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Flowering Plants

Whatever your favourite flowering plant, we've something to suit you. Natives, tropicals, vines and climbers, ground cover, flowering trees, blossoms to attract wildlife.

Use the Shop By categories (right of screen on desktop, end of screen on mobile) to see popular flowering plants, and filter by height or colour. Scroll through the alphabetical listing to see them all.

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  1. Nerium Mrs Andreasen - oleander

    Nerium Mrs Andreasen - oleander

    Tough and beautiful, like Wonder Woman. Dense privacy hedge, noise and pollution barrier, reliable flowerer, drought hardy, happy at the coast or outback, grows in sandy soil or clay.

    "There are few plants which grow almost everywhere in Australia. The humble oleander is such a plant and it is also one of the most useful of all garden plants." says Don Burke.

    Artwork: Vincent van Gogh, The Met NYC collection. Image: Ava Babili via Flickr cropped to size.

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  2. Nerium Dwarf Apricot - oleander

    Nerium Dwarf Apricot - oleander

    Attractive evergreen mediterranean shrub suited to warm climates. Use in tropical garden settings for abundant flowering colour and dense hedging. Very hardy and tough. Not advised for gardens with pets or very small children, but otherwise safe. Learn More
  3. Myoporum Yareena™

    Myoporum Yareena™

    Hardy spreading shrub suited to almost any soil type!
    Plant this compact native in a sunny location to enjoy beautiful displays of tiny white star-shaped flowers. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  4. Myoporum parvifolium 'Fine Leaf'

    Myoporum parvifolium 'Fine Leaf'

    Native low ground cover, will spread outwards to around 3m but never more than 30cm high. Creeping boobialla forms a thick mat of fine foliage, dotted with white flowers in spring-autumn or winter-summer, depending on where you live. Great to keep weeds down in the garden, or to cover slopes and banks.
    Image By: Stickpen (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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  5. Myoporum ellipticum - coastal boobialla

    Myoporum ellipticum - coastal boobialla

    Native white flowering coastal boobialla is a compact, evergreen, low growing groundcover excellent in tough locations where wind and sea spray might damage other plants. Frost tolerant and happy in humid locations too. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  6. Murraya - mock orange

    Murraya - mock orange

    Very low maintenance, will spread out to 1.5m if unclipped, but only 50cm high. Learn More
  7. Monstera deliciosa - fruit salad plant

    Monstera deliciosa - fruit salad plant

    Ornamental tropical feature plant with large decorative foliage and sweet fruit.
    Plant in a pot and bring indoors to create a tropical luxe mood.
    We propagate this once a year and new stock is ready NOW until we sell out. Then that's it until next year. Learn More

  8. Michelia Mixed Up Miss

    Michelia Mixed Up Miss

    Highly scented evergreen shrub with glossy leaves and ivory cup-shaped flowers tipped with pink. Lovely tall hedging plant also as takes well to pruning. Learn More
  9. Michelia figo

    Michelia figo - port wine Magnolia

    Beautifully scented white flowers in spring and summer. Glossy evergreen leaves, ideal for fragrant hedges or as feature plant in a tub. Can be clipped to shape or left to grow to 2m. Smells of port wine, bubble gum, or bananas according to taste. Plant it and see what you think it smells like! Learn More
  10. Michelia Coco

    Michelia Coco

    Taller than figo, Coco has scented small creamy flowers edged in burgundy, through spring and summer. Glossy leaves, tight in habit and evergreen, making an excellent hedge to 3m in subtropical areas. Beneficial insects love them, as you can see in Snap Happy Birding's blog . Learn More
  11. Michelia Bubbles

    Michelia Bubbles

    Tall growing shrub with gently scented white flowers along the stem. Plant as a feature or light screening. Biggest flowers of the Michelia varieties we have, and the tallest growing variety. Learn More
  12. Metrosideros thomasii flowers

    Metrosideros thomasii - NZ Christmas bush

    Flame-red fluffy flowers on a very dense shrub, perfect for hedging, windbreaks, privacy screens to 5m. Soft silver-lime new growth throughout the year. Thrives in coastal, windy and exposed sites. Ideal refuge plant for native birds, who love the blossoms' nectar.

    Prohibited to sell to South Australia.

