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White flowers

Why are white flowers so popular? There’s no risk of colour clashes; everything blends beautifully; and white shows up well against green foliage.
White flowers glow brightly in the twilight dusk, and when planted under trees or in shady spots.
Many white flowers are scented - why not plant some near your house, so you can appreciate the fragrance?

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  1. Abelia Francis Mason

    Abelia Francis Mason

    Colourful golden variegated foliage shrub to 2m, with clusters of gently scented soft mauve-white flowers on arching branches. Foliage matures to a rich green. Imperial Jezebel butterflies love the flower nectar. Learn More
  2. Abelia-dwarf

    Abelia grandiflora dwarf

    Delightful flowering shrub to 1m, ideal in cottage gardens. Imperial Jezebel butterflies love the flower nectar. Dainty pale lilac-white flowers and bronze-red new leaves maturing to glossy green. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  3. Agapanthus Arctic Star

    Agapanthus Arctic Star

    Hardy, compact, early flowering. fast-flowering, cold tolerant. Grey-green leaves look very attractive with the pure white starry flowers. Learn More

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  4. Agapanthus Getty White

    Agapanthus Getty White

    Large round clusters of brilliant white flowers in spring and summer. Tall to 1m. More slender than other agapanthus so good for mixed beds and containers. Learn More
  5. Agapanthus Snowball

    Agapanthus Snowball

    Small, compact, long flowering, huge ball of white flowers on a dainty lowgrowing plant. Only 60cm tall when flowering, Snowball agapanthus makes excellent ground cover or mass planting. Flowers better in sun but will grow in shade too. Sets very little seed so won't spread. Learn More
  6. Agapanthus White

    Agapanthus White

    Charming large white flowers on tall stems right through summer. Works in formal and cottage garden spaces. Great for cut flowers for the house. Learn More
  7. Austromyrtus dulcis - midgem berry

    Austromyrtus dulcis - midgem berry

    Dual purpose hedging - Midgem berry is a neat-growing native bushtucker shrub with a compact habit, little white summer flowers followed by sweet edible fruit in late summer. Happiest in free-draining sandy soils, water in autumn for better berries.

    Sorry, we are unable to ship this product to South Australia for Bio-security reasons.

    Learn More
  8. Azalea 'Alba Magnifica'

    Azalea 'Alba Magnifica'

    All the glamour of azaleas without the vibrant pink colours! Masses of pure white blooms in late spring sparkle on this evergreen compact shrub. Gorgeous in formal and traditional gardens; a great warm-climate hedge. Our most popular azalea.We're not able to ship this product to Victoria or South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

    Learn More
  9. Azalea 'White Bouquet'

    Azalea 'White Bouquet'

    Elegant, neat, evergreen 1m shrub with frilled 'hose-in-hose' blooms tucked one inside another; and small dark glossy leaves. Beautiful potted plant, indoor plant, front-of-border shrub, and massed under-planting in shady areas.

    We're not able to ship this product to Victoria or South Australia for bio-security reasons.

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    White flowers with splashes of vibrant pink-purple, during autumn and spring. Compact growth to around 1m. Ideal for low hedges, containers and pots.

    We're not able to ship this product to Victoria or South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

    Learn More
  11. Backhousia myrtifolia - grey myrtle

    Backhousia myrtifolia - grey myrtle

    Lovely native rainforest tree with cream flowers and cinnamon scented leaves. Ideal for feature planting, street trees, native and wildlife gardens. Grows to only 3 metres so is ideal for smaller gardens.
    We are Prohibited to sell this product to South Australia.

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  12. Buckinghamia - ivory curl flower

    Buckinghamia - ivory curl flower

    Ornamental native with dark glossy leaves and long white scented flower spikes which cascade downward. Very popular subtropical street tree, robust, shapely, and enjoyed by birds. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  13. Buddleia davidii 'White Bouquet'

    Buddleia 'White Bouquet'

    Fast-growing flowering shrub featuring creamy-white scented flower spikes summer to autumn. Upright growing to 3 metres. Butterflies and birds are attracted to the nectar rich flowers.

