Which Azalea is Best For You?

Tall evergreen hedges. Bright flowering shrubs. Potted colour for decks and balconies.

Azaleas fit into almost every space in your garden. These free-flowering shrubs will lift your spirits and fill your garden with colour. Their evergreen compact shape gives form and structure year-round. They're year-round beauty in an easy-to-manage size.


Many azaleas will grow happily in part-shade. Our Ozbreed Autumn range (also known as Encore™ Azaleas) are specially bred to cope with cold weather, AND fly through a hot dry Aussie summer.

Some azaleas flower twice a year, giving you double the value. And some are so free-flowering, it’s hard to see the leaves for all the blooms!


Which azalea is right for your garden?


We’ve got over 40 dependable azalea varieties to choose from, with a range of great features.


  • Miniature varieties, like dwarf Kirin and compact Gretel are perfect for smaller gardens, pots and windowboxes. This means less pruning for you too!
  • Taller, vigorous varieties such as rich purple Magnifica and pale pink Exquisite are ideal for garden screens and privacy hedging. The evergreen foliage looks good all year.
  • For full sun, our Ozbreed Autumn™ range has heaps of choice, from raspberry ripple Autumn Starlite, to vibrant orange Autumn Monarch. They're bred to be more resilient to the Australian climate.
  • Cold tolerant varieties will shake off frost and snow. We love Glowing Embers, in warm apricot, and Autumn Lilac, soft lavender.


    Azalea Shiraz 

  • Most azaleas will thrive in part-shade. Hot pink Happy Days and peach picotee Dogwood will flower happily in full shade too.
  • If you have lace bug in your garden, our neem oil will treat the problem, while lace bug-resistant varieties such as Autumn Royalty and Autumn Cheer  will ease your workload.
  • Get extra pleasure and value by choosing repeat-flowering azaleas like White Bouquet and Red Wing . They will flower twice a year for you, as will most of the Encore "Autumn" range.
  • If you want big flowers and bright vibrant colour, coral red Goyet, hot pink Elizabeth Lawrence, magenta Carnival Fanfare, and rose-pink Pride of Dorking are great choices.
  • Azaleas can give you leaf colour too – winter purple from Autumn Amethyst, and year-round rich burgundy from purpurea Shiraz (see photo).


Azalea care is easy as

Looking after an azalea is so easy. These steps will keep your plants looking good year after year.

Azaleas :

slow release fertiliser 

  • love regular water. Water your new plants for a year after planting, to ensure they establish successfully.
  • hate drying out. Give them extra water in early spring, when they are beginning to grow - especially if the weather has been dry.
  • love humus-rich soil. If you have very poor dry soil, add generous amounts of compost, and feed with our eco-seaweed solution in winter. A twice-yearly application of slow-release fertiliser will ensure plants are healthy and flowering.
  • hate alkaline soils. They prefer a neutral or slightly acid soil. If you have alkaline soil - you can test it easily - most varieties will grow happily in tubs and pots. You can use specialist azalea compost, or a general all-purpose potting mix.
  • love being left alone. There’s no need to regularly prune azaleas. If you want to tidy them up a bit, after the flowers have gone, give the bush a light trim all over to keep it in shape.
  • hate root disturbance. They have shallow root systems close to the surface. Mulch around them with chunky bark, to avoid digging into their fine roots and reduce water evaporation.

Our healthy tubestock plants establish very well once planted. They grow fast and strong, making them ideal for you to get your garden off to a flying start.

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