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Fragrant scented jasmine to perfume your garden. Grow them as scrambling groundcover, up over arbours, trellis and pergolas, or trained along fences and balconies.

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  1. Trachelospermum Valley Lights - star jasmine

    Trachelospermum Valley Lights - star jasmine

    A new take on star jasmine, with golden-yellow splashed green leaves for year-round colour. White starry scented flowers in summer add to the appeal. Very versatile in heaps of garden situations - groundcover, low hedges, over arbours and pergolas, in containers. Learn More
  2. shooting-star-trachelospermum-asiaticum

    Trachelospermum SHOOTING STAR™

    A refreshing twist on a favourite groundcover. White-tipped evergreen foliage is almost hidden by white scented flowers during summer and autumn. Perfect for underplanting and containers. Well-behaved, reaching only 1.5m wide unclipped. Learn More
  3. Trachelospermum FLAT MAT™

    Trachelospermum FLAT MAT™

    Dense compact evergreen carpet plant, perfect over a patio railing to enjoy the scented flowers. Will spread to 4m to cover embankments, rockeries, under trees and shrubs where you need evergreen ground cover. Fast to establish. Learn More
  4. Trachelospermum asiaticum Tricolour

    Trachelospermum asiaticum Tricolour

    Our latest addition to the family!
    Variegated asiatic jasmine is more cold tolerant than Trachelospermum jasminoides Tricolour, perfect for cooler regions. Evergreen with delightfully rounded leaves bursting in pink, white and green shades. Plant as a border, groundcover or allow to ramble over a trellis. Learn More
  5. Trachelospermum - star jasmine

    Trachelospermum - star jasmine

    Classic evergreen twining ground cover, low clipped hedge, or wall climber on a sturdy trellis. Highly perfumed white star-like flowers in spring and summer shine out against the dark green leaves. Learn More

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  6. Jasminum sambac - Grand Duke of Tuscany jasmine

    Jasminum sambac - Grand Duke of Tuscany jasmine

    Highly perfumed double white blooms flower spring through summer.
    Its rambling habit makes it perfect to train over arbors and trellises for cool summer shade, or grow in pots for smaller gardens. Simply trim after flowering to maintain desired shape! Learn More

    Coming Soon

  7. Jasminum sambac - Arabian jasmine

    Jasminum sambac - Arabian jasmine

    Glossy foliage and sweet-scented white flowers make this jasmine a winner for warm-climate gardens. Grows to a manageable 2-3m. Plant near the house to enjoy the scent in the evenings. Frost-tender - for cooler climate gardens, choose Jasminum polyanthum. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  8. Jasminum polyanthum Jasmine

    Jasminum polyanthum - jasmine

    Low maintenance hardy climber. Masses of sweet-scented white flowers and pink buds cover the plant in spring and summer. To 6m unclipped, but can be trained along fences, or pruned to size. Dainty fern-like foliage. Remarkably cold-tolerant for such an exotic looking plant. Learn More
  9. Jasminium nitidum Angel Wing Jasmine

    Jasminum nitidum - angel wing jasmine

    A delightful rambling vine with scented flowers, simply gorgeous when left to climb over an old fence. Long slender petals on this jasmine, very eye-catching. Learn More

    Coming Soon

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