Instagram-Worthy Indoor Plants
Have you been lusting over beautiful foliage plants on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest?

Indoor plants are suddenly super-fashionable again!

And because of this, you might have noticed your social feeds are full of amazing leaves.

Lots of these #trending indoor plants have incredible striped or metallic colouring, giant sized leaves, variegated or white splashed leaves. They're beautiful and very eye-catching!

A lot of the trending plants you'll see on the socials, especially the variegated ones, are rare, hard to obtain, and very very expensive. (We're talking hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars each plant...)

What the less-reputable sellers don't tell you as well, is that some variegated plants are very variable in the amount of leaf colour. The carefully styled image you see on Instagram may not be what your plant looks like.

We've picked out a selection of our favourite plants that are Instagram-worthy, AND very affordable.

So you can get that on-trend foliage-plant-look indoors for very few bucks. Not $$$.

Plus, if a plant's variegation is variable, we tell you clearly in the product description - so you'll know. Because plants are natural things, not produced in a factory, and each one is unique.

Best of all, we've got beautiful-leaved plants that are easy to look after, as well as those showy divas of social media which require a lot more care and attention.

Patterned leaves, metallic leaves, lacy leaves, giant leaves - we've got every kind of indoor plant for you. What's your favourite?


Variegated Leaves - white and coloured patterns

 variegation and leaf pattern in calatheas Calathea - prayer plants and peacock plants - are very happy growing indoors as they naturally occur on the forest floor of jungles and rainforests. Treat them like a fussy A-list celeb - keep them out of hot sun and draughty aircon, give them cool drinks regularly, and a little freshening mist of water if the air is dry.


Alocasia - very fashionable indoor plants Alocasia like similar treatment to Calatheas - of course, as they are just as often on the VIP list! The glossy-leaf kinds enjoy a gentle wipe of their leaves to keep their pores clear and their complexion young-looking.


Coloured Leaves - pink, maroon, gold, orange

Syngonium - heart-shaped colour and pattern Syngonium - goosefoot and arrowhead plants - are great plants for leaf colour - easy to take care of, heaps of different leaf colours - pink and peach, red veins and white centres, freckles and splashes. Some are compact and neat for tabletops and office desks; some trail on long stems, which look beautiful if you display them hanging from the ceiling or draping over the edge of a bookcase. You could start a collection!


Philodendron - easy-care big impact plants Also easy to take care of are Philodendrons, and they have heaps of leaf colour too - copper and maroon and silver and purple and stripe. You'll probably have seen the super-popular white-striped Birkin shared on social media; if you want something more unusual try silvery Silver Sword and dark purple Cardinal.

Looking like a miniature trailing philodendron, Epipremum plants - pothos - are perfect starter plants if you're new to indoor plant growing. They're easy care and they have that hipster vibe - deep green Dragon Tail pothos is right at home with soy macchiatos or espresso martinis.


Begonia Rex with coloured leaves For fabulous foliage colour you can't go past Rex Begonias. Those big soft velvety paisley-shaped leaves ooze glamour. Go heavy on the misting and light on the watering and you'll grow a beautiful plant in no time.


Calathea with pink and purple leaf colour Calathea plants aren't just great for dramatic stripes and streaks - they also come in bright purple and pink colours. When the light shines through they really glow and show.


Sparkly Leaves - gold and glitter!

sparkly leaves Yes - there are plants with their very own built-in glitter! It's like a botanical Mardi Gras of gold and sequins! Calathea, watermelon Peperomia, and Begonia Rex all sparkle and shine in sunlight, like gorgeous butterflies' wings.


indoor plants with unusual and interesting leaf shapes There are many new indoor plants becoming available now that have unusual and interesting leaf shapes. Mini Monstera with its graphic cut-away silhouette; Monstera adansonii - Swiss cheese vine with a delicate pattern of lacy holes inside each leaf; raindrop Peperomia with those distinctive teardrop leaves, and glossy tropical-looking Fatsia.


Take a look at our Indoor Plants range and our What's New pages - because we're always fashion forward with our foliage plants!