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Garden Care & Gifts

Natural environmentally-friendly safe garden care products to keep your garden looking its best. Fertilisers for all kinds of plants. Tools and gloves. Gifts for gardeners (and non-gardeners!) It's all here. Check out the subcategories for more choices.

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  1. All-surface pencil

    All-surface pencil

    We use this special pencil in the nursery to mark up our plastic plant tags. Better than chinagraph, longlasting, and very durable on all surfaces. Learn More
  2. Eco-flo Dolomite 500ml

    Eco-flo Dolomite 500ml

    Concentrated liquid dolomite solution formulated for plant health. Reduces soil acidity (pH) organically. Equivalent to 20kg powdered dolomite with improved magnesium levels. Learn More
  3. Eco-fungicide 500g

    Eco-fungicide 500g

    Organic, bee-safe, to control powdery mildew, black spot, and rust. Kills fungal growth fast and prevents new fungal spores from germinating. Safe for edibles. Learn More
  4. Eco-hydrate 500ml

    Eco-hydrate 500ml

    Biodegradable water-saving application to help plants cope with the stress of dry periods; and help you use up to 50% less water - as it gets to the roots where it's needed. Learn More
  5. Eco-naturalure 150ml

    Eco-naturalure 150ml

    Organic fruit fly bait spray, safe for edibles - no withholding period. Spray around the foliage of plants weekly from petal drop. . Learn More
  6. eco-neem oil 100ml

    Eco-neem 100ml

    Stop insects the natural organic way! Safe for humans, pets and bees. Use eco-neem to control leaf chewing insects including grasshoppers, caterpillars, aphids, mites, scale, lawn grubs, gnats, leafminers, army worms, curl grubs and more!

     Keeping your plants in top condition will make them less susceptible to pests and disease.

    Maintain healthy plants by applying eco-seaweed regularly. You'll be amazed at how quickly your plants will establish and continue to thrive.



    Learn More
  7. eco-oil 250ml

    Eco-oil 250ml

    Unique formula eradicates pests while attracting helpful beneficial insects. Kills aphids, whitefly, leafminers, mites, scale.

    Maintain healthy plants by applying eco-seaweed regularly. You'll be amazed at how quickly your plants will establish and continue to thrive.

    Learn More
  8. eco-seaweed powder 600g

    Eco-seaweed 600g

    Six times the coverage for less than twice the price of the 100g tub. Boost the health of newly planted and established plants alike with this organic nutritional treatment.
    Eco-seaweed is organic, lightweight, easy to mix, less messy than liquid and covers a whopping 6000 square metres. Learn More
  9. Garden Tool Set

    Garden Tool Set

    Garden Tool Set - save a bundle on our bundle! One each of our sturdy mirror-steel garden hand tools with comfortable hardwood handles and a leather hanging strap. $9.95 individually, $9.16 each in our set of six. Learn More
  10. Gift Card

    Gift Card

    Looking for the perfect gift for a garden lover? Our gift cards are a great choice - easy to use, fast to send, and valid for 12 months. That's ample time to select from our 500+ range!
    Mothers' Day: 13 May 2018 Fathers' Day: 2 September 2018 Check out our Gift Ideas here, including Namesake Plants and Anniversary Plants. Learn More
  11. Gloves Garden Grippers Green

    Gloves Garden Grippers Green

    Handy one size fits all protection for everyday gardening, in forest green. Stretchy and durable fit for comfort, rubberised coating at the palms and fingers for easy gripping.
    Last of the stock - when it's gone it's gone Learn More

  12. Gloves gripper dot knit

    Gloves gripper dot knit

    Stretchy cotton-mix knit gloves with elasticated hem and rubberised dots all over the palm and fingers to aid grip and prevent slip. Will fit all hands up to men's large Learn More

    Regular Price: $1.95

    Special Price: $1.75

  13. Gloves Leather Long - Olive

    Gloves Leather Long - Olive

    Super comfortable long sleeve reinforced leather gloves in soft olive green. Robust enough for the toughest tasks, snug fitting for comfort and great feel.Size to fit ladies' or smaller men's hands. Extra protection from the gauntlet cuff against scratches Learn More

  14. Gloves Second Skin - Aqua

    Gloves Second Skin - Aqua

    LARGER size super comfortable soft leather and lycra gloves in vibrant aqua blue. Robust enough for the toughest tasks, snug fitting for comfort and great feel. M/L Learn More
  15. Grass Hair Kit - Santa

    Grass Hair Kit - Santa

    Fun stocking filler or secret santa gift for Christmas! When the grass hair grows you can style it how you like. Four designs - rudoph, santa, snowman and polar bear. Full instructions included. Learn More
  16. Jute Tree Mat

    Jute Tree Mat

    Natural jute square - use as a weed-suppressing mulch mat for trees and shrubs. Line a hanging basket - just trim to size. Learn More
  17. Mini ceramic cube

    Mini ceramic cube

    White glazed ceramic cube cache pot for small plants, ideal also for general storage (toothbrushes? pencils?) Learn More
  18. Mini dyed decorative pebbles - black

    Mini dyed decorative pebbles - black

    Decorative smooth mini pebbles for topping plant pots and terrariums, or creating vase arrangements. Rich depth of black colour, waterproof dye. Learn More
  19. Osmocote 500g Total All Purpose Fertiliser

    Osmocote 500g Total All Purpose Fertiliser

    Keep all your plants healthy with an annual application of Osmocote All Purpose slow release formula. Includes wetting agent to help uptake. Good all-round nutritional balance suits foliage and flowering plants, fruit and veg, trees, and shrubs. Learn More
  20. Plant Tags x 10

    Plant Tags x 10

    Ten sturdy rigid plastic tags to identify your plants and seedlings. Mark them with our special all-surface pencils for durability Learn More
  21. Plastic pot 75mm x 10

    Plastic pot 75mm x 10

    Bundle of ten light plastic plant pots, 75mm diameter, for all your garden propagation needs. Learn More
  22. Scarf - Navy Lilly Pilly

    Scarf - Navy Lilly Pilly

    Large soft lightweight scarf by Australian designer Jocelyn Proust. Stylish botanic print of lilly pilly blossoms in shades of navy, blue, cream. Generous 180cm long. Learn More
  23. Secateurs - pruning

    Secateurs - pruning

    Keep your shrubs looking great year round using high-quality sharp secateurs. Blades are chrome plated. Handles have easy-to-open closure, even when wearing gloves.
    PS - is it just us, or do open secateurs always look like they're laughing?
    For tips on how and when to prune plants, see our pruning guide here Learn More

  24. Slasher 1L - eco-organic weedkiller

    Slasher 1L - eco-organic weedkiller

    Organic pet-safe GM-free weedkiller made from plant oils. Fast-acting and effective for clearing driveways of moss and algae as well as weed control. 1 litre bottle - dilute before use. (Use a separate watering can or pump spray to the one you use on your plants...!) Learn More
  25. Soap - Spring Flowers

    Soap - Spring Flowers

    Calming lavender, sunny rosemary, and fresh lemongrass - the outlook is bright with this handmade botanic soap.
    Ingredients : coconut oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, lavender, lemon grass, rosemary, goat's milk, calendula and cornflower petals Learn More

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