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Squash Seeds

Pumpkin, butternut, zucchini and patty pan squash - it's all here in seed form waiting to grow in your garden. Give them rich soil and plenty of water to plump up those fruits

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  1. Butternut squash - seed

    Butternut squash - seed

    Curvaceous tan pumpkin with sweet golden orange flesh. Stores well after harvest. Plant in the traditional 'Three Sisters' pairing with corn and climbing beans for best results. Learn More
  2. Pumpkin Golden Nugget - seed

    Pumpkin Golden Nugget - seed

    Small-size pumpkins on small bush plants, ideal for small gardens and appetites. Bright orange tasty flesh in each fruit. When your pumpkins start to grow, keep their bottoms dry with straw or a small paver to raise them off wet soil. Learn More
  3. Pumpkin Jap - seed

    Pumpkin Jap - seed

    Large deep orange flavourful pumpkins with attractive speckled green-gold skins. Good for storing, and for growing in poor soils as nutrient requirements are low. When your pumpkins start to grow, keep their bottoms dry with straw or a small paver to raise them off wet soil. Learn More
  4. Pumpkin Queensland Blue - seed

    Pumpkin Queensland Blue - seed

    Harvest deliciously rich-flavoured pumpkins for your favourite recipes. Pumpkins are surprisingly versatile meaning you can use them in almost anything from delicate deserts to robust roast dishes.
    Harvest 16-20 weeks from sowing. Good companion plants for sunflowers. Learn More
  5. Squash Mixed Buttons - seed

    Squash Mixed Buttons - seed

    Pretty bite-size squash, versatile in recipes, attractive on the plate, mild in flavour. Keep picking and they'll keep fruiting. Plant alongside White Scallop for three colours of squash. Learn More
  6. Squash White Scallop - seed

    Squash White Scallop - seed

    Squash are easy & fun to grow, even children can't resist their funky shape and mild flavour.
    Squash almost grow before your eyes making them perfect for gardeners who need to see results, fast!
    Harvest 6-10 weeks from sowing.

    Learn More
  7. Zucchini & Squash 3 in 1 pack - seed

    Zucchini & Squash 3 in 1 pack - seed

    Triple taster pack of zucchini and squash - dark-skinned 'Black Beauty', an heirloom variety that freezes well; light-skinned 'Lebanese', popular and heavy-cropping; and patty-pan style 'Yellow Button' squash with golden skin and mild delicate flavour. Learn More
  8. Zucchini 'Midnight' - seed

    Zucchini 'Midnight' - seed

    Get large crops of tasty dark green zucchinis from these compact fast growing plants. Easy to grow in containers. Harvest while young and tender. Good companion plants for nasturtiums. Learn More
  9. Zucchini Gold Rush - seed

    Zucchini Gold Rush - seed

    Golden yellow glossy zucchini high in vitamin C and very appealing in salads and hot dishes. Learn More

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