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INITIAL PLANT CARE - What to do with your new plants

When you receive your plants, open the box, take the plants out, and put them upright.
Thoroughly water your plants as soon as you can. When watering for the first time, ensure you water right into the pot so that the compost is well saturated.
Keep your new plants well watered and out of extreme weather conditions, especially during the summer months, until planted. If you can, provide them with shade so they are not in full sun.
The plants that you receive are young and actively growing. Plant as soon as possible to maximise full growth potential.


When you are ready for planting, remove the plant from its container using the following steps:

1. Squeeze the sides of the tube to
loosen the plant from the tube.
Don’t pull it out by the stem!.

2. Grip the stem between the sides of your fingers.
Slide your hand so your palm touches the pot.
Turn the plant upside down.

3. Tap the bottom of the tube with your
other hand - or tap the tube rim against a
solid object - and carefully slide off the tube.



When you are ready for planting, please follow these simple steps:

1. Using a small trowel or hand shovel...

2. Dig a small hole.
Make sure it's not too deep.

3. Place your plant in the hole making sure
the soil is level with that in the pot

4. Fill hole with surrounding soil. Press firmly.
Water in using the free sachet of
eco-seaweed, with your order.
This helps to reduce transplant shock
and provide additional nutrients
as the plant puts out new roots.

5. Mulch your plant with pine bark
(or similar),covering at least 30cm
around, not too close to the stem.

6. Continue to water every few days until
your plants are well settled in.
This usually takes around 12 weeks.


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