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Flowering Now

If you're trying to identify a plant you've seen flowering in a garden or park, start here. We share what's in flower this month in Australia (or at least here in subtropical Queensland, where we're often a couple of weeks ahead of cooler parts of the country).

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  1. Acalypha reptans Stephie

    Acalypha reptans Stephie

    Create a bright hardy outdoor carpet of flowers with this delightful groundcover. Fluffy tail-like crimson flowers. Grow in tough spots and rockeries, or cosset it in windowboxes and hanging baskets. Learn More
  2. Agapanthus Bingo Blue™

    Agapanthus Bingo Blue™

    Compact clear blue agapanthus, tough and hardy, has a burst of flower in spring with blooms off and on through the rest of the year. Learn More
  3. Agapanthus Blue

    Agapanthus Blue

    Our most popular agapanthus. Sky blue full flowerheads to around 1m tall. Low maintenance and hardy. Seed-grown, unlike our other blue agapanthus, giving you slight variations in shade of blue and final height. Learn More
  4. Agapanthus White

    Agapanthus White

    Charming large white flowers on tall stems right through summer. Works in formal and cottage garden spaces. Great for cut flowers for the house. Learn More
  5. anigozanthos-big-red

    Anigozanthos Big Red - kangaroo paw

    A bold presence in the garden, with big sprays of deep red flowers on long 1.5-2m stems. Great for cut flowers indoors. Loves a sunny spot, and will attract wildlife to your garden with its nectar-rich blooms. Learn More
  6. Anigozanthos 'Yellow Gem'

    Anigozanthos Yellow Gem - kangaroo paw

    Vibrant yellow tall native paw, drought-tolerant and preferring full sun. Long stems good for cut flowers. Grows in a neat clump with evergreen, strap-like leaves and branching stems which carry the furry claw-shaped flowers.

    Image by Peripitus [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    Learn More
  7. Bauhinia corymbosa - orchid vine

    Bauhinia corymbosa - orchid vine

    Sun loving groundcover/ climber/ hedge. Looks delicate, grows tough. Hardy enough for planting on median strips and city spaces; pretty enough for any cottage garden.

    Image: Eran Finkle via Flickr, cropped to size.


    Learn More

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  8. Brunfelsia Sweet & Petite

    Brunfelsia Sweet & Petite

    Living up to its name, it is sweet-scented and petite in size, topping out at around a metre around. Great if you want a low hedge or feature shrub but hate the clipping that goes with maintaining it! Flowers in shades of purple, lilac and white will cover a happy bush spring through to autumn. Learn More
  9. Callistemon 'Captain Cook'

    Callistemon 'Captain Cook'

    Large bright red flowers give spectacular colour in spring and summer. Smaller and more compact than other bottlebrushes, to 1m. Very hardy native. Great for attracting birds.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

    Learn More

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  10. Callistemon 'Kings Park Special'

    Callistemon 'Kings Park Special'

    Large bright red flowers in spring and summer on a large shrub to 3m. Tolerates clipping, makes a wildlife-friendly privacy hedge. Named for the famous botanic gardens in Perth WA.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

    Learn More
  11. Carpobrotus - pigface, ice plant

    Carpobrotus - pigface, ice plant

    Bright native groundcover flowering succulent familiar to anyone in coastal Queensland. Excellent for rockeries, dry poor soils, waterwise gardens, stabilising soils. Spreads while keeping low, great colourful groundcover for xeriscaping. Fruits and leaves are edible - "carpobrotus" means edible fruit. Learn More
  12. Chrysocephalum - yellow buttons

    Chrysocephalum - yellow buttons

    Silvery-green native ground cover with bright yellow flowers, adaptable to all kinds of garden situations and climates. Plant in a sunny spot for compact growth and lots of flowers. Tolerates frost.

    Flower image: Melburnian GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons Cropped to size.

    Learn More

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  13. Crepe myrtle - Lagerstroemia 'Acoma'

    Crepe myrtle - Lagerstroemia 'Acoma'

    Showy white blooms during summer, lovely bronze new growth, and beautiful smooth bark during winter. Enjoy watching this attractive shrub transform through the seasons. Makes an ideal small garden tree; and will often grow multistemmed so you can enjoy more of its lovely bark. Usually available November-July.

