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Grevillas are always a popular native plant for our Australian gardens. They are easy-going, tough, and resilient. They can be clipped into hedges, or left to grow naturally. They have beautiful flowers in many different colours, often throughout the year, with nectar that our wild birds love. We propagate most varieties in winter when humidity is lowest - so if your preferred cultivar is out of stock bookmark this page to check back towards the end of winter/early spring.

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  1. Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'

    Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'

    Flashy large red brush flowers throughout most of the year, above a medium sized shrub to 1.5m Classic well-known variety, good all-rounder for native and mixed Australian gardens anywhere but the tropical north. Learn More
  2. Grevillea royal mantle

    Grevillea 'Royal Mantle'

    Hardy low-growing native ground-cover, ideal for trailing down rockeries and embankments, and attracting wildlife to your garden. Bright red spidery flowers throughout the year, especially in winter and spring, especially in full sun. New leaves are bronze-red. Very popular. Learn More

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  3. Grevillea 'Scarlet Sprite' flower

    Grevillea 'Scarlet Sprite'

    Low maintenance compact variety ideal for coastal and cottage style gardens. Fine foliage and bright flowers most of the year in warmer climates. Tolerates drought and frost once established. Learn More
  4. Grevillea FlatAz

    Grevillea FlatAz™

    Fast growing native groundcover grevillea, perfect for erosion control on steep embankments. Attractive fine fishbone foliage.Flowers profusely in exposed sunny sites attracting nectar feeding birds. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  5. Grevillea Little Robyn

    Grevillea Little Robyn

    Compact native shrub, large ruby flowers Autumn-Winter-Spring will attract nectar-loving birds. Easy-going as to soil and climate, would make a good low hedge. Learn More
  6. Grevillea poorinda Splendour

    Grevillea poorinda 'Splendour'

    Create a paradise for birds with this beautiful burgundy-red flowering compact native. Unusual oval foliage for a grevillea, fast growing and evergreen. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  7. Grevillea Royal Rambler Flower

    Grevillea Royal Rambler™

    Spreading, low-growing ground cover with coppery new growth and vibrant deep-pink flowers through the year. Fast to establish; ideal left to ramble over steep embankments or wilder parts of the garden. Will flower longer in sunnier spots, but happy in shade or part-shade. Like all native grevilleas, this is loved by nectar-feeding birds. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  8. Grevillea Strawberry Sundae

    Grevillea Strawberry Sundae

    Compact native shrub to 1-2m, foliage is vibrant green and fern-like. Features brilliant red and cream flowers in winter and spring. Perfect hedge or feature plant, great for attracting wild birds to your garden.


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