    Whole plant image: Ptelea (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    Learn More

    Coming Soon

  14. Callistemon 'Wilderness White' Bottlebrush

    Callistemon 'Wilderness White'

    Large white bottlebrush flowers, irresistible to native birds. Grows to 2m around, ideal for low- or no-maintenance hedges and privacy screens. One of our most popular Callistemon.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  15. Camellia sasanqua 'Paradise Blush'

    Camellia sasanqua 'Paradise Blush'

    Long-lasting frilly white flowers with just a blush of soft pink make for a charming evergreen 4m shrub, hedge, or screen. Sasanqua camellias do much better than the japonica types in our warmer humid climate, and will flower earlier too. Learn More
  16. Camellia sasanqua 'Setsugekka'

    Camellia sasanqua 'Setsugekka'

    Classic Japanese paperwhite camellia with large wavy-petal flowers each with a golden centre. Pollinating insects love these open-style flowers, great for hedging around fruit and vegetable plots. Much better in warmer climates than japonica camellias, the sasanquas are delicately scented, evergreen, and make excellent screens and hedges. Learn More
  17. Carissa 'Desert Star'

    Carissa 'Desert Star'

    Very attractive dark glossy evergreen foliage makes an appealing shrub year round, native to Mozambique. In warmer months - or year-round further north - the plant is scattered with large white starry flowers at the end of each branch. Scented too! Good for pots and tubs, dry borders, rockeries. Little maintenance needed, very hardy.
    The small red fruits produced are edible, check out this tasty recipe for relish serve as an accompaniment with soft cheese.

    Avoid picking fruit that may have been sprayed. Learn More
  18. Chamelaucium MY SWEET 16™ - waxflower

    Chamelaucium MY SWEET 16™ - waxflower

    Delightful flowering native in white, pink and crimson-red shades as flowers mature. Perfect for gardeners who like to mix things up a little!

    We are unable to ship this product to South Australia for bio-security reasons.

    Learn More
  19. Crepe myrtle - Lagerstroemia 'Acoma'

    Crepe myrtle - Lagerstroemia 'Acoma'

    Showy white blooms during summer, lovely bronze new growth, and beautiful smooth bark during winter. Enjoy watching this attractive shrub transform through the seasons. Makes an ideal small garden tree; and will often grow multistemmed so you can enjoy more of its lovely bark. Usually available November-July.

    If you're looking for a larger white-flowered crepe myrtle, we recommend Natchez. Learn More

  20. Cuphea hyssopifolia White

    Cuphea hyssopifolia White

    Charming low growing compact plant, great for rockeries, baskets, and groundcover. Loves the sun. Bright lime foliage covered in white flowers for most of the year. Also available with purple flowers, pink flowers, and in a gold-leaf form. Why not try all of them?
    Fourth image shows hyssopifolia white (bottom) and Mexican white (top) Learn More
  21. Cuphea Mexican White

    Cuphea Mexican White

    Tough yet dainty low-growing sunlover, great for mass planting groundcover. Small dark foliage covered in white flowers for most of the year. Clip to keep neat if required.
    Third image shows hyssopifolia white (bottom) and Mexican white (top) Learn More
  22. dietes_bicolour

    Dietes bicolor - peacock flower

    Creamy yellow open iris-like flowers, look like dozens of butterflies in flight from a distance. Grassy plant, excellent for erosion control and weed suppressing. Foliage grows to 60cm around. Low maintenance. Learn More
  23. Erigeron - seaside daisy

    Erigeron - seaside daisy

    Robust yet dainty groundcover loves to grow, flower and thrive almost anywhere. Delicate white daisy flowers and soft ferny foliage. Plant between rocks and into paved areas, where it will self-seed and spread happily. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  24. Escallonia Iveyi

    Escallonia Iveyi

    Evergreen flowering hedge shrub to 2.5m, with clusters of scented white blossoms and neat glossy foliage. Ideal for seaside and coastal gardens, hardy in most situations including drought and frost. Not so good in humidity so one for cooler states, where the leaves will bronze up nicely in cold weather.

    Flower image: JLPC (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Cropped to size

    Learn More
  25. Evolvulus 'White'

    Evolvulus 'White'

    Very pretty silvery-green ground cover covered in white morning-glory flowers summer to autumn. Gorgeous as a loose unclipped border hedge to 20cm in cottage gardens or informal areas. Fast growing neat foliage will spread to 1.5m. Learn More

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