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Purple flowers

Purple is a colour chosen by royalty, priests, Roman emperors. It’s the colour of power and elegance. All shades of purple look great mixed with pinks and blues, for a soft blended palette. Paler shades of lilac give a fresh feel when paired with lemon and white.
Take a look at our purple foliage plants too!

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  1. Acanthus Red Legs - oyster plant

    Acanthus Red Legs - oyster plant

    Evergreen, cold tolerant, summer flowers. This variety has cheeky cherry-red stems to add a pop of surprise colour. Suited to pots, borders and mass planting. Grows well almost anywhere; flowers better in full sun or makes an elegant foliage plant in shade.

    Foliage image: Dinkum (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons Cropped to size
    ; Plant image: Tatters via Flickr Cropped to size
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  2. Agapanthus Black Magic

    Agapanthus Black Magic

    Deep purple buds open to rich purple flowers during spring and summer. Dramatic bordering plant or for containers on the deck.

    image for illustration: Keith and Kasia Moore ;via Flickr.

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  3. anthurium black queen in pot

    Anthurium 'Black Queen'

    Dramatic burgundy flowers are a unique feature of this tropical plant. Place a container indoors in a well lit area to enjoy this plants beauty year round. Supplied as 'plugs', slightly smaller than our usual tubestock but with a healthy root system ready for planting or potting on. Learn More
  4. azalea happy days

    Azalea 'Happy Days'

    Lovely violet blooms during spring, compact too! Ideal planted in the foreground with our other Azalea varieties or used as a container plant.

    We're not able to ship this product to Victoria or South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  5. Azalea AUTUMN LILAC™

    Azalea AUTUMN LILAC™

    Lovely lavender flowers from spring through to autumn. Perfect for cool climates, grows to 1 metre with a rounded habit. Try planting in a large container as a feature!

    We're not able to ship this product to Victoria or South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  6. Bat Plant - Tacca

    Bat Plant - Tacca

    Ghoulish, whiskery bat flower plants are THE plant to add to tropical gardens for extra wow!
    They're happy in pots too. Give them plenty of filtered light, free draining soil and watch them unfold to deep burgundy bat-like flowers.

    Image: SShreeves via Filckr - cropped to size

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  7. Black kangaroo paw - Macropidia

    Black kangaroo paw - Macropidia

    Yeah it's real! Black furry buds open to green flowers in this wonderful native kangaroo paw. A little tricky in subtropical gardens but worth the effort - and very rewarding in dry zone climates.

    images: Paul Morris via Flickr cropped to size.

    "Impressed with the packaging of my 4 black kangaroo paw tube-stock plants they arrived safely on time in South Australia"
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  8. Brachyscome 'Break of Day'

    Brachyscome 'Break of Day'

    Vibrant dark purple-lavender daisy flowers in spring, above a fine ferny green lowgrowing groundcover, ideal for rockeries and mixed borders. Easy going in most soils and locations, even coastal gardens. Darker flowers and finer leaves than Amethyst. Learn More
  9. Brunfelsia Compacta Variegated

    Brunfelsia Compacta Variegated

    Compact form to 1m, ideal in containers and cottage gardens. Variegated creamy foliage and fragrant flowers in a range of mauve and white shades as the sweetly-scented blooms mature. Learn More
  10. Brunfelsia latifolia Compacta

    Brunfelsia latifolia Compacta

    Kaleidoscope of pretty purple mauve and white shades through spring, as honey-scented flowers mature. Compact form, ideal in containers and cottage gardens. Learn More

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  11. Brunfelsia Sweet & Petite

    Brunfelsia Sweet & Petite

    Living up to its name, it is sweet-scented and petite in size, topping out at around a metre around. Great if you want a low hedge or feature shrub but hate the clipping that goes with maintaining it! Flowers in shades of purple, lilac and white will cover a happy bush spring through to autumn. Learn More
  12. Buddleia Joan