    If you're looking for a larger white-flowered crepe myrtle, we recommend Natchez. Learn More

  14. Crepe myrtle - Lagerstroemia 'Miami'

    Crepe myrtle - Lagerstroemia 'Miami'

    Gorgeous bushy shrub featuring an abundance of coral-pink flowers during the height of summer. Ideal for specimen planting. Small tree to 3.5m, ideal for smaller gardens and street planting. Usually available November-July Learn More
  15. Cuphea hyssopifolia White

    Cuphea hyssopifolia White

    Charming low growing compact plant, great for rockeries, baskets, and groundcover. Loves the sun. Bright lime foliage covered in white flowers for most of the year. Also available with purple flowers, pink flowers, and in a gold-leaf form. Why not try all of them?
    Fourth image shows hyssopifolia white (bottom) and Mexican white (top) Learn More
  16. Cuphea hyssopifolia ‘Jocelyn’s Pink’

    Cuphea hyssopifolia ‘Jocelyn’s Pink’

    Pretty pink flowering cuphea, compact and low-growing, perfect for borders, baskets and containers. Plant in the foreground of your garden to enjoy the year round flowering. Learn More
  17. dietes_bicolour

    Dietes bicolor - peacock flower

    Creamy yellow open iris-like flowers, look like dozens of butterflies in flight from a distance. Grassy plant, excellent for erosion control and weed suppressing. Foliage grows to 60cm around. Low maintenance. Learn More
  18. Dipladenia red

    Dipladenia red

    Gorgeous twining evergreen creeper with vivid cherry-pink trumpet shaped blooms. Well behaved to 2m - will climb up trellises or along a balcony. Bees and butterflies love the flowers. Will flower almost all year round in a warm spot. Learn More
  19. Gazania Talent Mix

    Gazania Talent Mix

    Colourful mix of bright flowers grow above slender silvery foliage. Clear shades of burnt orange, gold, purple, ivory and occasional stripes. Ideal bordering plant for dry areas of the garden. Usually available July-October.

    Please Note: This product is a mix. We cannot tell from their leaves which colour flower each plant will have, so it's a lucky dip! Order more plants, and you get more chance of getting your favourite. We are unable to sell this product to South Australia. Learn More
  20. Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'

    Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'

    Flashy large red brush flowers throughout most of the year, above a medium sized shrub to 1.5m Classic well-known variety, good all-rounder for native and mixed Australian gardens anywhere but the tropical north. Learn More
  21. Hibiscus 'Fijian White'

    Hibiscus 'Fijian White'

    The iconic hibiscus to tuck behind your ear before taking a sunset stroll along the beach. If you're a long way from the beach, you can still create a tropical holiday atmosphere in your own back yard. Compact, to only 130cm, so will be happy in a pot on your balcony. Our most popular hibiscus. Learn More
  22. Hibiscus 'Psyche'

    Hibiscus 'Psyche'

    The perfect hibiscus flower shape, just like a million tropical posters and logos come to life. Clear ruby-red flowers with a frilly edge to each petal, summer through to winter, in a sheltered spot. Create your own paradise island! Learn More
  23. Illawarra flame tree - Brachychiton

    Illawarra flame tree - Brachychiton

    Impressive feature tree for larger gardens. Flame trees are deciduous, losing their leaves during winter followed by clusters of red bell shaped flowers spring-summer. Usually available November-February

    Tree Image: Bidgee [CC BY-SA 3.0 au], via Wikimedia Commons
    Flower Image: Alissa Walker via Flickr

    Learn More
  24. Jacaranda mimosifolia

    Jacaranda mimosifolia

    Stunning large tree in full flower. Unmistakeable lavender-purple blossoms in abundance during spring! Plant in frost free sites where it can grow to full 15m size and shape, as they don't like being pruned. Students know the tree well - if you haven't started revising for exams when it starts flowering... Learn More

    Coming Soon

  25. Jasminum polyanthum - jasmine

    Jasminum polyanthum - jasmine

    Low maintenance hardy climber. Masses of sweet-scented white flowers and pink buds cover the plant in spring and summer. To 6m unclipped, but can be trained along fences, or pruned to size. Dainty fern-like foliage. Remarkably cold-tolerant for such an exotic looking plant. Learn More

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