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Bean Seeds

Broad, bush, borlotti, green, wax, runner - we've got all kinds of bean seeds for all kinds of dishes. Rig up some trellis or a bamboo frame and watch them grow! Some varieties are dwarf and don't even need supports, just soil.

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  1. Bean Blue Lake - seed

    Bean Blue Lake - seed

    Heirloom variety stringless french bean, very heavy cropping, excellent flavour raw or cooked. Heat tolerant. Learn More
  2. Bean Brown Beauty - seed

    Bean Brown Beauty - seed

    Excellent dwarf green bean for hot weather. Fine flavour and long cropping season through summer and autumn. Learn More
  3. Bean dwarf Borlotti - seed

    Bean dwarf Borlotti - seed

    Dwarf Italian bean with distinctive red-speckled pods and dark-speckled beans. Keep picking and they'll crop until first frosts. Eat the beans fresh, or dry for storage and craft projects! Learn More
  4. Bean Dwarf Tendergreen - seed

    Bean Dwarf Tendergreen - seed

    Heavy cropping stringless bean, compact size for balcony and patio growing. Ready to eat in just 12 weeks, keep picking and it will keep cropping. Learn More
  5. Bean Purple King - seed

    Bean Purple King - seed

    Climbing bean with striking dark purple pods which turn green when cooked. Pick regularly to keep the plant cropping longer. Like all beans will fix nitrogen into the soil. If you want a dwarf purple bean that doesn't need support, choose Purple Queen. Learn More
  6. Bean Purple Queen - seed

    Bean Purple Queen - seed

    Great looking, great tasting gourmet stringless dwarf bean. Heavy cropping and prized for its flavour. Self-supporting plants need no staking. Attractive purple flowers before the dark purple beans appear. If you want a climbing purple bean choose Purple King. Learn More
  7. Bean Scarlet Runner - seed

    Bean Scarlet Runner - seed

    Ornamental and delicious, fast growing, heavy cropping early runner bean. Needs pollinators to produce beans so plant alongside bee-friendly plants or sow Bee & Butterfly mix seeds nearby Learn More
  8. Broad bean Early Long Pod - seed

    Broad bean Early Long Pod - seed

    Extra long pods packed with green beans, on tall plants. Like all beans, an excellent cover crop to fix nitrogen into the soil. Good companion plants for sweetcorn. Learn More
  9. Butter Bean Cherokee Wax - seed

    Butter Bean Cherokee Wax - seed

    Golden yellow stringless pods make an exciting addition to salads and hot dishes. Grow alongside Purple Queen for a jazzy veggie garden! Learn More
  10. Pea 'Early Crop Massey' - seed

    Pea 'Early Crop Massey' - seed

    Early cropping pea variety, cold tolerant, very popular with lots of fat pods. Learn More
  11. Pea 'Shiras' - seed

    Pea 'Shiras' - seed

    Purple-pink flowers and amazing deep purple pods, which turn green after cooking. Mangetout or snow pea style, eat raw or cooked. Learn More
  12. Pea Dwarf Sugar Snap - seed

    Pea Dwarf Sugar Snap - seed

    Versatile tasty pea, does not need staking - ideal for pots and raised beds. Eat the young pods raw, string and cook older pods; good in salads or hot side dishes. Learn More

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