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Purple flowers

Purple is a colour chosen by royalty, priests, Roman emperors. It’s the colour of power and elegance. All shades of purple look great mixed with pinks and blues, for a soft blended palette. Paler shades of lilac give a fresh feel when paired with lemon and white.
Take a look at our purple foliage plants too!

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  1. Acanthus mollis - oyster plant

    Acanthus mollis - oyster plant

    Evergreen architectural foliage plant, low growing, cold tolerant, flowers in summer. Suited to pots, borders and mass planting. Grows well in most parts of Australia.

    Foliage image: Dinkum (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons Cropped to size
    ; Plant image: Tatters via Flickr Cropped to size
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  2. Agapanthus Black Magic

    Agapanthus Black Magic

    Deep purple buds open to rich purple flowers during spring and summer. Dramatic bordering plant or for containers on the deck.

    image for illustration: Keith and Kasia Moore ;via Flickr.

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  3. anthurium black queen in pot

    Anthurium 'Black Queen'

    Dramatic burgundy flowers are a unique feature of this tropical plant. Place a container indoors in a well lit area to enjoy this plants beauty year round. Supplied as 'plugs', slightly smaller than our usual tubestock but with a healthy root system ready for planting or potting on. Learn More
  4. azalea happy days

    Azalea 'Happy Days'

    Lovely violet blooms during spring, compact too! Ideal planted in the foreground with our other Azalea varieties or used as a container plant.

    We're not able to ship this product to Victoria or South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  5. Black kangaroo paw - Macropidia

    Black kangaroo paw - Macropidia

    Yeah it's real! Black furry buds open to green flowers in this wonderful native kangaroo paw. A little tricky in subtropical gardens but worth the effort - and very rewarding in dry zone climates.

    images: Paul Morris via Flickr cropped to size.

    "Impressed with the packaging of my 4 black kangaroo paw tube-stock plants they arrived safely on time in South Australia"
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  6. Brunfelsia Compacta Variegated

    Brunfelsia Compacta Variegated

    Compact form to 1m, ideal in containers and cottage gardens. Variegated creamy foliage and fragrant flowers in a range of mauve and white shades as the sweetly-scented blooms mature. Learn More
  7. Brunfelsia latifolia

    Brunfelsia latifolia

    Gorgeous honey-scented evergreen shrub for frost-free gardens. Thrives in humidity. Pretty spring flowers start deep purple, then fade to lilac and white, giving it the common name of Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. Perfect for hedging, pots, or as a specimen plant. Grows to 1m around. Learn More
  8. Buddleia Joan

    Buddleia Joan

    Soft colour will harmonise with other flowers in mixed borders, honey scent will attract beneficial pollinators. Why not plant one near fruit trees or your kitchen garden? Cold hardy once established; just give it a good annual chop back to keep it bushy. Learn More
  9. Cuphea hyssopifolia Mauve

    Cuphea hyssopifolia Mauve

    Warm purple form of our popular hardy white cuphea. Tiny flowers throughout the year on this charming groundcover plant. Ideal for rockeries, ground cover, pots and baskets. Mix up with our other cupheas for a more interesting mass planting Learn More
  10. Duranta 'Sheena's Gold'

    Duranta 'Sheena's Gold'

    Striking yellow-green foliage all year, with a dense habit, that forms one of our most popular hedges. Lilac flowers in spring and summer, followed by clusters of yellow-orange berries in autumn and winter. Train over an entranceway, arbour, pergola or arch. To 3m. Learn More
  11. Duranta repens Geisha Girl

    Duranta repens Geisha Girl

    Excellent evergreen climber-hedge for most Australian locations. Rich pale purple flowers with a white edge to the petals, on long cascading stems, in spring and summer, followed by abundant orange-yellow berries in autumn and winter. To 3m high. Learn More
  12. Gazania Mauve

    Gazania Mauve

    Cheery purple daisy shaped flowers cover this easygoing groundcover when it's planted in a sunny location. Very unfussy as to soil. Usually available July-January.

