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Confidor - Garden Insecticide Tablets

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Protect your prize plants against pest attack! Just pop a tablet out of the pack and poke it into the soil beside your plant; or drop one in the planting hole as you dig. Confidor is taken up via the plant's roots to help the plant control insect pests.
Confidor Garden Insecticide Tablets
DESCRIPTION:Systemic insecticide for shrubs and trees in tablet form, combined with fertiliser. Protects against significant damaged caused by aphids, azalea lace bug, psyllids, mealybugs and scale. Active ingredient Imidacloprid.
USE: No spraying or mixing required, clean and easy to use. Application rate and timeframe table printed on the back of the packaging for each plant. Directions for use included inside packet. Do not use on edible plants.
SIZE:  Contains 8 tablets
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