'Break of Day'

    Brachyscome 'Break of Day'

    Vibrant dark purple-lavender daisy flowers in spring, above a fine ferny green lowgrowing groundcover, ideal for rockeries and mixed borders. Easy going in most soils and locations, even coastal gardens. Darker flowers and finer leaves than Amethyst. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  3. Convolvulus - ground morning glory

    Convolvulus - ground morning glory

    Delightful ground cover, plant in a sunny spot to enjoy the lavender-blue flowers. Frost and salt tolerant. Compact to 30 cm.

    Flower image: Stan ShebsStan Shebs [GFDL, CC BY-SA 3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons Cropped to size.

    Learn More

    Coming Soon

  4. Dampiera diversifolia - kangaroo lobelia

    Dampiera diversifolia - kangaroo lobelia

    Brightest blue flowers cover this easygoing native groundcover in spring. Frost and drought tolerant once established, like shade, compact in growth - will spread neatly.

    Closeup image: mrpbps via Flickr; overhead image: mrpbps via Flickr

    Learn More

    Coming Soon

  5. Evolvulus 'Sapphire Blue'

    Evolvulus 'Sapphire Blue'

    Lovely ground cover plant spreads to 1m wide and only 30cm tall. Smothered in brilliant blue summer flowers. Silvery-green foliage benefits from an annual clip to kep it fresh. Lovely in containers and baskets, where it can cascade over the sides. Learn More
  6. Scaevola aemula 'Fan Flower'

    Scaevola 'Mauve Clusters' - fan flower

    Vibrant flowering native ground cover, plant in a sunny spot to enjoy the vivid purple-blue flowers. Lovely in a hanging basket where it will trail over the sides. Compact to 50 cm.

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  7. Viola hederacea - native violet

    Viola hederacea - native violet

    Native neat ground cover with petite mauve and white flowers. Ideal lawn substitute in under-plantings and shaded spots. Try it in hanging baskets and windowboxes Learn More

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