Bearded Iris Superstition - 1 bulb

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Is it just us or do you have Stevie Wonder in your head now too? Full-on gothic drama with this almost-black iris. Will thrive in a sunny spot and poor soil where it can be left alone to do its thing for a zero-effort gorgeous garden.


Plant your bearded iris like dahlias and peonies - read how here

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Iris x germanica 'Superstition' - bearded iris

DESCRIPTION : Tall plant with a fan of strappy leaves and large showy flowers with ruffled petals. This variety has almost black petals, very dramatic. Tolerates prolonged dry periods once established. Plant in a full sun location for best flowering.
PLANTING : Bulbs thrive in free draining soil. Prepare clay soil using a clay-breaker and add well composted manure or mulch to help with drainage. Add grit or gravel to your planting holes if your soil is heavy;Plant bulbs sideways. Bulbs prefer an open sunny location or filtered sun in warmer climates.
USE IN : Plant where you can leave it as they don't like being disturbed (who does?).
CARE : Once planted, water the soil to set the bulb in place. An occasional light watering is all that's needed until the first flower stems appear. Water and feed weekly or if the soil becomes dry, give a good deep water (bulbs are generally at least 5 cms below the surface). Once flowering is finished cut the stems down. When the leaves fade, cut the fan down to half its height.
CLIMATE : Cold hardy to sub-tropical (if not too humid)

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Autumn-Winter  Just below the surface 30cm 75-100cm Spring
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