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Lemon Balm - seed

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Create cooling fruit salads, tropical summer punch and soothing tea from the freshly picked leaves. Rub the leaves to release the fragrance - it smells so good! Lemon balm is happy in sun or shade in a moist location.

Melissa officinalis - lemon balm - seed

DESCRIPTION: Fast growing groundcover with lemon scented leaves. Plant in rock gardens or keep in pots handy to the kitchen.
PLANTING: Sow year round in most parts of Australia avoiding extreme heat and cold. Sow seeds direct into final position, gently press the seeds into the soil, keep moist until seedlings emerge. Thin and transplant at approx to 45cm apart. Plant in full sun for early harvest and strong growth.
USE IN: To make a calming nightcap steep fresh leaves in boiling water for a few minutes, add honey to taste, put your feet up and relax. Leaves also make a freshing addition to fruit salad and summer punch.
CARE: Prepare soil prior to planting with well composted manure, mulch plants to retain moisture in the soil. Water regularly, lemon balm prefers moist conditions. For best results keep the water up to your plants & apply liquid fertiliser every two weeks. 













50cm  45cm 1-2mm  16-20 days  As needed

 Contains 100 seeds.

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