agapanthus stylish on deck

Every year Bloemenbureau Holland (the promotional organisation for flowers and plants in the Netherlands and Europe) gets together a "media jury" of influential magazine writers, stylists, and bloggers.

They choose three plants for the year : for outdoor decks and terraces; for balconies and pots; and for interiors. The plant chosen by the experts for 2018 for decks is the AGAPANTHUS.

We're not surprised agapanthus were a favourite with the jury! Agapanthus are excellent garden plants, free flowering and fantastic in tough situations - and they are also very happy in tubs and containers.

In fact some experts say that the restriction of their roots in the pots helps to encourage them to flower more. We certainly find that even our little tubestock will flower in their pots in the nursery!

Agapanthus are available in all shades of blue from inky purple-black through summer sky and baby blue to palest almost white, plus pure white alone. Here's our favourites:

agapanthus patio and deck plant of the year

Agapanthus Black Magic – dark purple hanging bells in clusters; tall and elegant


Agapanthus Purple Cloud – deep blue-purple rounded flowerheads on long stems


Agapanthus Lapiz Lazuli – neat compact plant with rich blue flowers


Agapanthus Queen Anne – knee high with soft purple-blue blooms that belie its hardiness


Agapanthus Peter Pan – a little cutie, petite and pale blue


Agapanthus Blue – the classic, sky blue, sturdy, and seed-grown for subtle variation


Agapanthus White – Blue's counterpart, tall, clean, classy


Agapanthus Getty White – neat compact plant with pure white blooms and slender habit


Agapanthus Snowball – neat and compact with big rounded white flowerheads


Agapanthus Double Diamond – knee high with white double-flowered blooms, very pretty

Photos: Bloemenbureau Holland