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Looking for something new and different for your garden? So are we,always! Whether it's new releases, latest varieties or just plants we haven't stocked before - you'll find them all here.

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  1. Acacia floribunda - gossamer wattle

    Acacia floribunda - gossamer wattle

    Lovely native wattle tree, abundant pale cream flowers in spring and the finest featheriest foliage you ever did see. Excellent for erosion control and creekside plantings as well as wildlife gardens. Floribunda means, as you might have guessed, abundant dense flowers.

    image: Jon Sullivan via Flickr cropped to size

    Learn More
  2. Bag - Rose tapestry

    Bag - Rose tapestry

    Beautifully-made tapestry bag with two red rose designs, front and back. Use as an evening clutch, cosmetic bag, jewellery pouch, or day purse. Made in Australia. Learn More
  3. Bat Plant White - Tacca

    Bat Plant White - Tacca

    Bet your neighbours don't have one of these...! If you love the black bat plant - you'll love this rare white form too. Same growing conditions required - warm, humid, shady like a jungle floor - to keep its lush leaves looking good. Learn More
  4. Begonia rex Red Robin

    Begonia rex Red Robin

    Almost impossible to photograph the metallic iridescence of these leaves - you'll just have to see it yourself! Beautiful foliage plant, very rich colour, in tropical gardens makes escellent underplanting or enjoy it in your home year-round in cooler climates. Learn More
  5. Berberis Little Favourite

    Berberis Little Favourite

    We think this will be a favourite with you - rich leaf colour turning from plum to red in autumn, dense habit, compact size. Completely frost hardy, easygoing as to soil and situation, even in urban sites. Learn More
  6. Brachyscome Summer Skies - seed

    Brachyscome Summer Skies - seed

    Pretty shades of white, lilac and purple-blue in this native annual daisy groundcover mix. Very easygoing - will grow in sandy, clay or salty soils. Can be sown all year round in frost free locations, for colour from spring to autumn. Learn More
  7. Camellia reticulata Flower Girl

    Camellia reticulata Flower Girl

    You'll enjoy heaps of big blousy bright flowers from this shade-loving camellia. Fast growing for a camellia, and a nice upright habit ideal for hedging and feature tree planting. Learn More
  8. Curcuma Anna Pauwlona - ornamental ginger

    Curcuma Anna Pauwlona - ornamental ginger

    Pale pink-white-green shaded tulip-like flowers December through to April. Curcuma are compact and flower best in well lit areas, protect from wind and frost.
    Excellent advice from Arno King on growing these beautiful plants in Australia. Learn More
  9. Curcuma Twister - ornamental ginger

    Curcuma Twister - ornamental ginger

    Find a spot for a pot on your lot! Cute pink-white-green shaded tulip-like flowers appear from midsummer to autumn. Curcuma are compact and flower best in well lit areas, protect from wind and frost.
    Excellent advice from Arno King on growing these beautiful plants in Australia. Learn More
  10. Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg - succulent

    Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg - succulent

    Rich purple-pink leaf colour in bright light, pinker in the centre shading to bluer-purple on outer leaves. Elegant rosette shape for planting indoors or out Learn More
  11. Excoecaria - Chinese croton

    Excoecaria - Chinese croton

    Very handsome tropical evergreen shrub with vibrant under-leaf colour. Makes a lovely headge or shrub in a mixed border. Sap is toxic so wash your hands after pruning. Learn More
  12. Gazania Mauve

    Gazania Mauve

    Cheery purple daisy shaped flowers cover this easygoing groundcover when it's planted in a sunny location. Very unfussy as to soil. Usually available July-January.

    We are prohibited to sell this product to South Australia. Learn More

  13. Globba Red Dragon - ginger orchid

    Globba Red Dragon - ginger orchid

    Terrible name, beautiful plant. Definitely a talking point for your subtropical garden border, or indoors where it will often flower happily. Comes from Asian jungles, so warm, moist, and shady are the watchwords. Learn More
  14. Grevillea Golden Sparkle

    Grevillea Golden Sparkle

    Golden-variegated grevillea, something a little different! Masses of smalll cat's claw flowers, the ideal shape for native honeyeaters and spinebills to feed on. Frost, wind, and drought tolerant once established, compact size for informal hedging or mixed borders.

    image of G. speciosa to show flower shape: Laurie Wilson via Flickr, actual flower colour may vary

    Learn More
  15. Hardenbergia alba - white coral pea

    Hardenbergia alba - white coral pea

    Pretty native scrambling vine, about half the height of the purple form. Excellent for growing among other plants as it doesn't dominate or get too thuggish like some creepers can.

    image: Nathan Johnson via Flickr

    Learn More
  16. Hebe Icing Sugar

    Hebe Icing Sugar

    Beautiful little evergreen shrub for feature planting or low-maintenance hedging - just a light prune after flowering, and regular feeding through summer. will keep it looking good. Learn More
  17. Hebe Inspiration

    Hebe Inspiration

    Very popular neat little evergreen for feature planting or low-maintenance hedging, covered in purple flowers spring and summer. Lovely in pots, very happy at the coast. Learn More
  18. Hedera helix - ivy

    Hedera helix - ivy

    Fast-growing vigorous evergreen groundcover, self-clinging wall climber, instant topiary plant trained over a framework. Superlative plant for wildlife. Best suited to cooler climates, but it's very robust, so test its heat-tolerance yourself. Learn More
  19. Hemigraphis - purple waffle

    Hemigraphis - purple waffle

    Fun foliage colour for indoors, and for shadier spots outdoors - use as annual colour in cool climates or year-round planting in tropical gardens. Likes regular watering and a very free draining soil, otherwise easy to grow. Learn More
  20. Hypoestes Confetti white - polkadot plant

    Hypoestes Confetti white - polkadot plant

    Colourful and easy to grow houseplant, terrarium plant, or underplanting in a tropical garden. Pop it in a coloured container to complement its leaves. Confetti is a very compact form which will stay small and neat. Learn More
  21. Ixora Gold Malay

    Ixora Gold Malay

    Buttery-mango yellow flower clusters cover this evergreen shrub in spring and summer. Lovely hedge for subtropical regions, compact to around 1m unclipped. Learn More
  22. Ixora Red Malay

    Ixora Red Malay

    Compact subtropical shrub with glossy leaves and fat clusters of red starry flowers. can be clipped to a neat dense hedge. Makes a lovely houseplant too in cooler climates. Learn More
  23. Kalanchoe Freedom Bells - succulent

    Kalanchoe Freedom Bells - succulent

    Easycare succulent for baskets, windowboxes, and other places it can show off its semi-trailing habit. Abundant red bell flowers in winter-spring complement the reddish leaf stems.

    Flowering mages: Leonora Enking via Flickr.

    Learn More
  24. Kalanchoe Quicksilver - succulent

    Kalanchoe Quicksilver - succulent

    Beautiful silver-leaf compact succulent, leaves have a wine-purple tint in sun. Small lilac flowers appear in late winter. Likes it hot and sunny. Learn More
  25. Lomandra Lime Tuff

    Lomandra Lime Tuff

    Tufty upright lomandra, zero-maintenance, sails through frost, drought, shade, sun, coast or inland, clay or sandy soil. Learn More

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