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Looking to create depth and contrast in your garden?

Friday, 26 August 2016 11:21:00 am Australia/Brisbane

Layered Hedging

Try layered hedging

Many of the most popular plants we grow, year round, are hedging plants.

And we’ve noticed an interesting new hedge trend popping up in gardens lately.


Hedges make a fantastic boundary marker to your property, to show exactly the point to where your land runs. They can divide up areas within your garden, to create ‘rooms’ of different styles or plant types, such as a vegetable patch. Low hedges can outline a driveway or path, to make entrance routes to your home clear and dramatic.


Have you seen this new trend where you live, too? The trend is - layered hedges.


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Comments | Posted By Andrea Caldecourt

Tip pruning explained

Thursday, 28 July 2016 11:21:00 am Australia/Brisbane

Tip pruning syzygium

What is tip pruning?

For many of our hedging plants, especially dense-growing ones like Syzygium (lillypilly) and Viburnum and generally most plants that are used for screening or hedging. We recommend tip pruning while young to encourage dense growth and keep your plants looking their best.


You might be familiar with regular pruning. This involves helping a plant grow healthier by completely removing any dead wood, any sickly or weak stems, any branches that cross over or rub against each other, and any that grow in an unattractive direction.


Tip pruning is another method of helping a plant grow healthier.


Instead of removing a complete branch or twig back to a joint, you just snip out the very tip of each stem, about 5cm or less.

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Comments | Posted By Andrea Caldecourt

Choosing your Syzygium - 14 kinds explained

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 10:29:00 am Australia/Brisbane

 Which Lilly Pilly fits your garden?

The native Australian Syzygium – commonly called lilly pilly – is a superb hedging and screening plant in all situations. It has beautiful coloured new growth, in shades from warm cream and peach, through orange, bronze and copper, to bright candy pink.


The roots are non-invasive, which means you can plant it close to buildings without fear of disturbance. It’s a native, so it copes with everything our harsh climate can throw at it. The dense shiny foliage looks beautiful throughout the year, and is evergreen.


The Syzygium is easy-going regarding climate, rainfall and soil type. You can clip your plants to shape – they respond very well to even quite harsh pruning - or you can leave them to grow naturally. For an added bonus, lilly pillys have fluffy cream, white or pink flowers and similarly-coloured berries which are loved by our native birds.


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Comments | Posted By Andrea Caldecourt

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