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Edible Plants


Getting the most out of your garden is easy with edible plants. Plant as a natural screen, shade tree, low hedge or container plant. Passion fruit climbers are easy grown over a trellis or arbour.
Australian natives and Bush Tucker plants are often used for making chutney and sauce, they're also a great food source for our furred and feathered friends. Fresh herbs are a simple way to boost flavour and nutrients in home made dishes - or add a homemade touch to ready-made!
Take a look at our seeds range too, for a wide selection of grow-your-own vegetables and herbs.
Note: as with other food plants, not all parts of these plants are edible. Check first if you are unfamiliar with them.

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  1. Acmena smithii Minor

    Acmena smithii Minor

    Create a natural privacy screen to 3m using this dense-growing hardy attractive Australian native. Rich bronze new growth, fluffy summer flowers, pink autumn fruits.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  2. Acronychia imperforata 'Fraser Island Apple'

    Acronychia imperforata - Fraser Island apple

    Unusual native evergreen tree with dark glossy leaves, cream summer blossom, and clusters of golden mini-berries. Really happy by the coast and a waterwise plant for dry gardens. Attracts the blue tiger butterfly

    Image: Poyt448 Peter Woodard (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons cropped to size.

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  3. Austromyrtus dulcis - midgem berry

    Austromyrtus dulcis - midgem berry

    Dual purpose hedging - midgem berry is a neat-growing native bushtucker shrub with a compact habit, little white summer flowers followed by sweet edible fruit in late summer. Happiest in free-draining sandy soils, water in autumn for better berries.

    Sorry, we are unable to ship this product to South Australia for Bio-security reasons.

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  4. Blueberry Brightwell

    Blueberry Brightwell

    Super delicious-super food! Blueberries are easy to grow and fruit as a young plant, great for small gardens, fun for children to grow. Brightwell is upright with a dense rounded habit and long fruiting season. Plant with the later-fruiting Powder Blue for the best crop.

    We can't ship this product to Victoria for biosecurity reasons.

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  5. Burdekin plum - Pleiogynium

    Burdekin plum - Pleiogynium

    Harvest juicy bush tucker from this rainforest tree to create delicious accompaniments such as jam, chutney and even wine! Grows to 12 metres in a full sun location.

    Fruit image: Tatters Flickr
    Leaves: Tatters Flickr

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  6. Greek oregano OzFiesta™

    Greek oregano OzFiesta™

    Prepare authentic Greek dishes using this robust full-flavoured variety. Oregano is equally at home in pots or rock gardens. Keep handy to the kitchen and use fresh for a quick flavour hit. Learn More
  7. Greek Oregano OzSuperb™

    Greek Oregano OzSuperb™

    Prepare authentic Greek dishes using this robust herb packed with flavour. Oregano is equally at home in pots or rock gardens. Keep handy to the kitchen and use fresh for a quick flavour hit. Learn More
  8. Greek oregano Simply Zesty™

    Greek oregano Simply Zesty™

    Full flavoured herb with a fresh zesty flavours, use to complement lamb and tomato based dishes.
    Oregano is easy to grow and perfect for pots. Learn More
  9. Laurus nobilis - bay tree

    Laurus nobilis - bay tree

    Essential for bouquet garni in french cuisine, bay trees make highly ornamental and hardy garden plants. They clip to neat shapes and grow happily in pots - try one either side of your door for a very classy entrance! Learn More
  10. Leptospermum petersonii-Lemon scented Tea-tree Flower

    Leptospermum petersonii - lemon scented tea tree

    Fast growing, drought hardy native feature tree for sunny locations in both coastal and inland gardens. Leaves are freshly lemon-scented when crushed.

    Image: Raffi Kojian ( [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons cropped to size.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  11. Olive Helena

    Olive Helena

    The closest thing to a native olive! The variety has been grown on St Helena Island, Moreton Bay since the 1800s and oil was even exported back to Italy. The images also show a postcard from the Superintendent of St Helena regarding making olive oil; and a letter from the prison governor forwarding a bottle of olive oil (once they cracked the technique!)
    Tree is fast-growing, tall and more slender than other olives, and good for sub-tropical regions as it will flower and fruit without any cold period. Darker leaves - see 5th image with Manzanillo (L) and Helena (R)

    Read more on thefascinating history of the St Helena olive ; and olive cultivation tips at Better Homes & Gardens Learn More
  12. Olive Manzanillo

    Olive Manzanillo

    Heavy-cropping fleshy-fruited green or black Spanish olive. Ripens early. Tree is small, slow-growing, spreading, drought tolerant and happy in a big pot. The most popular variety for Australian gardens and plantations.
    Read more at Olives Australia and cultivation tips at Better Homes & gardens Learn More
  13. Oregano OzViva™

    Oregano OzViva™

    Hardy little groundcover herb with a subtle flavour. Try as a substitute for basil in pesto,or with freshly grilled meat and burgers. Learn More
  14. Passionfruit Panama Gold

    Passionfruit Panama Gold

    Create lush shade in summer, enjoy the beautiful flowers, and taste the delicious large supersweet fruit. Fast growing, will fruit 9-12 months after planting.

    Image By: Maracuya GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  15. Passionfruit Panama Red

    Passionfruit Panama Red

    Fast-growing tropical fruit vine - enjoy the benefits of the beautiful flowers, and in summer feast on those delicious large fruits. Takes about 9-12 months to fruit from tubestock. Learn More

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  16. Pineapple


    Juicy! Grow your own tropical fruit in a tub or garden border. All you need is lots of sunshine, free draining soil, and a little patience. Fruit should develop in 12-18 months. While you're waiting, watch Elvis in Blue Hawaii to see pineapple fields in technicolor - or come to Queensland to see them IRL! Learn More
  17. syzygium-lilly-pilly-aussie-compact-flower

    Syzygium Aussie Compact - lilly pilly

    Good tough fast grower to 3m, compact, tightly-growing with a reddish bronze tinge when young. Excellent for topiary - clip to shape to encourage leaf colour. Like all lilly pillys, Aussie Compact is great for hedging and edging, and happy in a pot.

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    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  18. Syzygium Express - lilly pilly

    Syzygium Express - lilly pilly

    Native evergreen tall hedging plant with rich green foliage perfect for hedging and screening. Native birds love to feed from the flowers and berries.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  19. Thyme Mellow™

    Thyme Mellow™

    Delicately flavoured variety. Add to salads, cheese and sweet treats for a mild woodsy note. Thyme thrives in a sunny location, its neat habit makes it ideal as a border or rock garden plant. Learn More
  20. Thyme Modesto™

    Thyme Modesto™

    Mellow-flavoured mid-strength variety with warm flavours, use to complement lamb and tomato based dishes. Thyme is easy to grow and perfect for pots, with pretty flowers if you don't get around to eating it all. Learn More
  21. Turmeric


    Attractive lush subtropical plant which likes it warm and wet. Cream-white flowers shaded with pink, and big broad leaves. Spice from the roots is used in cooking (especially curry) and herbal medicine.

    Flower image: NHQ via Flickr

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  22. Vanilla orchid

    Vanilla orchid

    The source of vanilla, this unusual climbing orchid likes it hot, wet and sunny. Provide a tall coir pole or palm trunk to help it climb to its mature 3m height. Supplied as 'plugs', slightly smaller than our usual tubestock but with a healthy root system ready for planting or potting on. Learn More

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  23. Viola Baby Blue

    Viola Baby Blue

    An all-over blue-lilac form of the native violet, with slightly larger blooms. Mini-pansy flowers, dainty green leaves, great groundcover for deep shade, ideal for between pavers. Learn More

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