Which Lomandra is Best For You?

Lomandras are one of our most popular plants, and it’s simple to see why. They have so many great attributes.

They are an elegant native grass, growing in large rounded open tufts, like a green fountain or firework. This round symmetrical shape makes them ideal plants for single plantings, for instance as an accent plant in the centre of a bed or the middle of a lawn.

Lomandras also make beautiful edging plants, as they keep their neat fountain shape without the need for trimming or clipping. Less work for you! They create an impressive impact when used as a mass planting, for very low maintenance gardening.

They are also happy in a pot or container, where their cascading tufts of narrow leaves can be seen to great effect. So if you only have a balcony or deck you can still enjoy these native grasses.

You can place Lomandras pretty much anywhere in your garden – they will grow in wet areas and dry ones, in shade under trees and in full sun. They will flourish at the damp edge of a garden pond, or in a dry herbaceous border; and for colder regions, Lomandras are frost tolerant too.

If you have a tricky site in your garden, Lomandras really come into their own. These great native grasses are excellent at binding loose soil together, helping prevent erosion; and getting a toehold on sloping sites and uneven locations.

They are salt tolerant, performing well in coastal gardens. They will also grow in challenging windy rooftop locations in urban areas.

Their green-yellow flowering spikes may not be traditionally showy, but they are highly distinctive, and very interesting to use if you are a keen flower arranger. Native birds love them too, and the small flowers are fragrant.

It’s rare to find a plant with all these attributes, that is so easy to grow – and so reasonably priced to buy too. Do you love Lomandras as much as we do?

Which Lomandra is best for your garden?

Small & Neat

Ideal for mass planting, lawn alternatives, and groundcover

Lomandra Little Con Little Con
Petite, compact, resilient, our shortest lomandra at up to 30cm, and a perfect no-mow lawn alternative groundcover.

Lime Tuff PBR
Lowgrowing to 40cm with an upright tufty habit and bright lime-yellow-green leaf colour. Tough and rugged.

Evergreen Baby
Slightly bigger than Little Con, compact to 45 cm. Hardy, ideal for rockeries and suited to almost all soil types from dry to wet. Very popular.

Echidna Grass
Variable in size between 30 and 50cm around, this variance makes it a good choice for wilder-looking gardens and mass plantings where it will look very natural.

Compact All-Rounders

A range of options for different climates and garden styles

Lomandra Shara Verday
Compact to 50cm. Tough as old boots, hardy, long-lived once established. Frost tolerant and puts up with almost any location or condition.

Little Pal
Very fine slender leaves and a better performance in shady spots make this 50cm lomandra a fine addition to garden borders.

Little Cricket
Long broad leaves reach to 50cm then cascade in an a generous fountain of foliage, like a mini Lomandra hystrix.

Fine leaves, abundant flowers, excellent resistance to phytophthora, bred for humid climates and wetter soils - perfect alternative to the less resilient Tanika. Hardy to -5C; fantastic in exposed and rooftop sites. This half-metre lomandra is a great all-rounder.

Big and Bold

Perfect for feature planting, wildlife shelter, erosion control

Lomandra planting Frosty Top
70cms of fine slender upright blue-green-grey leaves, and larger-than-usual yellow flowerspikes, make this lomandra a little different to the rest and a lovely addition to a native garden.

A metre high lomandra with vivid apple green foliage, wider leaf blades and an upright shape. A good all-rounder especially on the coast.

Tall to 1-1.5m usually. Very scented cream flowers. Grows almost anywhere from wet clay to sand dunes, full sun to shade under trees. If nothing else will grow, try this plant.

Commonly called mat rush. Large plant to 1.5m with a tufted weeping shape. Sweet scented cream flowers. Strong roots good for soil binding. Good for borders, edges, feature planting. Hardy and low maintenance.

You can see all our Lomandra plants here.

We have several different varieties, so there will always be the perfect one available for every spot in your garden!