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Blue flowers

Blue is the most popular colour in the world. Maybe it’s your favourite? It’s the restful calm of a summer sky and a still sea. It's stormy clouds, and deep ocean. Blue has many moods! It’s not a common colour in the plant world, and few flowers are naturally true blue. Here's some - check out our seed range too for annual blue blooms

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  1. Agapanthus Bingo Blue™

    Agapanthus Bingo Blue™

    Compact clear blue agapanthus, tough and hardy, has a burst of flower in spring with blooms off and on through the rest of the year. Learn More
  2. Agapanthus Blue

    Agapanthus Blue

    Our most popular agapanthus. Sky blue full flowerheads to around 1m tall. Low maintenance and hardy. Seed-grown, unlike our other blue agapanthus, giving you slight variations in shade of blue and final height. Learn More
  3. Agapanthus Purple Cloud

    Agapanthus Purple Cloud

    Stunning purple flowers on tall flower spikes. Great for mass plantings and flowering colour through summer. Hardy and low maintenance. Purple Cloud is a larger sized agapanthus to 1.5m high and wide.

    image: Katriona McCarthy via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  4. Agapanthus Queen Anne

    Agapanthus Queen Anne

    Knee-high agapanthus, taller than Peter Pan, smaller than Blue, with purple-blue blooms. Ideal for mixed borders, pots, edging, planting in drifts. Cold-hardy and sun-loving - try it in a tough spot and especially at the coast

    image for illustration: Tony Hall via Flickr cropped to size.

    Learn More
  5. Clerodendrum ugandense

    Clerodendrum ugandense

    Sky blue butterfly shaped flowers on a sprawling 2m shrub. Use for screening and borders or leave to ramble for classic cottage style. Learn More
  6. Duranta repens Geisha Girl

    Duranta repens Geisha Girl

    Excellent evergreen climber-hedge for most Australian locations. Rich pale purple flowers with a white edge to the petals, on long cascading stems, in spring and summer, followed by abundant orange-yellow berries in autumn and winter. To 3m high. Learn More
  7. Evolvulus 'Sapphire Blue'

    Evolvulus 'Sapphire Blue'

    Lovely ground cover plant spreads to 1m wide and only 30cm tall. Smothered in brilliant blue summer flowers. Silvery-green foliage benefits from an annual clip to kep it fresh. Lovely in containers and baskets, where it can cascade over the sides. Learn More
  8. Hydrangea assorted

    Hydrangea assorted

    Stunning displays of flowers above lush large-leaf foliage, a most impressive shade-loving big shrub. Our assortment includes Mopheads: the most recognisable variety with large dome-shaped clusters of pastel flowers in white, pink or blue; and Lacecaps: as the name suggests, a delicate flowering form with lacy open clusters of white florets. They are both beautiful and are sold as assorted. Treat yourself to a little surprise!

    "Hello! I received my order of three hydrangeas, they were professionally packed (even though I will admit to scepticism). The plant stock was healthy with the surprise of your concentrated seaweed plant booster. I would like to say thank you, I will definitely be using your business again and will be telling our neighbours as well. Thanks again - I am delighted!" Christine - October 2016. Hastings Point, NSW Learn More
  9. Hydrangea Jogasaki - fireworks hydrangea

    Hydrangea Jogasaki - fireworks hydrangea

    Dainty little lacecap flowers with a starry effect, decorate this medium-large shrub in spring-summer. Colour varies through pink-blue according to your soil. Cold hardy, so knock your socks off, Canberra. Learn More
  10. Hydrangea maculata variegated

    Hydrangea maculata variegated

    Perky little hydrangea with white-edged leaves and lacecap flowers, usually in blue-lilac. Small enough to grow happily in pots on the deck or balcony, or even indoors; totally frost hardy. Learn More
  11. Hydrangea Tosca

    Hydrangea Tosca

    If you want to know the pH of your soil, plant Tosca. It's usually a warm mid-rose, but it can also flower in baby pink, lilac, or sky blue. So this one will be a bit of a surprise!
    If you don't want a colour clash, hydrangeas grow happily in containers and tubs, then you can move them to where the flowers will harmonise best. Learn More
  12. Rosemary 'Tuscan Blue'

    Rosemary 'Tuscan Blue'

    Classic fragrant Mediterranean herb, hardy, rosemary is well suited to seaside plantings and dry areas. Clear blue-lilac flowers through the warmer months. Makes an aromatic low hedge. Spike your homemade breads and roasts, barbecued meats and vegies with the blue-green leaves. Learn More
  13. Rosemary Huntington Carpet

    Rosemary Huntington Carpet

    Spreading trailing groundcover rosemary, site it somewhere sunny to cascade over a wall or down a bank. Aromatic foliage and vibrant blue flowers. Learn More
  14. Salvia Costa Rica Blue - anise sage

    Salvia Costa Rica Blue - anise sage

    Like the colour of the Madonna's robes in a precious Medieval icon, this strikingly blue flowering sage will pop out flowers almost all year round.

    Salvia Special starts 15 November - choose any mix of 8 and get $6 off. Discount applied at checkout. LOG IN to get your discount!

    image: yuleen via Flickr.

    Learn More
  15. Salvia Mystic Spires - flowering sage

    Salvia Mystic Spires - flowering sage

    Compact blue flowering sage, vibrant in garden borders or patio pots. Dwarf version of Indigo Spires. Bees and butterflies love it - so plant a couple in your veggie patch too!

    Salvia Special starts 15 November - choose any mix of 8 and get $6 off. Discount applied at checkout. LOG IN to get your discount! Learn More
  16. Viola hederacea - native violet

    Viola hederacea - native violet

    Native neat pretty ground cover with petite mauve and white flowers. Ideal lawn substitute in under-plantings beneath trees, and in shaded spots. Tuck it between pavers for a soft green pathway.Try it in hanging baskets and windowboxes Learn More

    Coming Soon

  17. Viola Rosina - native pink violet

    Viola Rosina - native pink violet

    You love the purple-white, you love the blue - we think you'll love this pink one too! Mini-pansy flowers in a soft pink, dainty dark green leaves, great groundcover for deep shade, ideal for between pavers. Learn More

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