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Azalea Carnival Rocket

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Fiery orange-red blooms of large size cover this shrub late winter through to spring. Makes a lovely midsize hedge, large potted plant, or feature shrub, especially in woodland or Japanese style gardens.

We're not able to ship this product to Victoria or South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

Azalea indica 'Carnival Rocket'

DESCRIPTION: Compact growing azalea with large orange-red single flowers late winter through spring. Requires little water once established.
USE IN: Feature planting, in Japanese style gardens, borders and low hedging. Suited to container planting.
LOCATION: Plant in full sun/part shade with well drained soil rich in organic matter.
Azaleas thrive in acidic soil, here are some simple tips on how to achieve this. Apply a layer of pine bark mulch or pine needles after planting, as water is applied this will adjust the ph level of your soil. An alternative is to add a 2 inch layer of sphagnum moss to the soil before planting, turn the soil to ensure the moss is mixed evenly, this method has the added benefit of retaining moisture within the soil.
CARE: Mulch and water regularly until the plant is established, usually around 12 weeks. Continue to water on a regular basis for the first twelve months to ensure the plant becomes fully established. Prune after spring flowering to promote dense growth habit and flowering next season, fertilise using a slow release fertiliser such as Osmocote which is specially formulated for azaleas.
HEIGHT & WIDTH: 1.5 m H x 1.5 m W.
PLEASE NOTE: These plants are tube-stock plants, with the benefit of being a young plant they will establish quickly in your garden. The average size of your plants will be 15 -25 cm in height with a pot size of 42 mm wide and 80 mm high.

We're not able to ship this product to Victoria or South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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