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Bee Friendly Flower Mix Shaker - seed

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A jumbo-size big box mix of favourite flowers to help bees and beneficial insects. Shake it on the soil and rake it in, for an instant garden - one box covers 20 square metres. Sow a little every two weeks for longer flowering seasons. Help the pollinators along!

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Bee Friendly Flower Mix Shaker - seed
DESCRIPTION: Bees are under threat from loss of habitat - and once the pollinators go, we go too. Help a bee out with this easy to use big box mix of flower varieties. Includes: calendula, cornflower, Californian poppy, gilia, toadflax (Linaria), alyssum, wallflower (Erysimum), nemophila, poppy, African marigold, cynoglossum, borage, evening primrose, lavender, native violet, brachyscome, sage
PLANTING: Sow throughout the year avoiding extreme heat and cold conditions. Sow direct. Keep moist.
CARE: Thin seedlings if necessary. Apply mulch around plants to help retain moisture in the soil. Remove spent flowers to prolong the flowering season or avoid self-seeding. Some perennials may flower in the second year.












 varies with species  shake and rake - thin if needed after germination  5mm  10-28 days  8-14 weeks


Contains 5g seeds mixed with vermiculite for drainage and ease of application.


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