    Buddleia Joan

    Soft colour will harmonise with other flowers in mixed borders, honey scent will attract beneficial pollinators. Why not plant one near fruit trees or your kitchen garden? Cold hardy once established; just give it a good annual chop back to keep it bushy. Learn More
  13. Buddleia Royal Red

    Buddleia Royal Red

    Vibrant purple-pink long honey-scented flowers will have all the butterflies calling at your garden. This variety has been one of the most loved and most grown since it was released in 1942. Big, bold, totally cold hardy - just give it somewhere sunny and free-draining. Learn More
  14. Carnation 'King of Blacks'

    Carnation 'King of Blacks'

    Hardy perennial featuring purple velvet-like ruffled flowers. Enjoys a sunny location for best flowering season. Plant with our Granadin White carnation for bold contrast.

    Usually available February-May and August-December. Learn More
  15. Cuphea Sriracha Rose

    Cuphea Sriracha Rose

    Vibrant sun-loving colour for your garden beds, borders, hanging baskets and windowboxes. Establishes quickly and thrives in hot conditions. Learn More

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  16. Duranta repens Geisha Girl

    Duranta repens Geisha Girl

    Excellent evergreen climber-hedge for most Australian locations. Rich pale purple flowers with a white edge to the petals, on long cascading stems, in spring and summer, followed by abundant orange-yellow berries in autumn and winter. To 3m high. Learn More
  17. Hardenbergia MINI MEEMA™

    Hardenbergia MINI MEEMA™

    Compact neat native shrub with masses of purple spring flowers. Needs little maintenance, tough and hardy. Great for potted colour and mixed borders. For a hedge of this, try Hardenbergia Meema which grows wider and slightly taller. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  18. Hydrangea Amethyst

    Hydrangea Amethyst

    Neat pretty hydrangea, shades from pale pink to pale blue depending on your soil, and from green to antique copper through the year. Dries well for floral use. Happier in sun than many hydrangea; small size fits a pot for balconies and decks. Learn More
  19. Hydrangea Ayesha

    Hydrangea Ayesha

    Ayesha is something special. She has tiny slightly curled petals like little spoons, in mother-of-pearl shades of lilac, blush pink and powder blue. Very unusually for hydrangeas, she also has a light perfume.  Learn More
  20. Lavender - English

    Lavender - English

    Fragrant cottage garden shrub with small purple flowers loved by bees and butterflies. Plant amongst your fruit trees to help pollination. Hardier variety than the French and Italian kinds, ideal for colder regions. Usually available June-January

    Image: Amanda Slater on Learn More

    Coming Soon

  21. Liriope Amethyst™

    Liriope Amethyst™

    Easy to grow low grass perfect for almost any soil type and climate, establishes quickly to create dense flowering borders. With richly coloured foliage and brilliant tall purple flower spikes, Amethyst makes a beautiful cottage garden plant in full flower. Learn More

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  22. Osteospermum Asti Purple  - Cape daisy

    Osteospermum Asti Purple - Cape daisy

    Hardy flowering plant perfect for borders, rockeries and potted colour.
    Plant in combination with our White Cape Daisy for a beautiful flowering display. Usually available October-April

    Learn More
  23. Passionfruit 'Panama Red'

    Passionfruit 'Panama Red'

    Create a fast shady space in the garden with this fat-growing tropical vine and enjoy the benefits of the beautiful flowers and delicious large golden fruit in summer. Learn More
  24. Polygala Little Polly- sweet pea shrub

    Polygala Little Polly- sweet pea shrub

    She's a real cutie, a neat rounded metre-high covered in purple pea flowers spring and summer. Very easygoing as to where you put her, she'll brighten up your garden in a wink. Learn More
  25. Tibouchina 'Allure'

    Tibouchina 'Allure'

    Gorgeous lilac purple blooms on a dense, low growing shrub to 1m. Suited to small gardens and container planting. All the style and colour of a tree tibouchina in a compact package! Learn More

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