Philodendron Lickety Split

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Extreme wiggles! Lickety Split will give you jungly glamour and tropical lushness indoors and out, in sun and shade, in a pot or in the garden.

Unlike many philodendron this one has wiggles on its leaves while it's still young, so you can watch the shapes develop as your plant baby grows up.

Philodendron selloum, 'Lickety Split' - cutleaf Philodendron
APPEARANCE:   New hybrid dwarf variety of evergreen Amazonican Philodendron with glossy bright deeply-lobed foliage. Taxonomists have recently renamed the parent plant Thaumatophyllum bipinnatifidum which we're pretty sure can bring on an ancient curse if you say it out loud.
USE IN: Suited to brightly-lit garden borders, understory shade planting, patio containers, indoors.
LOCATION:  A bright to shaded position in the garden, out of hot direct sun. Tolerates cold but needs protection from frost and chills to grow year round. Plant in a moisture-retaining soil rich in organic matter.  A potting mix rich with peat moss or humus is ideal.
CARE: Mulch and water regularly during the first 12 weeks until the plant is established. Fertilise regularly to ensure luscious growth, and mist the leaves or wipe them with a damp cloth occasionally to keep them dust-free. Does not like salt in the soil or water.

YOUR PLANTS: These are tubestock plants, healthy young plants with new roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 80 mm x 42 mm wide. You can see an example in the image gallery

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