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B-Green Complete Organic Slow Release Fertiliser 600g

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Slow release general organic fertiliser for veggies, trees, shrubs - and it's low in Phosphorus so you can use it on natives too. It's clean and easy to use, lasts for around three months (shorter in tropical zones, longer in cool ones), and doesn't need any weighing or diluting.

See our post on What Do Those Fertiliser Letters Mean? to better understand the N:P:K ratio below.

B-Green Complete Organic slow release fertiliser - 600g

DESCRIPTION: Slow release granular fertiliser for all plants including vegetables, fruits and citrus, flowers, shrubs and natives. All-natural balanced fertiliser to provide essential nutrients and trace elements to grow healthy plants. Feeds for up to 3 months.
NPK 3.3% : 1.0% : 3.2%
USE Application instructions and rates are specified for each plant type on the back of the pot.
SIZE: 600g

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