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Monthly Archives: April 2020

  1. Bee-Friendly Gardening

    Bee-Friendly Gardening
    Without bees, almost all edible crops would be unpollinated – no fruits, no vegetables, no nuts. Many favourite garden flowers would go unpollinated too – no seeds for future plants. And no honey for our toast. Help restore declining bee populations by finding a place for bee-friendly plants, in even the smallest of outdoor spaces.
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  2. Which Plants Are Best For Clay Soils?

    Which Plants Are Best For Clay Soils?
    Want to ditch the shovel and plant a garden? There's a surprising range of plants suited to clay soil, from groundcovers to feature trees. Many favourite native plants are ideal, they're naturally exposed to prolonged periods of rain followed by drought.
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  3. Plants for Health & Wellbeing

    Plants for Health & Wellbeing
    Plants can add beauty and a sense of nature to our homes and offices, shopping malls and public spaces. But did you know they also help us feel better, and stay healthier, physically and mentally?
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