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  13. Metrosideros Fiji Fire™

    Metrosideros Fiji Fire™

    Fantastic windbreak or privacy hedge to 3m - salt and wind tolerant, great for coastal gardens and exposed locations. Eyecatching tufts of orange-red flowers in summer attract native birds to feed; bright soft lime-silver new growth and silver-green leaves through the year.

    Sorry, we are unable to ship this product to South Australia for bio-security reasons.

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  14. Metrosideros 'Little Ewan'

    Metrosideros 'Little Ewan'

    Neat growing Little Ewan is compact, hardy and keeps to a height of 1 metre. New growth is bright red. Ideal for exposed sites, low hedges, borders and containers.

    We are unable to ship this product to South Australia for bio-security reasons.

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  15. Melastoma affine Alba

    Melastoma affine Alba

    Fast growing evergreen flowering shrub known as blue tongue, because the bushtucker fruits stain the tongue blue. White flowers with lime green centres, big oval leathery leaves. Super hedge in frost free areas, grows to around 2m. Prune to keep it neat. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  16. Melaleuca thymifolia

    Melaleuca thymifolia

    Fine-leaved bushy native shrub with purple-pink feathery flowers in summer-autumn. Good for screening and hedging, native gardens, wildlife gardens. Larger than the cultivar Cotton Candy, with slightly greyer foliage.

    image: Brisbane Council via Flickr cropped to size.

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  17. Melaleuca 'Snowflake'

    Melaleuca 'Snowflake'

    Shape this gorgeous native in formal gardens or leave to grow naturally for rustic cottage themes. Watch the birds flock to feed on the nectar rich white flowers summer-autumn.

    Sorry, we are unable to ship this product to South Australia for bio-security reasons.

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  18. Melaleuca 'Cotton Candy'

    Melaleuca 'Cotton Candy'

    Compact native shrub with showy clusters of hot pink flowers spring-autumn. Hardy and suited to low hedging, rockeries and borders. Smaller than the species form, with brighter green foliage. Doesn't mind occasional wet feet, flowers better in higher-rainfall zones or where watered in the flowering period.

    Image: Mike Russell Flickr cropped to size.

    Sorry, we are unable to ship this product to South Australia for bio-security reasons.

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  19. Medinilla - rare mystery species

    Medinilla - rare mystery species

    This is an undescribed unidentified Medinilla from Madagascar not available anywhere else in Australia. This rare rainforest species has a habit of flowering along the main stems, unlike many other Medinillas which flower from panicles on the branches.

    Flower image: San Francisco University

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  20. Medinilla - Malaysian orchid

    Medinilla - Malaysian orchid

    Stunning magenta flowers lasting months hang from the tropical foliage much like a bunch of grapes. Suited to pots, tropical style gardens and low temperatures, 0° in frost free areas.


    Learn More

    Coming Soon

  21. Matapouri Bay - Arthropodium

    Matapouri Bay - Arthropodium

    Tough, elegant, hardy, shade-loving, ideal for underplanting even in dry spots. Wide blue-green leaves create a lush tropical effect. Well suited to most climates once established. Also known as New Zealand rock lily, the small starry white flowers in summer add extra appeal.
    Image By: Wendy Cutler, CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    Learn More
  22. Magnolia 'Little Gem'

    Magnolia 'Little Gem'

    Deep glossy large leaves with a rich tan underside. Large white scented flowers. This evergreen tree is always so popular with our customers for hedges, feature planting, and in containers. Best in a sheltered spot where you can enjoy the fragrance. Learn More
  23. Loropetalum China pink

    Loropetalum China pink

    Rich plum-burgundy leaves create a beautiful backdrop for sprays of vibrant pink tassel-like flowers in spring and summer. Makes a pretty and exotic hedge, or eyecatching specimen shrub in the border. Plant it somewhere sheltered and in rich lime-free soil to help it really flourish. Learn More
  24. Liriope Pink Pearl™

    Liriope Pink Pearl™

    Petite variegated grass with soft pink flower spikes through summer, perfect for shady borders and dotted through sunny rockeries. Learn More
  25. Liriope Evergreen Giant

    Liriope Evergreen Giant

    You love our liriopes! Great for borders, mass planting, deep ground cover almost anywhere. Happy in shade. Evergreen, compact, dense clumps of strappy foliage, spikes of purple-pink bobbly flowers in summer and purple-blue berries in winter. Also called lilyturf or monkeygrass. Learn More

Items 101 to 125 of 478 total

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