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Eggplant Heirloom mix- seed

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Mix of gourmet eggplants in white, purple, red, long, round, fat - something for every recipe. Creamy vitamin-rich fruits are perfect for keen cooks and professional chefs. Imagine the moussaka and parmigana and baba ganoush you could make!

Eggplant 'Heirloom mix' - Solanum melongena

DESCRIPTION: Gourmet variety bearing small creamy white egg-shaped fruits flushed with lilac-purple.
PLANTING: Spring-Summer in cooler areas, Spring-Autumn in warmer ones. Sow seeds at 25-28C directly into their final position or into seedling trays. Transplant into rich soil when seedlings are easily handled.  A full sun location in free draining soil is ideal. For smaller gardens grow bags are perfect, place on a sunny balcony to enjoy a bumper crop.
USE IN: Almost anywhere in the kitchen! Ideal grilled, in salads, sauces and sandwiches. The perfect partner to basil ;and pasta for a quick supper.
CARE: Eggplants have very similar growing needs to tomatoes, if your tomatoes are happy where they are, chances are that eggplants will thrive there too! Water seedlings daily until established and follow up with regular water especially during dry periods. Use stakes to support the plants as the fruit matures. Mulch plants and apply liquid fertiliser regularly for best results. Protect plants from frost. If insects are a ever a problem use an organic insecticide like eco-oil , it's safe to use on veggies! For the more adventurous home gardeners try companion planting with marigolds or chives, the natural oils help to deter unwanted visitors.













0.5-2 m  60-75cm 5mm  10-14 days  12-16 weeks

 Contains 30 seeds.

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