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Berries, tropical fruit trees, vines - to start your own self-sufficient garden. Take a look at our seed range too - you'll find strawberries, rockmelon and watermelon there

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  1. Lemon Eureka

    Lemon Eureka

    Thornless, seedless, crops more than once a year! One for warmer gardens - they don't like cold or wind - and needs occasional pruning to keep it neat and healthy. Learn More
  2. Lemon Lisbon

    Lemon Lisbon

    Bumper annual crops of juicy lemons can be yours. Great variety for inland gardens as more heat tolerant. Try hard pruning Lisbon lemon as a tall security hedge, and use the thorns to advantage! Learn More
  3. Lemon Meyer

    Lemon Meyer

    Popular for its sweeter fruit, smaller plant size, and cold tolerance. You can grow this one in a pot on the deck quite happily - pick a fruit, slice it up, drop it in your gin (or fancy beer)...that's the life! Learn More
  4. Macadamia dwarf

    Macadamia dwarf

    Delicious native nut, attractive small tree. This one is from our own plantations and is a dwarf size, so ideal for container growing. Lovely rippled leaves and new red foliage. Learn More
  5. Monstera deliciosa - fruit salad plant

    Monstera deliciosa - fruit salad plant

    Ornamental tropical feature plant with large decorative foliage and sweet fruit.
    Plant in a pot and bring indoors to create a tropical luxe mood.
    PLEASE NOTE: We propagate this once a year and new stock is ready NOW until we sell out. Then that's it until next year...! Learn More

  6. Olive Helena

    Olive Helena

    The closest thing to a native olive! The variety has been grown on St Helena Island, Moreton Bay since the 1800s and oil was even exported back to Italy. The images also show a postcard from the Superintendent of St Helena regarding making olive oil; and a letter from the prison governor forwarding a bottle of olive oil (once they cracked the technique!)
    Tree is fast-growing, tall and more slender than other olives, and good for sub-tropical regions as it will flower and fruit without any cold period. Darker leaves - see 5th image with Manzanillo (L) and Helena (R)

    Read more on thefascinating history of the St Helena olive ; and olive cultivation tips at Better Homes & Gardens Learn More
  7. Passionfruit 'Panama Red'

    Passionfruit 'Panama Red'

    Create a fast shady space in the garden with this fat-growing tropical vine and enjoy the benefits of the beautiful flowers and delicious large fruit in summer. Learn More
  8. Passionfruit Panama Gold

    Passionfruit Panama Gold

    Create lush shade in summer, enjoy the beautiful flowers, and taste the delicious large supersweet fruit!

    Image By: Maracuya GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    Learn More
  9. Pineapple


    Juicy! Grow your own tropical fruit in a tub or garden border. All you need is lots of sunshine, free draining soil, and a little patience. Fruit should develop in 12-18 months. While you're waiting, watch Elvis in Blue Hawaii to see pineapple fields in technicolor - or come to Queensland to see them IRL! Learn More

9 Item(s)

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