Sweet Pea Flowers

Now is the perfect time to plant sweet pea seeds.

They’re a big seed, so it’s easy to do – get the kids and grand-kids to join in!

If you soak the seed overnight in cool water, they’ll germinate more readily. Sweet peas have a long taproot so you’ll need to make sure they have lots of room to grow if you’re starting them off in pots rather than directly into the ground.


If you’re growing the climbing varieties, fix up some trellis, wires, or netting for them in advance, ready to scramble over and cling on to. If you don’t have the room for a climbing sweet pea, we have a dwarf version too, that grows low and shrubby.

Annual sweet peas have a beautiful delicate fragrance. We’ve selected some varieties for their flower size, and some for their perfume. The modern varieties have large flowers with open ruffled petals on long stems, ideal for cutting and bringing into the home. The heirloom varieties tend to be very strongly scented, although their flower size may be smaller and their stems a little shorter. You choose, according to what’s most important to you!

Sweet Pea Flowers

Air Warden – big bright vermilion-red flowers, scented, long stems for cutting


Bijou – mix of rich bright shades in a dwarfsize bush. Doesn’t need staking, perfect for containers and windowboxes


Cupani – ancient Italian heirloom variety, each flower is deep plum and lilac, very highly scented


High Scent – large white flower with the faintest hint of lilac at the tips. Highly scented, long stems for cutting


Painted Lady – heirloom variety, highly scented. Each flower is white and rose-pink, very early flowering and vigorous.


Singing the Blues – large long-stemmed ruffled flowers in relaxing shades of blue-purple