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Kiwano horned melon - seed

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Delicious refreshing fruit high in Vitamin C, and can be eaten at almost any stage of ripeness. Seeded inside like a passionfruit or pomegranate; the peel is edible and rich in nutrients, and the juice is said to taste like banana-passionfruit-cucumber-lime. Just like a margarita, salt is said to improve the flavour.

Cucumis metuliferus kiwano, horned melon - seed

DESCRIPTION: Vine plant from South Africa, related to cucumber, with golden yellow oval fruits, covered in little horns outside, and with a pale green seeded inside similar to a passionfruit.
PLANTING: Sow into pots at 20-30C for transplanting when outside temperatures reach 15C or more. Lightly cover seed to 5mm.
CARE: Keep moist through germination and while growing. Water and feed regularly through the growing period. Fruits in just 10-12 weeks from sowing.












 0.5-1m  50cm  10mm  7-10 days  10-12 weeks


 Contains around 30 seeds

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Back In Stock 4-6 weeks
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