    We are prohibited to sell this product to South Australia. Learn More

  13. Geranium Summer Skies

    Geranium Summer Skies

    Possibly the prettiest geranium you'll see, full double flowers shaded soft lilac-purple with cream centres. More of a gentle European summer sky than our searingly turquoise heavens. This is the 'true' cranesbill kind of geranium, not the pelargonium kind - really cold-hardy.

    image: Leonora Enking via Flickr

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  14. Globba Red Dragon - ginger orchid

    Globba Red Dragon - ginger orchid

    Terrible name, beautiful plant. Definitely a talking point for your subtropical garden border, or indoors where it will often flower happily. Comes from Asian jungles, so warm, moist, and shady are the watchwords. Learn More
  15. Hardenbergia MINI MEEMA™

    Hardenbergia MINI MEEMA™

    Compact neat native shrub with masses of purple spring flowers. Needs little maintenance, tough and hardy. Great for potted colour and mixed borders. For a hedge of this, try Hardenbergia Meema which grows wider and slightly taller. Learn More
  16. Hebe Inspiration

    Hebe Inspiration

    Very popular neat little evergreen for feature planting or low-maintenance hedging, covered in purple flowers spring and summer. Lovely in pots, very happy at the coast. Learn More
  17. Hydrangea Ayesha

    Hydrangea Ayesha

    Ayesha is something special. She has tiny slightly curled petals like little spoons, in mother-of-pearl shades of lilac, blush pink and powder blue. Very unusually for hydrangeas, she also has a light perfume.  Learn More
  18. Indigofera australis 'Austral Indigo'

    Indigofera australis 'Austral Indigo'

    Outstanding native for feature planting, Austral Indigo puts on a showy display late winter-spring. Frost hardy, perfect for those looking to add native flowering plants to cool climate gardens. Customers tell us this plant survives hard frosts and soaring summer temperatures, looking good throughout.

    Flower image: John Tann Flickr, cropped to size.
    Foliage image: Corymb34 Flickr, cropped to size.

    Learn More
  19. Jacaranda mimosifolia

    Jacaranda mimosifolia

    Stunning large tree in full flower. Unmistakeable lavender-purple blossoms in abundance during spring! Plant in frost free sites where it can grow to full 15m size and shape, as they don't like being pruned. Students know the tree well - if you haven't started revising for exams when it starts flowering... Learn More
  20. Lavender - Italian

    Lavender - Italian

    Create a calming retreat in a sunny spot of the garden with these beautifully fragrant shrubs! Add your favourite chair, a cup of chamomile tea and immerse yourself in the calming scent. Ideal in containers and cottage gardens. Usually available June-January Learn More
  21. Melaleuca thymifolia

    Melaleuca thymifolia

    Fine-leaved bushy native shrub with purple-pink feathery flowers in summer-autumn. Good for screening and hedging, native gardens, wildlife gardens. Larger than the cultivar Cotton Candy, with slightly greyer foliage.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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    Coming Soon

  22. Pandorea jasminoides 'Jam Drop'

    Pandorea jasminoides 'Jam Drop'

    Wow! Rich pink blooms over a long season, perfect in cottage style gardens, courtyards, pergolas where it can ramble freely. Evergreen, to 4m. Learn More
  23. Passionfruit 'Panama Red'

    Passionfruit 'Panama Red'

    Create a fast shady space in the garden with this fat-growing tropical vine and enjoy the benefits of the beautiful flowers and delicious large fruit in summer. Learn More
  24. Passionfruit Panama Gold

    Passionfruit Panama Gold

    Create lush shade in summer, enjoy the beautiful flowers, and taste the delicious large supersweet fruit!

    Image By: Maracuya GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    Learn More
  25. Polygala - sweet pea shrub

    Polygala - sweet pea shrub

    Beautiful frost hardy shrub for all kinds of locations and climates. Bright purple flowers throughout the year in mild weather. Makes a superb hedge to 1.5m Learn More

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