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Amazing Azaleas

Friday, 7 October 2016 11:21:00 am Australia/Brisbane

Flowering Azaleas

Amazing Azaleas!

Tall evergreen hedges. Bright flowering shrubs. Potted colour for decks and balconies.

Azaleas fit into almost every space in your garden. These free-flowering shrubs will lift your spirits and fill your garden with colour. Their evergreen compact shape gives form and structure year-round.

Year-round beauty – in an easy-to-manage size

Many azaleas will grow happily in part-shade. Our Ozbreed Autumn range (also known as Encore™ Azaleas) are specially bred to cope with cold weather, AND fly through a hot dry Aussie summer.

Some azaleas flower twice a year, giving you double the value. And some are so free-flowering, it’s hard to see the leaves for all the blooms!

Which azalea is right for you?

Click the read more link below to find out.
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Comments | Posted in Garden Tips By Andrea Caldecourt

Flowering Hedges

Wednesday, 13 July 2016 4:21:00 pm Australia/Brisbane

Shrubs for flowering hedges

Flowering now - Camellias

We're loving the beautiful winter display, it's wonderful to see colour about the garden in the midst of winter. This inspired us to share our favourite plants for flowering hedges.


Flowering shrubs are ideal for creating privacy in the garden with the benefit of a bounty of flowers to liven things up! They can be clipped neatly in formal gardens or left to ramble for a rustic feel. Flowering hedges may be clipped neatly in formal gardens or left to ramble for a rustic feel. There's flowering shrubs suited to almost any garden, and climate, sun or shade.

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Comments | Posted By Katrina Geerlings

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 4:20:00 pm Australia/Brisbane

We’re rocking some hot tropical vibes this Summer, here at Australian Plants Online.
Come and join us!


Sizzling ixoras

There’s starry sizzling ixoras, in spicy shades of orange, red, yellow and gold, which will add vibrant colour to your hedges and decks. (If you live somewhere that gets a winter frost, plant them up in a pot so you can bring them inside during a cold snap.)

You can clip an ixora quite close for a neat and tidy evergreen hedge; or leave it to grow in its natural shrub form, a loose dome shape. We love them planted up here with Callistemon Great Balls of Fire – the rich burn orange of the flowers mixing beautifully with the pinky-tan shades of the bottle brush foliage.

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Comments | Posted By Australian Plants Online

Scented Gardens

Friday, 13 November 2015 12:18:00 pm Australia/Brisbane

Sweet smelling plants always add extra enjoyment to any kind of garden.

Even if you only have space for one tiny pot, on a balcony or window-box, make it a scented plant. The fragrance will travel on the breeze through warm air – so plant them where you can enjoy the natural perfumes while sipping your morning cuppa or evening drink.

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Comments | Posted By Andrea Caldecourt

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