Acis Autumn snowflakes - 10 bulbs

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Dainty little white bell flowers dangle from long slender stalks. This bulb originates in north Africa so it can stand hot summers and freezing winters and still look pretty. Lovely for naturalising in grass

photos : Lies van Rompaey cropped to size.


We love autumn snowflakes for their dainty flowers, resilience to temperature extremes


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Acis autumnalis - autumn snowflakes

DESCRIPTION: Dainty Mediterranean bulb which flowers with little white bells (sometimes with a touch of pink) on leafless stalks. Grassy leaves. Heated debate in taxonomist circles as to whether this is a kind of Leucojum or its own separate genus, because they enjoy debating such matters.
PLANTING: Any well drained soil in full sun. Plant bulbs with the narrow end facing upward, cover with a good layer of mulch to help regulate soil temperature. Late Summer - early Winter is the best time for a showy spring display. Bulbs prefer an open sunny location or filtered sun in warmer climates.
USE IN: Plant as a flowering border below deciduous trees or group closely in pots for bright spring flowering colour.
CARE: Once planted, water the soil to set the bulb in place. An occasional light watering is all that's needed until the first flowers appear. Water and feed weekly or if the soil becomes dry, give a good deep water (bulbs are generally at least 5 cms below the surface). Once flowering is finished leave plants to die back, it's not the prettiest sight but don't be tempted to trim the yellowing foliage. The nutrients are being drawn back into the bulbs for next year.
CLIMATE: Cold to arid - should be very resilient. Hardy to -10C

Contains 10 bulbs.












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