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Vines and Climbers

Train along a wire fence for a fast-growing screen. Grow over an arch or pergola for summer shade. Plant at the top of a bank or wall to cascade down

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  1. Clerodendrum - bleeding heart vine

    Clerodendrum - bleeding heart vine

    Lush summer-flowering vine with clusters of berry-red blossoms loved by butterflies. Needs a frost-free garden but otherwise undemanding to grow, and will even flower in shade.

    Close-up image: Tatters via Flickr cropped to size.

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  2. Dipladenia pink

    Dipladenia pink

    Soft pink scented flowers attract beautiful butterflies to this evergreen creeper. Gorgeous grown over trellises, pergolas and balconies, or along wires as a screen. Well behaved, to only 2m, and will flower almost all year round in a warm spot.

    Second image shows red on the left, pink on the right Learn More

  3. Dipladenia red

    Dipladenia red

    Gorgeous twining evergreen creeper with vivid cherry-pink trumpet shaped blooms. Well behaved to 2m - will climb up trellises or along a balcony. Bees and butterflies love the flowers. Will flower almost all year round in a warm spot. Learn More
  4. Duranta repens Geisha Girl

    Duranta repens Geisha Girl

    Excellent evergreen climber-hedge for most Australian locations. Rich pale purple flowers with a white edge to the petals, on long cascading stems, in spring and summer, followed by abundant orange-yellow berries in autumn and winter. To 3m high. Learn More
  5. Creeping Fig

    Ficus pumila - creeping fig

    Create a lush backdrop in the garden with this creeping fig, it's fast to establish and is ideal for covering unsightly walls. Take care when planting on paint & rendered surfaces as the aerial roots may mark surfaces. Learn More
  6. Hardenbergia violacea - purple coral pea

    Hardenbergia violacea - purple coral pea

    Flowering in abundance late winter, long slender stems covered in bright dots of purple. Plant this charming native climber where its rambling growth can be enjoyed. Excellent for growing among other plants as it doesn't dominate or get too thuggish like some creepers can. Learn More
  7. Jasminum polyanthum - jasmine

    Jasminum polyanthum - jasmine

    Low maintenance hardy climber. Masses of sweet-scented white flowers and pink buds cover the plant in spring and summer. To 6m unclipped, but can be trained along fences, or pruned to size. Dainty fern-like foliage. Remarkably cold-tolerant for such an exotic looking plant. Learn More
  8. Jasminum sambac - Arabian jasmine

    Jasminum sambac - Arabian jasmine

    Glossy foliage and sweet-scented white flowers make this jasmine a winner for warm-climate gardens. Grows to a manageable 2-3m. Plant near the house to enjoy the scent in the evenings. Frost-tender - for cooler climate gardens, choose Jasminum polyanthum. Learn More
  9. Pandorea jasminoides 'Dark Pink'

    Pandorea jasminoides Dark Pink

    Rambling evergreen native climber with clusters of deep pink flowers. Encourage it to climb over an archway, trellis or pergola to provide fast growing summer shade. Learn More
  10. Passionfruit Panama Gold

    Passionfruit Panama Gold

    Create lush shade in summer, enjoy the beautiful flowers, and taste the delicious large supersweet fruit. Fast growing, will fruit 9-12 months after planting.

    Image By: Maracuya GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    Learn More

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  11. Passionfruit Panama Red

    Passionfruit Panama Red

    Fast-growing tropical fruit vine - enjoy the benefits of the beautiful flowers, and in summer feast on those delicious large fruits. Takes about 9-12 months to fruit from tubestock. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  12. Plumbago White

    Plumbago White

    Sprawling shrub with clusters of crisp-white flowers most of the year. Perfect for privacy screens, informal hedging and feature planting. Clip lightly after flowering for a fresh display.

    Image:  Wylle, Flickr-cropped to size.

    Learn More
  13. Pyrostegia - orange trumpet vine

    Pyrostegia - orange trumpet vine

    Brilliant orange flowers through winter and spring smother this vigorous growing vine. Perfect for creating shade in a hurry. Spectacular in full bloom. Learn More
  14. Trachelospermum - star jasmine

    Trachelospermum - star jasmine

    Classic evergreen twining ground cover, low clipped hedge, or wall climber on a sturdy trellis. Highly perfumed white star-like flowers in spring and summer shine out against the dark green leaves. Learn More
  15. Wisteria Domino

    Wisteria Domino

    Wisteria can take a while to get to flowering size, but boy it's worth the wait! Such a spectacular plant in full flower, a mature one can add thousands of dollars to the price of a home. Long lightly-perfumed tails of lilac-purple flowers hang from twining stems - so site it where they can show off to best effect, like over an arch or pergola. Learn More

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