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Eco-Shield slug pellets

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Protect your tubestock plants - and everything else in your garden - from slug and snail munching with these easy to use organic-approved pellets. Sprinkle around the plants and wait for the pests to eat them. Any uneaten pellets dissolve harmlessly into the soil. Job done.

Eco-Shield Organic Snail and Slug Killer 500g

DESCRIPTION: New organic snail and slug killer to protect your plants from slugs, snails and slaters. Contains an iron powder formula to effectively kill pests once the pellets have been eaten. Uneaten pellets will break down into nutrients for the soil and plant. Approved for use in organic gardens.

USE: Simply scatter pellets evenly around plants to be protected. Apply after rain or watering and reapply as the pellets are used; or at least every 2 weeks while slugs and/or snails continue to be a problem.

SIZE: 500g box of pellets.

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