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Andrea Caldecourt

  1. The Best Plants For Wet Soils

    The best plants for wet soils
    If you live in an area where rainfall records get smashed; or your land has a low-lying spot by a creek; or there's a patch of lawn that always seems to have a persistent puddle or two after a storm - here's our three-step help for your garden
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  2. Vote Garden Party #1

    vote garden party in the elections
    Whichever way your political compass swings, we've got plants to show your true colours. More stylish than a pollie's face on a stick!
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  3. Plant Parents & Parent Plants

    mothers day
    Happy Mothers' Day to mums everywhere! And to everyone who helps the next generation to grow, learn, and develop.
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  4. Which Banksia is Best For You?

    banksia bush in flower
    Banksias are popular Australian garden plants - they're tough, able to thrive in difficult locations; birds and mammals love the sweet nectar; and they always have flowers or cones to enjoy.
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  5. Lest We Forget

    Lest We Forget - Anzac Day
    April 25 is Anzac Day. We look at two key plants that help us remember, commemorate, celebrate, and mourn.
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  6. Happy World Book Day

    world book day - reading in the garden
    April 23 is World Book Day. Here's some of our favourite reads that feature plants and gardens within the pages
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  7. Happy Earth Day

    International Earth Day
    April 22 is International Earth Day. Here's what that means, and how you can make a difference
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  8. Plant The Look - Bright Stems

    Plant the Look - Red Stems
    If you are looking for a way to add a surprise pop of colour in your garden beds, these plants might be just the go!
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  9. How to Find the Perfect Plants For You

    How to Find the Perfect Plants For You
    With over 800 plants in stock at some weeks of the year, the choice on our website can be overwhelming. It's hard to know where to start! Here's how to find the perfect plants for your garden.
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  10. How to Deadhead

    How to Deadhead
    Deadheading is a term you’ll often find in gardening books and online articles. And happily it’s not as gruesome as it sounds! In fact, it’s very helpful for your plants. Here's what to do
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