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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your most frequently asked questions - shipping, delivery, availability, payment, plant size and everything else

We ship to Australia only. We ship to NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT, SA - and from 26 January 2020, WA. We have customers gardening on the coast, in the hinterland, rainforest, snowfields and outback. We've sent to remote cattle stations and inner city apartments.

We can send most plants to SA,VIC and WA - but not all. Azalea, Blueberry and natives in the Myrtaceae family, (such as Syzygium, Callistemon, Acmena, Metrosideros) - are restricted for some locations for biosecurity reasons to protect commercial agricultural crops. (See a full list of plants we can't ship to you.)

Our minimum charge is $15.40 whatever you buy. This covers a box of up to 16 plants. P&P. Orders over $250 are P&P free. Between that, the rate is determined by the size of your order - you can get a quote by going to View and Edit Cart before checking out.

WA Shipping : All orders incur a $10 surcharge as a contribution to the cost of biosecurity inspections. This is included in the shipping cost.

We take Paypal, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard).

Click the Cart symbol at the top of the page. Click the green View and Edit My Cart button below which takes you to your cart.
In the box under Discount Codes, enter your code exactly as it is on the document. Click Apply Coupon. You'll see the discount applied in the brown subtotal box.
If your code is not applying, remember the discount is on the total value of your plants/products, excluding any shipping costs. If you forget to apply your discount code before paying, we cannot apply it retrospectively.

Click the Cart symbol at the top of the page. Click the green View and Edit My Cart button below which takes you to your cart.
In the box under Gift Cards, enter your code exactly as it is on the document. Click Add Gift Card. You'll see the card applied in the subtotal box. You can also check your balance there.

Yes of course! You can choose any combination of plants. You can order as many plants as you wish. We don't make you buy ten of the same if you only want one. Tip: our boxes accommodate 12-18 plants, try ordering in multiples of 16 or so to make the most of your shipping costs.

If you order more than $250-worth of plants including GST we’ll deliver them to you for free. Why not order with a neighbour or colleague to take advantage of this?

No. Once you pay and checkout, we can't add extras or make swaps.

If you think you might want extra plants, open up an account first - and save your choice. Your selection is saved for seven days. When you're sure your order is complete, you can checkout and pay.
Any items ordered after you check out are treated as a new order.

Yes. There is a $5 charge for the admin involved if you cancel immediately. We'll refund the balance of your order within ten working days.
If you cancel after we have packed your order we charge 20% of the value of the order to cover unpacking your plants and returning them to the nursery.
We recommend making use of the Account options to save your plants until you are sure you are ready to check out.

Yes. There is a $15 charge for the admin time involved. Please have your complete order and credit card ready when you call.

Yes. There is a $15 charge for holding orders to cover ongoing maintenance and care of your plants. Please have your complete order and credit card ready when you call.

Yes. You can order as much stock as is available on the site. If it says 21 plants are in stock, 21 plants are in stock. We update the site frequently.

If you want a lot more than 100, and our stock levels show 'in stock' without a quantity, please email our sales team here or call us on 07 5451 3506. That way, we can ensure that we have enough stock for you.

If you are a landscaper or professional and need very large numbers (ie over 400), then contact us and ask to talk to our Nursery Manager about wholesale supply or contract growing.

All our plants are packed in bespoke boxes. The boxes fit multiples of 16 plants. We tape everything in throroughly so that your plants reach you in the best condition.

All the plants are watered and specially treated to reduce water evaporation in transit. We also label each variety of plant so you can identify your purchases.

We grow and sell what are known in the trade as ‘tubestock’ plants. This technical term means that they are much bigger than a plug or seedling - they are a young plant, usually between 5cm and 15cm tall (depending on the type of plant), grown from a cutting, seed, or Tissue Culture, with a healthy strong root system. You can see examples on our home page banner and most product pages.

Please note: plants are living things, variable in nature. We do not produce them in a factory. Sizes and photos are a guide only. We always send out the very best plants we have in stock.

We do NOT sell mature plants, full-grown plants, 45L or 14cm plants, or standard trees.

Plants are living things, variable in nature. We give mature height and width sizes on the website as a guide only. If you have rich fertile soil and regular irrigation, your plants will grow faster and may get larger. If you have poor soil and do not irrigate or feed, or your garden is on a windy or exposed site, your plants may grow smaller or take longer to reach mature size.

