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For borders, low hedges, edging, boundary marking, alongside a path or to delineate areas of your garden, these plants will create beautiful lines. Grassy, strappy, clumping and cascading, they can't be clipped into shape like a traditional hedge but will keep a natural outline. They a re particularly good planted em masse where they will look effective even when not in flower. If you only have a balcony many make lovely container plants too.

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  1. Dwarf Rhoeo

    Rhoeo Dwarf - cradle of Moses

    Rich duo-toned foliage, purple and green, perfect for accent planting and containers, plus those awkward places like dry spots, under trees, rockeries Learn More
  2. Phormium Surfer Boy

    Phormium Surfer Boy

    Gnarly! This compact flax has a loose curvy twist to the bronze-green leaves. Ideal for container planting as well as accents in the border and mass landscaping.

    image to show colour and size: Forest and Kim Starr via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  3. Phormium Bronze Baby

    Phormium 'Bronze Baby'

    Dwarf flax with rich copper toned upright foliage. Ideal for borders, containers and accent planting. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  4. Pennisetum alopecuroides - swamp fountain grass

    Pennisetum alopecuroides - swamp fountain grass

    Compact elegant native grass with creamy foxtail flowerspikes. Suited to moist soils as the name suggests. Plant this grass where you can enjoy the sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze.

    Image by Dominicus Johannes Bergsma (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    Learn More

    Coming Soon

  5. Pennisetum - purple fountain grass

    Pennisetum - purple fountain grass

    Graceful large ornamental grass, rich burgundy purple when mature, with purple-cream fluffy foxtail plumes year-round. Low maintenance. Looks best given space to sway and move in the breeze, making a relaxing sound. Gets to over 1m around in the right spot so allow for this when planting. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  6. Matapouri Bay - Arthropodium

    Matapouri Bay - Arthropodium

    Tough, elegant, hardy, shade-loving, ideal for underplanting even in dry spots. Wide blue-green leaves create a lush tropical effect. Well suited to most climates once established. Also known as New Zealand rock lily, the small starry white flowers in summer add extra appeal.
    Image By: Wendy Cutler, CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    Learn More
  7. lomandra longifolia

    Lomandra 'Verday'

    Compact, fast-growing, bright green lomandra to approx 60cm around. Tough as old boots - tolerates heat, drought, frost, salt, wind, pollution. Doesn't like high humidity so much - try Tropic Cascade instead if you live in the tropics - but happy in almost every other location. Learn More
  8. Lomandra 'Little Pal'

    Lomandra 'Little Pal'

    Compact fine-leaved native grass for contrast planting in gardens, or erosion control on banks. Happier than other lomandra in shady spots, larger than the related Little Con. Learn More
  9. Lomandra 'Little Cricket'

    Lomandra 'Little Cricket'

    A compact knee-high version of our most popular lomandra 'Mat Rush', perfect for smaller gardens. Use in borders and rockeries.

    Learn More
  10. Liriope Silverlawn™

    Liriope Silverlawn™

    Create shimmering silver borders and striking mass planting. Great contrast to evergreen hedges, red flowering plants, dark-leaved plants; adds light to a shady spot.
    See our foliage plants to help find the perfect partner.

    Learn More

    Coming Soon

  11. Liriope Royal Purple

    Liriope Royal Purple

    Rich purple dense flowers in summer, black berries in winter, evergreen grassy foliage all year round. Great for borders, mass planting, deep ground cover almost anywhere. Happy in deep shade or full sun, and very cold hardy.

    image: Leonora Enking via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  12. Liriope Pink Pearl™

    Liriope Pink Pearl™

    Petite neat variegated grass with soft pink flower spikes through summer, perfect for shady borders and dotted through sunny rockeries. Learn More
  13. Liriope Just Right™

    Liriope Just Right™

    Hardy and consistent rich green grass,easy care, drought and frost tolerant once established, perfect for lush borders and mass planting, or creating a natural looking dry creek bed. Will not set seed so ideal for gardens near bushland. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  14. Liriope Isabella™

    Liriope Isabella™

    Lawn alternative suited to both sun and deep shade locations.
    Perfect for areas which are fully shaded during winter. Cute pink flowers and dark green leaves. Learn More
  15. Hymenocallis - spider lily

    Hymenocallis - spider lily

    Create spectacular flowering borders with scented Spider Lilies. Ideal for under planting, formal borders and mass planting. Learn More
  16. Dracaena marginata ‘Black Knight’

    Dracaena marginata ‘Black Knight’

    Create a tropical look poolside using bold accent plants! Black Knight is hardy & low maintenance with slender red/burgundy edged leaves. Learn More
  17. Dracaena Colorama

    Dracaena Colorama

    Bright strappy leaves all year round will add vibrant pink colour to your garden. Good indoor plant too! Very low maintenance in warm frost-free locations. Superb accent plant; or plant it in a bright blue pot to accentuate the leaf colour. Learn More
  18. Dietes Tiny Dancer- wild iris

    Dietes Tiny Dancer- wild iris

    Mini form of the popular iridioides iris, one-quarter the height with all the beauty and hardiness of its big sister. Learn More
  19. Dietes iridioides - butterfly Iris

    Dietes iridioides - butterfly Iris

    Lovely white six-petaled flowers and grassy foliage, like an iris. Good around waterways. Low maintenance, ideal for landscaping, erosion control and weed suppressing. Smaller than the similar grandiflora, with smaller all-white flowers. Learn More
  20. Dietes grandiflora - wild iris

    Dietes grandiflora - wild iris

    Grassy plant, ideal for landscaping, weed suppressing and erosion control. Hardy, ideal around waterways or soaks. Charming white iris-like flowers with lilac centres, on tall 120cm stems. Larger plant than the similar-looking iridiodes, with longer-lasting larger flowers. Learn More
  21. dietes_bicolour

    Dietes bicolor - peacock flower

    Creamy yellow open iris-like flowers, look like dozens of butterflies in flight from a distance. Grassy plant, excellent for erosion control and weed suppressing. Foliage grows to 60cm around. Low maintenance. Learn More
  22. Dianella 'Utopia™'

    Dianella 'Utopia™'

    Beautiful variety of native grass with broad purple-blue metallic leaves, each with a slight twist of movement. Lovely for mass planting in landscaping, or edging a driveway to your home. Learn More
  23. Crinum - swamp lily

    Crinum - swamp lily

    Create stunning borders with the native swamp lily's wide leaves and and large white flowers. Clumping plant flowering August - January and at its peak in early summer. Suitable for large pots.Prefers moist conditions, coastal and wet areas around water features, and low lying areas of the garden.Plant in full sun to part shade. Tolerates frost and poor drainage. Learn More
  24. Cordyline australis Sundance

    Cordyline australis Sundance

    A little sunrise emerges from the base of each plant, and dances in a slender stripe up the centre of the leaf. Subtle colour for mixed borders and container planting Learn More
  25. Cordyline australis Red Sensation

    Cordyline australis Red Sensation

    Popular landscaping variety, features bold earthy red shades and a formal upright growth habit. Robust and hardy. Wonderful in pots or for accent planting. Our most popular Cordyline. Learn More

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