Okra lady's finger - seed

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Versatile vegetable for tropical regions or annual sowing . Finger like pods appear following a beautiful flowering display. Watch closely, the pods grow very quickly, try to harvest about 1 week after flowering. Add to curried vegetable dishes, stews and gumbo, or pickle for later use.

Bhindi Bhaji recipe : Fry a chopped onion with a generous pinch of cumin, coriander seed, turmeric and chilli until the onion is translucent. Add a third to half a can of tomatoes. Slice half a kilo of okra, simmer everything together for ten minutes or until okra is cooked. Enjoy!
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Okra - lady's finger - seed
Abelmoschus esculentus

DESCRIPTION: Highly nutritious tropical plant maturing in as little 8 weeks. Enjoy a beautiful display of creamy flowers with deep red centres before harvesting the young pods and tender leaves.
PLANTING: Sow spring and summer in most parts of Australia and all year round in the tropics. Sow seeds into seed raising mix or direct into final position, cover with 5mm of soil, keep moist until seedlings emerge. Thin and transplant at approx 10cm in height. Plant in full sun for early harvest and strong growth.
USE IN: Use young leaves and pods in soups, curries & stews. Harvest at approx 8 weeks, excess pods may be pickled or blanched and frozen for later use.
CARE: Prepare soil prior to planting with well composted manure, mulch plants to retain moisture in the soil. Water weekly with a good drenching, okra can handle short periods of dry. For a bumper crop apply liquid fertiliser every two weeks. 













1-2m  50-60cm 1-2mm  6-10 days  6-8 weeks

 Contains approx 50 seeds.

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