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Alternanthera Tricolor

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Low-growing fast-growing ground cover. Multicoloured foliage in shades of pink, bronze, red and green gives colour right through the year. Happy anywhere frost-free where it will create a beautiful mass display, or backdrop to more showy seasonal flowers.
The third image shows the leaf size difference between dentata (L) and Tricolor (R)
Alternanthera ficoidea Tricolor
DESCRIPTION:  Tricolour is a dwarf evergreen ground cover which grows quickly, the multi coloured foliage with shdes of pink, bronze, red and green.
USES: Tropical gardens for those warm and soft colours. Hedges, borders and ground cover or for colour contrasting. Beautiful in groups as a mass display of colour.
PLANTING:: Alterantheras love warm sheltered positions with morning and/or afternoon sun in a frost-free location. A full sun location may be ok but not too exposed. Plant in a free draining soil rich in organic matter. A potting mix rich with peat moss or humus is ideal. Requires regular watering.
CARE: Mulch and water well after planting.
HEIGHT & WIDTH: 30cm H x 30cm - 40cm W.
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