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Some succulents like full sun, some grow better in shade. All will be fine (once mature) if you forget to water them for a week...or three. Succulents are great plants for xeriscaping and dry gardens, and for those gardeners without green fingers. And with a little TLC they make beautiful - and often beautifully flowering - indoor and outdoor plants

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  1. Agave geminiflora - succulent

    Agave geminiflora - succulent

    Very architectural feature plant for containers, desert gardens, waterwise planting. Loves full sun, will grow in full shade; cold tolerant to around -5C. Flowers after around ten years with a huge 4m spike of yellow blooms, usually dying afterwards. What a way to go out.

    outdoor image: Rictor and David via  Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  2. Crassula Little Jade Tree - succulent

    Crassula Little Jade Tree - succulent

    Cute little succulent with finger-like stems like Shrek's ears. Fun and easy plant for indoors and outside in a free-draining soil. Learn More
  3. Desert rose 'India White' - Adenium

    Desert rose 'India White' - Adenium

    Beautiful summer flowering succulent which loves full sun and is drought tolerant, can be grown as a bonsai or a longlived garden plant. India White blooms pure white with a lime throat, refreshing! Learn More
  4. Desert Rose Single Yellow Star - Adenium

    Desert Rose Single Yellow Star - Adenium

    Like a lolly bag of joy, these golden yellow or cherry red striped flowers appear even on young plants. Image illustrates the kind of flowers you could get.
    Easy care, low maintenance, excellent in containers or even as bonsai. Learn More
  5. Echeveria 'Morning Beauty' - succulent

    Echeveria 'Morning Beauty' - succulent

    Compact blue-pink-silver succulent with symmetrical leaf arrangement and lovely colouring. Easy-care houseplant or for frost-free gardens. Makes a striking contrast with Echeveria Black Prince Learn More
  6. Echeveria Ben Badis - succulent

    Echeveria Ben Badis - succulent

    Neat rounded teacup rosettes of greyish-green leaves, each tipped with blood red. Learn More
  7. Echeveria Black Prince - succulent

    Echeveria Black Prince - succulent

    Dark bronze-brown compact succulent - easy-care indoor or outdoor plant and a great contrast to silver-blue succulents. Learn More
  8. Echeveria Blue Bird - succulent

    Echeveria Blue Bird - succulent

    Tiffany-blue leaves in a perfect rosette, each gently shaded with a blush of pink in colder weather. Learn More
  9. Echeveria Lime Green - succulent

    Echeveria Lime Green - succulent

    Neat little rosettes of bright green, a lovely addition to a waterwise or firebreak garden, and very happy growing indoors in bright light. Learn More
  10. Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg - succulent

    Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg - succulent

    Rich purple-pink leaf colour in bright light, pinker in the centre shading to bluer-purple on outer leaves. Elegant rosette shape for planting indoors or out Learn More
  11. Echeveria pulidonis - succulent

    Echeveria pulidonis - succulent

    Blue-green leaves are each delicately edged in red. An extra surprise - golden yellow bell flowers on mature plants. Learn More
  12. Echeveria Silver Queen - succulent

    Echeveria Silver Queen - succulent

    Beautiful purple-grey colouring on this neat succulent.

    image: salchuiwt via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  13. Echeveria Topsy Turvy - succulent

    Echeveria Topsy Turvy - succulent

    Funky little succulent with beautiful silver blue leaves, each with a groovy twist and flare. Keep it warm and on the dry side and it might reward you with coral-peach flowerspikes when it's full grown.

    Aerial image: Dennis Hill via Flickr  Side image: Forest & Kim Starr via Flickrcropped to size.

    Learn More
  14. Gasteria Okavango - succulent

    Gasteria Okavango - succulent

    Okavango arranges its leaves like an elaborately folded napkin at a posh restaurant, dark green shaded brown and freckled with white raised spots. Ideal succulents for the beginner, Gasteria are easy-care and will soon multiply up from a small plant. Learn More
  15. Graptoveria Opalina - succulent

    Graptoveria Opalina - succulent

    Chubby little mother-of-pearl leaves form neat rosettes. Ideal for frostfree waterwise gardens, rockeries, and indoors. Pink flush is brighter when grown in full sun. Learn More
  16. Haworthia chalwini - succulent

    Haworthia chalwini - succulent

    Long stems clothed with leaves interlocked like a dragon's tail. Easy to look after, an unusual addition to your waterwise garden. Learn More
  17. Kalanchoe Freedom Bells - succulent

    Kalanchoe Freedom Bells - succulent

    Easycare succulent for baskets, windowboxes, and other places it can show off its semi-trailing habit. Abundant red bell flowers in winter-spring complement the reddish leaf stems.

    Flowering mages: Leonora Enking via Flickr.

    Learn More
  18. Kalanchoe Quicksilver - succulent

    Kalanchoe Quicksilver - succulent

    Beautiful silver-leaf compact succulent, leaves have a wine-purple tint in sun. Small lilac flowers appear in late winter. Likes it hot and sunny. Learn More
  19. Pachyphytum yvonii - moonstone succulent

    Pachyphytum yvonii - moonstone succulent

    Chubby silver-grey leaves flushed with lilac, arranged in an irregular rosette. Will grow out sideways to form a community. This one needs it hot and sunny and doesn't mind poor soil - ideal for waterwise gardens in frost-free zones. Learn More
  20. Pachyveria Scheideckeri - moonstone succulent

    Pachyveria Scheideckeri - moonstone succulent

    Fat rounded leaves, silver-grey, arranged in an irregular rosette. Will grow out sideways to form a community. This one needs it hot and sunny and doesn't mind poor soil - ideal for waterwise gardens in frost-free zones. Learn More

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