Eco-seaweed 100g

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The perfect pick-me-up treat for your plants at any time of the year, eco-seaweed is proven to reduce transplant shock and encourage establishing young plants. Spray foliage plants with a dilute solution to combat mites and pests.
Eco-seaweed is organic, lightweight, easy to mix, less messy than liquid and covers a whopping 1000 square metres.

Eco-seaweed powder
DESCRIPTION: Registered Organic seaweed extract. Treats up to 1000m2 . Eco-seaweed contains over 60 vital nutrients including 16% potassium, ideal for shrubs, fruit trees and vegetables.
USES: Dissolves in water, simply add 2 spoons (included in tub) to a 9 litre watering can. Water newly planted tubestock plants in with eco-seaweed. Use on ferns and foliage plants fortnightly at half the recommended dose for lush growth.
SIZE: 100 g tub, scoop included.
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