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Andrea Caldecourt

  1. Plant The Look - Winter Colour

    Winter Colour
    We dashed out between rainshowers to take photos of all these flowers, in our own nursery, on one day in July - to show you what you could be enjoying in your own garden in the midst of winter. We even caught a tiny butterfly sunning its wings!
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  2. How to Prepare Your Garden For Winter

    How to Prepare Your Garden For Winter
    If you live in the hinterlands, ranges, or down in the southern states, you'll know it can get pretty chilly in winter. Here's how to make sure your plants get through the cold in their best condition.
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  3. Plant The Look - Instagram-Worthy Indoor Plants

    Instagram-Worthy Indoor Plants
    Have you been lusting over beautiful foliage plants on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest? We show you how to create the look of these beauties, without breaking the bank.
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  4. How Fast Will My Tubestock Plants Grow?

    How Fast Will My Tubestock Plants Grow?
    Wise gardeners know that buying tubestock is the smart choice. It just takes a little patience. In just a couple of months, our low-cost tubestock will have caught up to pricier plants. Take a look at our customer photos!
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  5. Which Camellia is Best For You?

    camellia bush in flower
    Camellias make lovely container and tub plants, as well as handsome evergreen hedges. They're long-lived and free-flowering, and some are even scented!
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  6. Butterfly-Friendly Gardening

    hypolimnas native butterfly
    Butterflies are one of the magical transformations of nature - how does a crawling caterpillar become a shimmering floating pollinator? Encourage butterflies to your garden and help their numbers increase, with the plants you choose
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  7. Learn to Speak Plant - what plant names can tell us

    plant label at botanic gardens
    A lot of the time, a plant's botanic name can give us useful info about what it looks like, and behaves like. Even if, like most of us, you didn't do Latin or Greek at school, it's easy to pick up the main words. You'll begin to recognise them and before long you'll be speaking Plant!
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  8. Happy National Eucalypt Day

    National Eucalypt Day
    National Eucalypt Day 23 March. This week, go hug a gum - or at least thank it for the shade, shelter, and beauty it provides. There's over 850 types of Eucalypt native to Australia to choose from.
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  9. Happy St Patricks Day

    Happy St Patrick's Day
    St Patrick's Day is a great day to celebrate Irishness in all its many forms. And a big part of that is the green-ness of the country. Recreate some of that lush Irish greenery, with a smart choice of plants.
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  10. Which Plants Are Best for Autumn Colour?

    Which Plants Are Best for Autumn Colour?
    Our favourite deciduous trees and shrubs to give you autumn colour as the days cool and the nights lengthen. And for more tropical climates, our recommendations for evergreen plants with coloured leaves, for that toasty spice-coloured feeling.
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