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Red and Maroon

We know you love red-leafed plants, like our best-selling photinias! There are plenty more garden plants for hedges and borders, pots and containers, pergolas and poolside planting, all with rich red and maroon foliage.

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  1. Acalypha Firestorm

    Acalypha Firestorm

    Remarkable fast-growing compact variety to 1m, with vibrant year-round foliage colour. Fast-growing - try it as mass planting or a low hedge. Suited to tropical and sub-tropical gardens where more sun means more leaf colour! Learn More
  2. acalypha-inferno-detailed

    Acalypha Inferno

    Add a pop of colour to a dull corner of your garden with this bold 1.5m acalypha. Works well with contrasting plants, cordylines are the perfect partner. Impressive relaxed hedge or border plant, where more sun will mean more colour! Learn More
  3. Acmena Forest Flame

    Acmena Forest Flame

    Compact low hedging native suited to topiary, formal and native gardens. New growth emerges in deep red shades maturing green. Grows to 2m but can be kept clipped to under 1m.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  4. Alternanthera Fire Bug

    Alternanthera Fire Bug

    Light up your garden with a Fire Bug! Bright cheery shades of pink, burgundy and bronze add year round colour as low hedges and ground cover at low cost. Plant with gold-leaved plants for a bright tropical colour burst.

    Learn More
  5. Alternanthera Tricolor

    Alternanthera Tricolor

    Low-growing fast-growing ground cover. Multicoloured foliage in shades of pink, bronze, red and green gives colour right through the year. Happy anywhere frost-free where it will create a beautiful mass display, or backdrop to more showy seasonal flowers.
    The third image shows the leaf size difference between dentata (L) and Tricolor (R) Learn More
  6. Azalea Shiraz

    Azalea Shiraz

    Clip it neat or leave it to grow as a dramatic hedge to 1.5m. Likes a cooler spot with dappled sun.Warm burgundy-red coloured soft foliage, perfect for accent planting. Red flowers in spring as an extra bonus. Would blend very well alongside a taller hedge of photinia.

    We're not able to ship this product to Victoria or South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  7. Begonia rex Red Robin

    Begonia rex Red Robin

    Almost impossible to photograph the metallic iridescence of these leaves - you'll just have to see it yourself! Beautiful foliage plant, very rich colour, in tropical gardens makes escellent underplanting or enjoy it in your home year-round in cooler climates. Learn More
  8. Cordyline 'Mini Pink Special'

    Cordyline 'Mini Pink Special'

    Special for its gorgeous pink edged leaves and its naturally compact growth habit.
    Ideal container plant for a shady patio or bring indoors to add a tropical vibe! Learn More
  9. Cordyline fruticosa Dr Brown

    Cordyline fruticosa Dr Brown

    Very handsome, very short, it's the Tyrion Lannister of the cordyline world. Richly-coloured wine-red foliage ideal for front of border or container planting. Learn More
  10. Cordyline fruticosa Firestorm

    Cordyline fruticosa Firestorm

    Deep red plant, edged with pink. Very popular with landscapers as it tolerates full sun and has an elegant arching shape. Add gorgeous pops of colour to your garden or poolside. Learn More
  11. Cordyline fruticosa John Klass Red

    Cordyline fruticosa John Klass Red

    Neat, small, this tropical cordyline makes a Klassy statement in mixed borders and patio containers. (See what we did there?) Deep green-maroon-gold broad leaves edged with lipstick red. Learn More
  12. Cordyline fruticosa Rubra

    Cordyline fruticosa Rubra

    Tall broadleaf accent plant for subtropical gardens and indoor planting. Broad leaves are bronze-green in the centre shading to vintage wine-red at theedges, with younger leaves an all-over russet-red. Lovely plant to contrast with dark maroon and purple shades. Learn More
  13. Croton 'Mammy'

    Croton 'Mammy'

    Stunning riot of colour - red, yellow, orange and green leaves right through the year. Compact plant to only 1m, ideal for indoor and outdoor use, containers, mass ground cover and low hedges. Learn More
  14. Dracaena Colorama

    Dracaena Colorama

    Bright strappy leaves all year round will add vibrant pink colour to your garden. Good indoor plant too! Very low maintenance in warm frost-free locations. Superb accent plant; or plant it in a bright blue pot to accentuate the leaf colour. Learn More
  15. Excoecaria - Chinese croton

    Excoecaria - Chinese croton

    Very handsome tropical evergreen shrub with vibrant under-leaf colour. Makes a lovely headge or shrub in a mixed border. Sap is toxic so wash your hands after pruning. Learn More
  16. Leptospermum 'Burgundy Queen'

    Leptospermum 'Burgundy Queen'

    Drought and frost hardy, burgundy foliage and brilliant double magenta flowers winter and spring.
    Ticks all the boxes and grows to a tidy height of 3m, perfect for native gardens. For a small gardens, try rubrum nana.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

    Learn More
  17. Nandina BLUSH™

    Nandina BLUSH™

    Compact shrub to 70cm, very drought, cold and humidity tolerant; with rich burgundy maroon new foliage in spring and autumn, brightening to red all over as the leaves mature. No-prune mini hedge plant or low maintenance shrub in a mixed border. Our most popular Nandina. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  18. Nandina Firepower

    Nandina Firepower

    Turns a brilliant red in winter and then becomes a gentle backdrop for your flowering plants the rest of the year. If you love Blush but wish it was green, Firepower is the nandina for you. Compact, very cold tolerant. No-prune mini hedge plant or low maintenance shrub in a mixed border.

    image: Leonora Enking via Flickr

    Learn More
  19. Nandina Gulf Stream

    Nandina Gulf Stream

    Tough and hardy, with good cool-weather colour - ideal if you're missing the seasons in your subtropical garden, and frost-tolerant if you're further south. Great in urban locations as it stands up to pollution. Dense foliage is good for hedging. Learn More
  20. Nandina Obsession™

    Nandina Obsession™

    Brilliant red foliage throughout the year on this compact 70cm shrub. Evergreen, low maintenance, drought tolerant. Mass plant for high ground cover, or as a dwarf no-clip hedge. Learn More
  21. Photinia 'Pink Marble'

    Photinia 'Pink Marble'

    A colourful twist on one of our most popular hedging plants!
    Pink Marble photinia is everything we love about Red Robin and more! It's hardy, features bright new foliage and a dense habit with splashes of white through the leaves.

    Learn More
  22. Photinia Glabra Rubens

    Photinia Glabra Rubens

    Ruby red new leaves and glossy dark green mature foliage make this a lovely shrub, hedge or specimen plant. Clip to shape regularly for maximum colour or leave to enjoy the white flowers. Glabra rubens has a less dense growth habit than Red Robin, making it a popular choice as a light screening plant. Learn More
  23. Photinia Red Robin

    Photinia Red Robin

    Always a popular favourite with our customers. Bright red new foliage and glossy green mature leaves make a lovely hedge, shrub or specimen plant in any climate. Frost hardy. Clip to shape regularly for maximum colour. Learn More
  24. Photinia Thin Red™

    Photinia Thin Red™

    Like Red Robin if it played for the Opals. Taller and skinnier, with the same bright red new foliage and glossy green mature leaves. Great hedge for tight spots. Frost hardy. Clip to shape regularly for maximum colour. Learn More
  25. Syzygium 'Express' - lilly pilly

    Syzygium 'Express' - lilly pilly

    Native evergreen tall hedging plant with rich green foliage perfect for hedging and screening. Native birds love to feed from the flowers and berries.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

    Learn More

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