We try and pack as fast as possible after we get your order. Usually you'll get our plants within 7 working days. Sometimes, especially in urban areas, they may arrive earlier. Our Customer Reviews page shows some orders can turn up within 24 hours!
At busier times of year, particularly mid-Spring (lots of orders here) and during holiday periods (lots of extra parcels at the post office), they may take up to 15 working days.
We avoid packing on the weekday before a public holiday so plants aren't held up at the postal depot over the long weekend.

When your plants are ready to ship, you'll be sent a Tracking Number by email. If you haven't received your tracking number, but have got an order confirmation email, then your plants are here, safe and receiving our high standard of nursery care.

WA Shipping : We ship to WA once a week, at a schedule that minimises the time the plants spend in transit. Please therefore allow 10-14 days from shipping notification for your parcel to arrive.

1. It makes it much cheaper for you to buy. Sending full grown plants through the post is also very expensive.

2. Your plants are packed by hand into specially-designed purpose-built packaging, that we tape and pack so the plants are fully protected throughout their journey to you.

3. One carton of plants will often fit in a large mailbox so you’ll find it secure when you get home – no waiting in for a delivery.

4. We can also send plants to more places. However remote you are, if you can get a postal delivery, you can get our plants. You may also pick your plants up from a PO Box.

5. Tubestock plants are reliable, already growing, and match the parent plant - so you get exactly what you expect.

6. The young plants have energetic fast-growing root systems - which means as soon as you plant them out they will start to grow, soon catching up with more expensive larger plants.

7. Smaller plants mean less work for you – with our tubestock plants you just need to push some soil aside using a hand trowel, not dig out a big trench with a spade.

8. Large plants grown in pots often become ‘pot bound’ which means that their roots are too tightly packed to grow any further. Even when you plant them out they may not spread and grow. There’s no chance of rootbound with tubestock plants.

9. You can select a range of plants best suited to your garden, often for little more money than a single large plant would cost you from a retail nursery.

10. Because the plants are great value, you can try out different varieties and colours without risk.

1. Unpack them carefully from their packaging. You can recycle the packaging.

2. Make sure they are all ok, and what you ordered. (We don’t make mistakes very often but if we do please contact our customer service on 07 5451 3506 as soon as possible.)

3. Give them a little water.

4. Look at our planting hints for tips on how to plant out or pot on your new plants.

5. Many of the plants we sell do very well in pots and containers – so if you want them to grow on a little before you plant them out into your garden you can plant them into a slightly bigger pot.

Plants are natural things and grow according to the seasons. We aim to have our best-sellers in stock as many weeks of the year as possible. Click the More Information tab and you can see when we estimate new plants to be ready.
If the plant you want is not yet in stock, put your email address in the box on the product page, and we'll email you when it's ready to order.

We grow and sell over 800 different kinds of plants. Our plants are perfect for gardeners to create a low-cost, fast-growing green space.

We select plants that will do well in Australian gardens, climates and soil types. We sell natives, exotics, tropical plants, drought tolerant plants, frost tolerant plants, succulents, fruit, herbs, bulbs in season, and seeds. We do not sell large plants or full-grown trees, or turf. All our plants are tubestock - on average 5cm to 15cm tall depending on the type of plant.

If you have ordered one of our trees, then there is a general rule of thumb for good planting.

Take the full-grown height of the tree, multiply by one-and-a-half, and plant that far away from your house. So if your tree will eventually grow to 10m high, you plant it 15m away from your property.
That gives the roots room to grow without creating problems in the future.

Remember to take into account any overhead power lines or other obstructions. There’s nothing sadder than a healthy tree that has had to be ruthlessly pruned to fit around a telephone wire.

We are 100% Australian-owned; our plants are all grown in Australia (on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland); and we choose plants which will thrive and succeed in Australian gardens and climates, and which suit Australian styles of garden.
We sell a wide range of native plants (more than some "specialist" nurseries, by the way) - and we also sell non-native plants which are loved and enjoyed by Australian gardeners.
Just because a plant is native doesn't mean it could - or should - be grown everywhere in Australia. Our country ranges from inland desert to coastal saltmarsh, tropical rainforest to mountainous snowfield. If you want to only grow natives, we recommend visiting your local state or council website which can give you information on species endemic to your region.

Give us a call on 07 5451 3506 during office hours 8am-3.30pm Mon-Thur, 8am-12 noon Fri. Outside office hours, please leave a message so we can get back to you. Sometimes certain browsers can cause issues - try using another browser eg Chrome, Firefox, IE and see if that does the trick.

We have a whole page on our nursery - Click here!

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